Dragon Age: DreadWolf Official In-Game Cinematic Trailer

To celebrate Dragon Age Day, we get an in game cinematic trailer. The in-game cinematic is a work in progress and not actual gameplay. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is releasing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC.

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  1. The man broke my inquisitor's heart… this is personal now

  2. Solas, you piece of justice, i tried to befriend with you not for destroying the world. Come back to Inquisition!
    Oh, no, better not, i guess. The Inquisition is not the same now

  3. Lo único que quiero para este juego es el regreso del Guardia Gris de Orígenes, se que sería complicado traerlo, pero no es imposible si se hace de buena forma, incluso si dejaste que muriera en su juego, no se, siento que es hora de darle nuevamente protagonismo y acabar con las simples referencias

  4. You know the story will be good the moment you hear Varric’s voice

  5. Some gameplay would've been nice but I'm happy to wait longer, I've thoroughly enjoyed all the Dragon Ages so far.

  6. Not gameplay aside, it's kinda odd to think that Solas created the fade, and if I'm interpretting that 'city' right. We're gonna learn the black city is where the other elven gods are. Everything goes back to Elven lore I suppose.

  7. Ah. Not in-game gameplay but an in-game cutscenes. Misleading title.

    Now that I think about it, it's obviously way too soon for a real gameplay trailer anyway.

  8. I am gonna play as a mage with fire specialty so I can fry that egg.

  9. I have a bad feeling about this game. I hope that I am wrong.

  10. Ждём, главное чтоб не ещё 5 лет, а то будет что-то вроде Азкабана, и шутка будет актуальна

  11. i have not believed in love since he left. he has to pay

  12. The first Dragon age game gave me Morrigan to long for. Therefore I understand how both excited and harrowing Solas lovers must feel right now…

  13. Ahh…got to love Varric's storytelling . It will be interesting to see how the tale unfolds. 🐺

  14. After so many years of waiting I can't believe that is happening finally

  15. The real suprise here is that the only thing this trailer reveals is that the game isn't cancelled

  16. "I knew him as Solas."
    Liar. You called him Chuckles.

  17. At this point giving us same info over and over again without any work in progress footage is shot in your own knee biowere . You disrespected your fans again(even more when you said you dont care about our in game choices and if someone died in our story it doesnt mean you wont bring him back just because )

  18. 4 years after the initial announcement and this is what we get. Judging by the development so far, this is going to be an unmitigated disaster. This will be the game that kills Bioware (finally).

  19. Thr only thing I need and want is an actual Release date

  20. Corypheus: "I'm going to bring the fade to the mortal world by using Elven artifacts to do it and become a god."
    Solas: "He's a madman and must be stopped!"
    Also Solas: "I'm going to bring the fade to the mortal world by using my powers as an Elven God."

  21. Solas's Logic: I accidentally caused a massive natural disaster, ending in the deaths of countless millions of lives and the complete upheaval of reality! To fix it, I'm going to cause a massive natural disaster, ending in the deaths of countless millions of live and the complete upheaval of reality!

  22. i literally got a tattoo because of Solas. he hurt me so good.

  23. Not even a release date. I guess we ain't seeing a DA game for at least 2-3 more years minimum. And all this for the trashfires Andromeda and Anthem. What a joke.

  24. Loved the images and story-telling (except the cliche ending).

  25. Every bit of this information was from Dragon Age 3. This was literally a waste of time

  26. I guess I just have a different opinion on what "in game cinematic" means

  27. Well If only the protagonist could side with Solas, Thedas is currently a mess so maybe this will actually fix it.

  28. its not too late, bioware can still stop making bad video games. Dragon age isnt a series its just Origins then some bad fanfic that came after

  29. So varric is going to be a companion again?

  30. Woooow! This is in-game? Bold move making the new Dragon Age into a visual novel!

  31. You know that inquisitior guy? Pretty sure he can help us, plus his lover is thee Bull

  32. I want the veil to come down somehow. Thedas was originally one with magic and spirits and should be again. Hopefully there is a way to do it without killing everyone.

  33. You know what the Dalish say to their dogs? “Take the Dread Wolf by the ear if he comes.""

  34. I'm more exited for the soundtrack than the game…

  35. No dragon age at the game awards i'm extremely disappointed

  36. Was this a trailer or a power point slide ? 😂

  37. I hope we get more lute music in this game.

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