Draconia: A New Open World Dragon Game | Before You Buy Gameplay (Out Now)

Draconia is a brand new indie Dragon game available on steam! We are testing out the game for the first time today!

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  1. You've heard of a wyvern right?… They have only two legs.

  2. draconia is definitely the beasts of bermuda of dragon games

  3. Hilarious to watch you play this. 'HUSH' when you were tryna read the board cracked me up <3

  4. I think just being a couple days old this is not bad at all! About as far along and dod in 6 months haha. But 35 dollars? 15 dollars id pay. The isle is cheaper than that.

  5. Has potential, but definitely not a $30+ game.

  6. This game has more potential than the other game but maybe we’ll have two good choices to choose from in the future!
    I got PAT and am not pleased that I cannot enjoy the game with my iPhone being as old as it is and unable to update so now I have PaT on my phone and no way to enjoy the game. They really should have given everyone a heads up before I clicked purchase.

  7. alredy new game didnt even cach up on all the path of titans updates my god

  8. Simmo rate this game from 1 to 10 so i can see if i should download it plss

  9. DoD (Day of Dragons) has the look (graphics) and feel of the flying spot on. Sound is great. The ONLY thing that is really lacking is they are about as slow as The Isle dev team in getting content out. So hopefully once they get a few more dragons and this Tuesday patch out with AI aggression and different AI in it will be massive improvement. This game seems wonky and needs the flying worked on A LOT.

  10. The utopian dragon kinda sounds like the singe tail from dragons race to the edge on netflix lol

  11. Time is precious. Will pass unitl it`s actually better. The gameplay looks wonky so as the graphics. Someone mentioned it`s 30$ + game. More like 15 or less.

  12. That game looks like fun Ima get it tommarrow Cuz i am broke

  13. the lindworm is a dragon that can have wings and sometimes dosent have wings

  14. I want to buy this game, but Im afraid its going to end up like day of dragons and go no where.

  15. I got this as a Patreon backer (was cheaper at $30). I love the customization and the player base seems nice. I have hopes but mostly every dragon game seems to just die eventually

  16. Scraped dragons face along the floor

  17. ᴋɴɪɢʜᴛ-ꜱɢᴛ. ꜱᴀʙʟᴇ says:

    Ah yes, another dinosaur like survival game created by an ex Isle dev xD

  18. You were definitely the wrong person to get my opinion on this game

  19. "Toothless" is the perfect Dragon name 😉

  20. Brand new game and the flying mechanics are already better than DoD.

  21. The two-legged dragon with the vestigial wings is a Lindwyrm. More of a cave or subterranean lurker type dragon.

  22. It has potential and I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of updates it has! I really LOVE the amount of customization and different creatures you can play as, as well as the potential RPG elements they're wanting to implement.
    Though I have to say it definitely doesn't look $35 worthy. Not to be an Older Millennial, but "back in my day" $30-$40 was the price of a fully fleshed out, completed, AAA game. Unfortunately prices for everything have gone way up, but my spending money sure hasn't. Can't afford $35 on an Early-Access.

  23. this game looks promising and i love dragon games, but im not going to pay that much until i see it improve a bit and if the people behind it actually work on the game in a consistent matter with updates

  24. the isle devs need to finsh that game before they even think of doing another…..

    it been out what…..9years?

  25. As someone said in regards to Emberfall in a different video about it's disappearance (which i wanted to try and figure out myself out of curiosity):
    " Someone said this on the draconia discord.

    In regards to Emberfall, what actually happened that the lead dev was admittedly fairly absent most of the time and not too great at giving us direction (The

    artists at least) so their second in command ended up filling that role and helping out the artists, giving pointers and helping us make better end products. Lead

    dev turned on this guy out of the blue, near Christmas might I add, and nuked from from the discord and blocked them everywhere.

    From there they got really scary, coming at us with ndas and essentially demanding invoices for all our work. Might I add for the entirety of our time there we

    were all unpaid With promises of payment once the game started selling. Honestly it was bad enough to nearly give me an anxiety attack with how

    stressful that day was Imao

    And get this, when they asked for the invoice regarding George, one of the designers and environmental artists the Lead accused them of their prices being too

    high (Despite him giving her lowered rates which they agreed on to begin with). So yes, the artists, including myself did leave with all our work

    But it was because the lead dev wouldn't pay the guy who arguably deserved it the most."

  26. is this never gonna be on mobile because i want to play it……

  27. I will add this….the price at 35$ yes, does seem steep…but if you look at DoD, and how much they raised (over a million) how long that project has gone,and all the BS they put everyone through between the lawsuits etc etc, and now considering this company raised around 30K$ for this game in its current phase,id say the long answer is it worth it? "Kinda"
    I'd say if you are willing to play in its current raw state and enjoy it as it progresses then Hey, Enjoy! But if you are expecting a well polished game it's just not there yet…However again, considering where DoD is with all they raised..and Draconia, raising a 1/20th of that..I would put my money on this is going to be a great game.

    The amount that this has already for the 2 years they have worked on it even through the pandemic, really shows progress. I look forward to the next year and where this goes…I feel with the high 35$ price at its state though, they should definitely reward all the players down the road with a VIP Dragon, or some sorts kinda like what DoD promises, but never did…Again, this is one of the few titles I've really wanted to really gain momentum and see it as a polished Gem in its entirety. Peace be with you all, and good gaming!!

  28. it does say in the description that its pre-alpha early access this is a chance for people to support the development of the game. they are not buying a finished product

  29. they got a long way to go before this is worth the type of money they want right now it looks like its worth maybe max of 15 dollars if even that. The models look good and that to me is about it.

  30. The game came up in my recommend, Anth did a review and gave more information about the game. Said it was a quiet launch and the price is up as a way to fund the game more for the other dragons that are coming. Can't wait for those winged sneks😆

  31. For people who don’t get it. If you want to support the development of this game, that’s why you would spend 35 dollars. They aren’t selling a finished product or even something in alpha. So if you want to give these people money, to see them take it further, then consider buying it.

  32. ngl this looked like the most boring game i have ever seen

  33. The price is a bit to much as I got the entire Ark Survival Evolved game with all the main maps and stuff plus all the extras for just $80.00. Normal value everything is nearly $300.00 not on sale. Or at least when I first looked it up it was. But that was before the black friday sale. Does not seem to be as much going on as there is on Ark Survival Evolved. Lot more rain as well on Ark. Tho on Ark if your not wearing the propper gear you can die from the hot or cold weather. I'd say for what it has at this time the value is about $9.95. It seems like a really fancy Roblox RP Game.

  34. imagine if streamers could try a game out, without having a massive bright-colored player stalk them, cover their screen, stand in the way of the view constantly..

  35. If this was released before DoD, then the players might buy this one instead of the other. This has more potential than DoD i say. I hope famous youtubers like anthomia and gaming beaver will give this a try

  36. If this game had fast flying I would already be playing it the flying is way to calm for me

  37. the customization is SO COOL !! I'm so excited rn

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