Dragon Ball Sparking Zero NEWS: New Features & Combat Update

Dragon Ball Sparking Neo NEWS UPDATE discussing all of the new features and the Dragon Ball Sparking Neo Roster Update – how the combat will change and how it will evolve in the game.. Dragon Ball Sparking Neo Combat Mechanics are improving.


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  1. The only game I ever tried online, was DOA5. I did not enjoy it.

  2. I’m gonna be honest. I thought there was zero news on dragon ball when I saw the title.

  3. lol calling it zero instead of 4 is the most Japanese thing ever. The Japanese do not like the number 4.

  4. Handheld PC’s for the win! Buying this on Steam (Steam Deck 👀) and a PlayStation physical copy to keep sealed!

  5. Biggest thing I am excited for that made me never love Xenoverse: NO STAMINA BAR

  6. I just hope they keep some elements from raging blast series like snap combos (where the screen flashes yellow if you combo the right moves). I dubbed them snap combos because the game never mentions or explains how they work, but in order to be good it was crucial to master them.

  7. That facial expression of goku in the thumbnail do be looking like those in Raging blast somewhat

  8. dint the wii version of budokai tenkaichi 3 have online?

  9. I'm hoping we get Gas Granolah and Moro, Dragon Ball Daima can wait.

  10. I turned 50 this year sbd play all gba /ds3ds and console games but last one rpg

  11. I really hope that they have most of the Z cast and all the super cast. If they want to add more with DLC, they can easily do DBZ movies and also OG DB DLC.

  12. As hyped as I am, I've grown fond of XenoVerse play style and I really hope the shift to this one isn't too rough. I also hope we get custom characters, because even if we have 1000 fighters, I want my own. Anyone claiming they ruin balance clearly hasn't seen the stats of the DLC characters on xeno compared to their own

  13. I just hope they do the Super Arcs completely until ToP and not be dlc and not glossed over them like Kakarot did

  14. I just wish they make 1 of each character n not have 20 gokus…lol
    Like 1 for DB
    1 for DBZ
    1 for GT at least

  15. Playing as Kid Goku vs Ultra Instinct Goku…IMAGINE! lol.

  16. Budokai Tenkaiechi 3 had online on the Wii version. But it was pretty dead. I fought one guy and we both used SSJ4 Gogeta and it was hilarious. Can’t wait for this to have online play and maybe bring tournaments to online as well as bring in tag team.

  17. Do you think we will be getting Moro and Gas with Ultra Ego Vegeta?

  18. This new Budokai tenkaichi game with online play is gonna be brutal that's for sure.

  19. BT3 actually had an online mode but only on the Wii and but it was not that good.

  20. I agree that Diama will be dlc I just hope that we get most if not all of the db Dbz and Dbs characters playable in the base game and then maby get could also be dlc

  21. Hope the we get some gameplay or a official trailer sometime soon.

  22. I'm glad it's coming out but I'm worried they are trying to one up fighterZ but not understanding why that game is special. Arena fighters aren't known for their depth so I hope it can be nuanced and fun. It needs rollback netcode and robust online features too. I hope it has an original story, very tired of rehashing 30 year old stories.

  23. This game is going to make me cry when I play it🥹

  24. Sparking Zero is a stupid name no matter what the reason is.

  25. If they do take the WHOLE Tenkaichi 3 cast and add another 30 characters and forms from Super, they probably gonna have like 5-10 Dlc characters cuz that’s just how it is these days we not back in the ps2 days. honestly this could be the best DB game of all time roaster alone

  26. Even though this out of topic what do u think of goku vs superman😂😂😂

  27. I had them all back in the day from the ps2 I miss them so much , my concern is that they don’t go trying to nickel and dime us when it comes to all the characters the most fun was unlocking all the characters I understand dlc to a point but the roster needs to be like the old days

  28. I mean…. with the rise of Portable handheld PC like ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go and SteamDeck we can play this in a bus or train. It doesn't necessarily has to be in Nintendo Switch

  29. Shin Budokai Another Road wasn’t a Tenkaichi title. It was Tag Team that was. That threw me off a bit as I loved Shin Budokai Another Road and remembered it was just the 2Dish fighter not the arena fighter.

  30. On the fence I like RPG open world but the way it looks it great. Favorite games are Kakarot (and dlcs) LOG 2, Buu's fury and the first Budokai, and third. Transformation was good too. Supersonic warriors the first one was great.

  31. Is there legitimate proof that the roster is gonna be big? I do not see proof. I mean hercule is probably proof there’s gonna be the necessary shitty ass characters but like, how do we know it’s not gonna be less than zenoverse or around fighters roster

  32. This is the burst limit of the tenkaichi series

  33. I just want every character 😢 like movies one janemba, Tapion, cooler metal and final and even adding some hero’s would be dope !! Some weird and cool fusions ! Like a cooler and frieza one

  34. Will Moro and Granolah be playable?

  35. hope you cover the important game stuff too

  36. Outta those 8 years I been here for umm since I was 17 I’m 22 now🎉🎉💚💚💚💯💯

  37. DB Fighterz and Xenoverse 2 got DLC support for literally years and years after their releases. I can only imagine the DLC support this game is gonna get, they know how long people have waited for this game so I think we can expect DLC for years to come, so I’d say Daima characters are definitely happening.

  38. I hope there will be final moves like legends of even better😍😍😍😍

    I will not have expectations

  39. What about zalma, zano, zano's guard's, priest angel's, kai's, and deities of the erased universes in the five strongest in the multiverse

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