Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Reveal Trailer

Rally the Veilguard and defy the gods in Dragon Age™: The Veilguard, an immersive single player RPG where you become the leader others believe in.

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When corrupt gods break free from centuries of darkness, the odds will be stacked against you. You can’t do this alone.

Rally a team of seven companions, each with rich lives and deep backstories. These are characters to befriend, and even fall in love with. Among them, an assassin, a necromancer, and a detective will each bring their own expertise and unique abilities to the fight. You are never alone; decide who to take into battle and together face down demons, dragons and even ancient gods.

You’ll fight alongside:

Harding: The Scout
Neve: The Detective
Emmrich: The Necromancer
Taash: The Dragon Hunter
Davrin: The Warden
Bellara: The Veil Jumper
Lucanis: The Mage Killer

Create memories with your team which will deepen your experiences and give you more to fight for. The world teeters on a knife’s edge, but together you have the power to fight back.

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  1. Status Update: 39k Likes, 228k Dislikes.

    When your AAA game has a 5:1 ratio of dislike… before the game even comes out… it might be time to rethink your strategy.

  2. Assassins Creed:Shadows, Dragon Age: The Veilguard and Silent Hill 2 remake = dead on arrival

  3. Damn, that looks trash, wtf are you doing Bioware ?!

  4. was fürn dreck die ganze DA atmosphäre im arsch haben n dysney scheissdreck draus gemacht für brain afk smartphone zombies und tschüss typisch EA die kriegen alles in arsch

  5. Why do they have to put "diversity" in everything? Why's that more important than just making a good game?

  6. What the hell is this crap?! 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Remember, kids…go woke, go broke.

  7. Sweet, Anthem : dragon age. Bioware why you doing this to yourself over and over again. This is going to be terrible and its such a shame.

  8. Well, okay, this is not convincing. This trailer says it's a new MOBA or something, not an RPG.

  9. cringe. Is this all gaming is today? Making sure people feel included, let's all be happy and PG. Tick all those boxes too! Yay! F off.

    Why aren't we still the inquisitor? Why would we be someone else when its linked and after that game. In sure there will be a dumb explanation just so we get this suicide squad ass looking thing.

  10. There is always someone who spoils other people's fun.

  11. It just looks really horrible.. too much "MoDeRn AuDiEnCeS" shit combined with Fortnite art style.

  12. "what about darkspawn?" Cuts to the black companion xD what

  13. the fuck is this shit? this is a ridiculous trailer for a DA game. Gameplay trailer was much better

  14. If random origins fan would decide what the next dragon age will look like they would make 10x more money. This is repeating the same mistake again and again

  15. Can I at least create a white MC? Since "Inclusive" EA made sure there isn't a single white male character on the trailer at least. Really hope EA goes down along with Ubisoft so the next generation of gamers can enjoy gaming like we used to a decade ago. In case you were wondering about the success of this game EA, you will get absolutely bodied. It won't even be pirated, let alone sell.

  16. Why make it more gay. Gay was always an option.

  17. I feel like I am watching a Netflix/Disney tv series based on the game. However, I will reserve judgement despite its cartoony appearance. Looking forward to seeing more! Edit: Saw the gameplay its less cartoony! 😅

  18. I miss David Gaider & Patrick Weeks. Idk if they would bless off on this.

  19. don;t get me wrong, but compare this to Dragon Age Origins trailer – and you will understand why people dislike this. In truth, not bad. But far, far away from hype of previous ones.

  20. When did dark fantasy with evil spawns of hell kidnapping females of all species for grotesque body horror breeding get translated into star wars cape shit

  21. Man I can’t wait for bioware to release this and die already.

  22. Dragon Age started going downhill ever since Origins, looks like we are still falling. Not a shred of the original feel of the game remains, it is all cheesy half-jokes and crap music now.

