DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO – Release Date Announcement Trailer [BUDOKAI TENKAICHI Series]

Reach new levels of power when the true battle begins October 11, 2024.

Pre-order DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO.

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  1. Purée mais la version anglaise est immonde, mettez nous un peu de vf, c'est la France qui est fan de DB depuis 40 ans

  2. 0:49 oof, shame they’re still using the wrong future Trunks model. I’m still really excited though

  3. To be able to summon Super Shenron?? OMG!! Do you even understand what that means?? Let alone, how will collecting the Super Dragonballs even be possible at such a tremendous scale? For me, Ultimate Edition does it!!🎉❤

  4. Needs PS plus, already saying DLC characters. Already a turn off

  5. Hey guys just a friendly heads up, there's loads of info on the Steam store page now that the trailers haven't gone into. We're legit getting community uploaded scenarios and I am so excited for it!

  6. Can someone tell me if this is available on Nintendo switch?????

  7. Oh yeah, finally we have a Date and it seems that we will also get a lot of What If Stories. Very cool!

    Best regards from Germany ❤

  8. After 14 years of nothing (the last real tenkaichi game was in fact Raging Blast 2), 14 years of dream about a new tenkaichi game, 14 years of modding to fill the empty place of a new tenkaichi, here he is, the great successor of the best dragon ball game of all time. Now, I've no doubt, this is the biggest come back of all time, from a studio that was forgotten, from an editor that has become hated, this is THE come back of our century. And now, I just want to play the f*cking game and finaly stop playing Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

  9. Where is garlic Jr king vegata cooler turles slug lord chilled and z broly at in this trailer? L TRAILER! ngl


  11. i hope there be a online events like DB LEGENDS

  12. It would be great if dragon ball sparking zero also came to mobile, phone and tablet, and then play with tablet against use that is playing on playstation. By now with tablets you can connect the joystick, create dragon ball for mobile, thank you 😍🥹

  13. Pls pls pls SSJ 4 i Hope this Form is in this Game

  14. I can smell 13 dlc two weeks after the game drops like in fighter Z

  15. Lesssssssssssssssssssssss gooooooooooo

  16. This is clearly xenoverse 3 or dlc. And why don’t they still include super arc but just three villain all the time.

  17. I don't do pre-order but it's looks cool for sure! 🙂

  18. Après la beauté de fighterZ, celui ci pique tellement la rétine….

  19. Some character models are strange

  20. This is so fucking awesome but I do hope they show off Z broly (If he’s even in the game and not DLC)

  21. Elden ring dlc and sparking zero in the same year 😩🥵🔥

  22. I'm excited, but why SIX different character slots for what is simply transformations?? (Gogeta and Broly early unlocks)

  23. Does it have side by side proper 3D local multiplayer mode as well like Budokai tenkaichi 2 and 3?

  24. Everything looked great but whats up eith cells character model 🤣

  25. They’re gonna dlc us to death aren’t they

  26. NGL this looks like DBZ kakarot remastered

  27. Huh was just about to preorder and then I saw the price, no way I'm paying that much xD

  28. Vegeta woulda been done like dinner if goku went ssj back then lol

    To put it In perspective
    Kaioken: 10x 4-15x multiplier back then
    Super Sayian: 150x multiplier
    Oozaru: 10x

    He vegeta woulda shit his pants and went crying home to daddy's grave

  29. No mid battle transformations ruins the entire goddamn game. Who gives a shit about it anymore

  30. 0:26 interesting thing about environment destruction – destroyed rocks can still react to the next impact (Oozaru pushes them with 2nd punch).

  31. tut mal bitte was gegen die verfickten cheater in Ntbss danke, ich ziehe schon aus 100 mondlicht kein SS

  32. Please tell me they're not blocking GT behind a DLC

  33. based off the end of the vid, looks like I'll wait when I can get everything on sale even if I have to wait. I've got a bunch of games to play till then.

  34. I preorder ultimate edition LETSS GOOOO CANT WAIT OCTOBER 11

  35. Okay, you got me. Genuinely excited for this game. Hopefully Z Broly makes it in aswell I know he might be redundant but I've gotten attached to the big green goofball

  36. Will the game be easy for those who don't know the tenkaichi series?

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