DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO – Fused Warriors Trailer [BUDOKAI TENKAICHI Series]

What if we take speed, strength, and reflexes to the next level? Fused warriors join the fight in DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO.

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  1. This game, this animation, the maps, the music. Gahhhhh I can’t wait.

  2. Come on where is the big bang Kamehameha wind up and the yellow energy for final Kamehameha.

  3. Bro we habe 2024…
    It looks so unbelievably bad… the whole game is a complete disgrace! It looks like it's from 2010 and the game isn't even worth the CD it's saved on. I say this as a lifelong Dragon Ball fan. you're like Garefreke… you just take out the trash and get a little money out of the pockets of the last children… it's sad that it really works and people really buy all sorts of crap.

  4. I like how they show goku and vegeta for a moment and then back to vegito: 2:43

  5. I really hope we see GT in this game too. I need SSj4 Gogeta.

  6. "I refuse to lose against someone that fuses in a dumb way" is insane

  7. Graphics are worse than tenkaichi 3 (2008)

  8. Анимацию лиц и глаз не завезли? Треш

  9. Damn look at the roster yall I’m in love with god goku I always thought that should be his final and last form

  10. I may be complaining, but I still don't understand the lack of good terrain destruction, and you can't blame it on weak consoles, because it's not those times 😀

  11. Thank you SOOOOOO much for already making the best Dragon Ball game ever. I will definitely buy the biggest editions

  12. This game needs more and more a SPLITSCREEN MODE !!! 🔥🔥🔥


  14. I think this will be the best and the most detailed game in the history of dragon ball z

  15. meanwhile : Gogeta SSJ4 am i a joke to you ?

  16. "Wishlist now" and "coming soon" are haunting me at this point. even a "coming in 2026" would be better

  17. Gonna have to passmon this its the same as any other dbz game and they will most likely make character dlc’s so ya’ll going to be rebuying characters again

  18. thank you Bandai Namco for making this game our dreams came true with this game thank you Bandai Namco and sparking zero devs for this game

  19. I must be dreaming. Someone use a Kamehameha on me to wake me up! Hurry!

  20. Hope we get cacs that can fuse with other cacs

  21. Tenkaichi Stage Floor Looks so Bad n Dirty

  22. Peace be with you, Toriyama I'm grateful that you made this and every one of my franchise memories possible.

  23. I hope we get "Teen Goten & Teen Trunks" from super hero movie!!!

  24. too much color hurts the eyes too much ! rip budokai 💀

  25. what about story mode though ? Haven't seen anything about it. I hope it's not some lazy ass cinematics like tenkaichi 3

  26. I hope they change how the environment looks as it looks too "realistic" unlike the characters and messes up the style.

  27. 😊😮She's MIGHT just be the most humble and heartwarming person to exist❤❤❤️😢🎉🙂😏

  28. 😊Nehmen wir uns einen Moment Zeit,um zu erkenen,Wie viel Arbeit YT in diese vidios steckt❤️😢😂😛🫡

  29. every aspect of the fusion trailer goes so damn hard

  30. this looks mega amazing not gonna lie i am glad i bought a powerfull pc gamer i can play this at max settings

  31. If there is alot space in character selection.
    Does that mean new warriors are appearing!
    Imagine Vegeta ssj3 or time patrollers?

  32. There is only one nitpick… why is the world tournament map so green? Even the tiles are greenish instead of white. The sky color is off… too cyan… This map looks weird. Anything else looks amazing!

  33. Tune in next time on Summer Game Fest! Live Friday, June 7 at @thegameawards

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