Dragon Age: The Veilguard – Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS5 Games

Together, defy the gods in Dragon Age: The Veilguard, coming fall 2024

This bold, heroic adventure is built to deliver on what Dragon Age is best known for: rich storytelling, fantasy worldbuilding, companions and fellowship, and a world where you matter.

It’s time to become the leader others believe in. Select from different races and combat classes, customize your appearance, choose your character’s backstory and begin your journey as Rook, Dragon Age’s newest hero. Be who you want to be and play how you want to play as you fight back and lead your team of seven companions, each with their own rich stories.

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  1. I don’t like the changes in art direction, and now I’m worried about the new Mass Effect.

  2. Memba when dragon age had a unique take on crpg gameplay? I memba..

  3. So its just an action hack and slash now? Guess this is gonna be another SKIP

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gameplay reveal trailer from a gameplay reveal stream? What purpose does this serve? 🤔 This isn’t showing a 1-2 min clip of gameplay from the full game so why bother? 😬

  5. Can't wait!
    And all the people disliking it – you haven't played anything beside DAO, right? You disappointment is very out of date.

  6. gameplay reveal trailer and it's like 2 seconds of combat intercut with cutscenes? Is this the worst marketing for a game ever?

  7. For some reason the game has some sort of a fortnite look. Im so disappointed with this really.

  8. no hate but why everything looks like those fake mobile games ad especially the UI lol

  9. Dragon Age: the DEI age… it's the gayest Dragon Age yet 😅

  10. Yeah… looks like another high budget souless slop for the ignore list.

  11. They'll just slap the name "Dragon Age" on anything these days.

  12. the people who play baldurls gate 3 and want another nice rpg are not expecting this game

  13. It looks incredible, ignore the comments, Inquisition is a great game

  14. lol they made a completely unrelated game and named it dragon age

  15. People still play this game? The 5 players must be excited 😂

  16. I'm just here for the thumbs DOWN.

  17. I look forward to hearing about their loot boxes or seasons passes they add into the game 1 month after release if it's already not in from release. Won't be interested in buying this until 6 months after release and maybe if it's in a sale.

  18. What is this scam?? Where is the gameplay? Why don't you name your video properly…

  19. Fall is wayyyy too soon , y'all need way more time

  20. Someone should tell BioWare about BG3, we need smart tactical gameplay with lots of opportunities, interactive backgrounds and deep characters. This trailer shows some kind of Elden Ring for Nickelodeon channel

  21. Жаль конечно что настолько мультяшной сделали, никакой серьёзности, чувствую прийдётся собрать лгбт команду и пытался словить Соласа

  22. This looks so watered down, so casualised, so mid. Even Varric isn’t Varric anymore. Generic action RPG without character

  23. As a big Dragon Age fan this is a big stab in the heart 💔

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