DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO – Official Announcement Trailer | The Game Awards 2023

The spark ignites… again in DRAGON BALL: Sparking!

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  1. Will the characters have any special techniques or will they just have generic ki blasts?

  2. When do u guys think pre orders would be available if there is any

  3. If it's not open world like kakarot they can keep it

  4. i just hope they have everyone from tenkaichi 3 and they add all the way up to black frieza ego vegeta moro and gas etc

  5. Tenho muitíssima pena que não vá sair para a PS4.porque muita gente não tem possibilidade de comprar a ps5 como é o meu caso,e de outras pessoas.sendo assim não poderei jogar esse jogo que parece estar fantástico.😢😢😢😢

  6. Please have all the tenkaichi 3 combos and gameplay complex mechanics, Please have all the tenkaichi 3 combos and gameplay complex mechanics, Please have all the tenkaichi 3 combos and gameplay complex mechanics, Please have all the tenkaichi 3 combos and gameplay complex mechanics, Please don't be a raging blast 3

  7. I only want a good old budokai tenkaichi with nice capsule Management. I loved it

  8. Que Dios quiera oremos que saldré para Nintendo switch 😭❤️

  9. As usual can't get this game so what is better to do than observe others play this game.

  10. Better have Full Power Energy Waves 😂

  11. If it’s like the old games, I will play the mess out of this game🔥

  12. Give me the gameplay, roster & outfits of BT3, the content of XV2, story of B3 & customization of RB2. I’ll be happy

    Also please please has offline support

  13. Now I can play is the best character Mr satan

  14. Plz have one character wit all transformations and not separate character slots

  15. They just said “a new Budokai Tenkaichi” that’s a lot to live up to and if they mess this up it’ll do nothing but hurt them for years to come

  16. Give chance to yuyu hakusho men…dbz games are so much now!

  17. They better nail Goku going supersayian for the first time on planet namek. DBZ burst limit did it best. I don't care for blue or purple transformations.

  18. A pesar de que no hay pistas, espero que aparezca Gohan Beast

  19. Is it just me or do the graphics look whack

  20. We wait long enough, its time now for another BT👊

  21. There better be rush moves like in BT2+3

  22. I'm just saying it better open that world the first set did when I was growing up there was 10 years of my childhood spent racing home to load up the ps2 and game cube. Do no let me down bandai

  23. I dont play many dbz games but im playing kakarot rn, 20 hours in and i never played a budokai game, are they like dbz kakarot because i love it so far

  24. I want the original funimation dub (Frieza, gohan, bulma, plus Vegetas and piccolos old voice)

  25. mancada de não lançar pro ps4,sendo que o maior público é só ps4. Eles gostam de perderem dinheiro mesmo

  26. Give me goku black normal zamasu and fused/merged zamasu, and I am happy.
    Thats literally it

  27. Looks better than i thought it would

  28. They need to use unreal engine and make these characters pop better there's sooo many dbz games they all the same almost

  29. mano… no filme o broly tinha destruído tudo daquele ambiente de gelo, mas no trailer do jogo o freeza que destruiu… acho que o jogo não será tão bom o quanto nós pensamos…

  30. For those wondering about the "Sparkling" name instead of Budokai Tenkaichi, the former was the original denomination in Japan.

    It is similar on how the Yakuza IP is now named Like a Dragon, to unify pronunciations across the globe

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