  23. wow looks like a bad cartoon. this is no doubt the end of bioware. well, they haven't made anything good in over a decade

  24. I'm a middle-aged lesbian who would have killed for heroes like me in games when I was young, so the (partially) queer romances, rich characters/character relationships and pockets of love and laughter in an overall dark, tumultuous world drew me in and made Dragon Age my favorite game series ever in a lifetime of gaming from the Atari to the Series X.

    Veilguard's trailer and other posted materials have left me just feeling bummed out. Dragon Age has been so expert in portraying a chaotic, dystopian fantasy world without betraying the emotional depth and complexity of the memorable characters stuck in the middle of it. The character-reveal with this one feels like some sort of campy grindhouse movie, and none of the companion characters piqued my interest, which is saying a LOT considering how badly I wanted to have a fleshed-out romance with Scout Harding in DA:I. It just doesn't have the feel of a Dragon Age game. I really hope it was just over-the-top on purpose as a trailer because it didn't hit right.

    Some aspects of the companion characters in this one bug me, too. Dragon Age companions have always been so well fleshed-out that they feel real to me when I'm engrossed in their world, so much so that I feel a certain degree of emotional investment in them; it's why I went back to nearly the beginning of DA:I to fix the seemingly innocuous mistake that essentially ruined what was left of my Warden's beloved, once-bubbly Leliana.

    That believability includes the reality that some characters were unavailable to me as romantic partners depending on the character that I played. A lot of people complained that Cassandra couldn't be romanced by a woman in DA:I, but I actually respected the game writers more for it. It was more interesting to see a face-scarred, short-clipped. brash, gruff, tough, not-so-feminine powerhouse of a woman who also secretly enjoyed trashy romance novels and poetry, and to have her be straight instead of falling into the tired stereotype that all skull-busting heroines are only that tough because they're also lesbians.

    Characters had biases and backstories behind those biases that also made them believable. Sera was reluctant to date elven women because of the trauma she suffered from being one herself. Solas only dated elven women because of his singular focus on the plight of the elves. Fenris was wary of mages because of being tortured by one as a slave.

    Now, the companions are all pansexual. I get that it quells players' complaints of being restricted from dating whoever they want, but to me, exclusionary preferences make characters well-rounded and realistic. I had no issues with only having a woman or two to romance as a female character because it was believable. I had no issue with Cassandra, Aveline, and Morrigan being off-limits or with kindly rebuffing male companions' interest if the expression of said interest was done respectfully (looking at you, Alistair, when I was already with Leliana but I apparently talked to you too much around the fire and you got dumb, amoral ideas in your head). I took no issue with characters like Dorian, who were not even remotely in the same dating pool as my hero. I even thought it made sense for some companions to not be romanceable at all because their current goals, issues, or situations made dating unrealistic, unnecessary, or impossible. It all felt real. It gave characters depth, just like it gives all of us depth. Having a pansexual character or two would have been fine, but having all of the companions romantically/sexually available, regardless of who you play as, feels empty and false. It's not true to life, and it smacks of a lack of agency or discretion in the companion characters that just strikes me as creepy. Progressive ideals are great and all, but a crafted fantasy world where no one will tell you no is just gross, and it really makes me question the ethics of the people who wrote the characters that way. Why anyone would want that fantasy world in the first place is beyond me.

    A final note: If you're going to age up a redheaded character, their hair won't turn dark gray. It turns white. The rarity of redheads is why mall Santas with real white beards are such a hot commodity. Varric would make sense with red hair with some white in it. His current look is just absurd.

  25. Did you guys hire all your creatives from CW? LOL

  26. What's with characters' faces? Is it a mobile game?

  27. This looks like the netflix adaptation of dragon age

  28. Why is everyone so angry, i have been waiting 10 yrs for this, so im at least going to give it a chance. I hate when fandoms ruin things for normal people

  29. DEI ESG Game for the Modern Audience™
    RIP Bioware.

  30. Looks more like some cringe Borderlands style game than Dragon Age. I'm guessing all the talent that made Origins is long gone, now we get get skinsuit wearing slop.

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