Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Reminds Us Of The Good Old Days | Summer Game Fest 2024

GameSpot’s Jordan Ramée sat down with freelancer Jason Fanelli to chat through the Dragon Ball Sparking Zero demo from Summer Game Fest and Play Days. Bandai Namco is leaning into classic fighting style from the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi series.

Jason Fanelli got to check out multiple characters (Goku, Vegeta, Bergamo, Buu, Piccolo, Android 18, and Krillin) and modes, and learned that split screen will be available. Dragon Ball Sparking Zero comes to PC, PS5, and Xbox on October 11, 2024.

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  1. The good old days had local VS mode; bare minimuim.

  2. Don't like how transformations are separate characters

  3. They had one job, they shouldve known that BT games didn’t not separate transformations from character, this is what BT fans wanted and they failed. Wont be buying this. Now Bandai just wants to Milk BT and its fans for Money.

  4. As much as I loved these games back then, when this game comes out it's probably going to remind you why the "good old days" should stay in the past where they belong.

  5. People need to talk about the Ultimate attacks

    They need to all be cinematic. For every character.

    At least when a finish occurs if anything.

    Where are the Q&As being done for this game? I need to ask.

  6. So how do transformations work or does the roster have like 20 Gokus?

  7. im confused, what happen to the characters transforming to ssj1 to 2.. etc. etc.

  8. can i ask some question? are there any cpu vs cpu mode? spectator mode and replay match feature like Sf6, TK8 thank you so much

  9. the character select screen looks terrible

  10. Every detail of this game is phenomenal. The showcase and interview just makes me want to play the game immediately.

  11. Hopefully they do something regarding char select screen as it's not bad but it's literally taking over whole screen with only Goku and Vegeta transformations 🗿Hopefully they go like Tenkaichi 3 in which when u select char then the new tab open which put his every transformation in order so you can select which u want And hopefully they still implemented that thing in Tenkaichi 3 when u even pick suppose base Goku during match by charging full ki charge and utilize that ki charge u can change to every super Saiyan like during match U can go to base to SSJ1,2,3 with Goku hopefully they still got it by putting God and godblue,UI afterwards for Goku 🫰🏻🪄✨

  12. 3:26 that beam scalded the ground and the damage stayed, I've been praying for stuff like that for 17 years bro..

  13. Shame the characters will probably locked in season passes rather than progression in campaign or other challenges.

  14. The only thing I can say is that it’s not 5v5 but everything is gorgeous

  15. Caint wait for the LOOT BOXES their hiding with the hype alike trekken style

  16. I just wanna know can Trunks (super) go Ssj1 ssj2 and rage ????

  17. I'm definitely looking forward to dragon ball sparking zero on my PS5.🥂😁

  18. interviewer has no clue what dragon ball is

  19. Looking forward to Sparking Zero and I know everyone's been waiting years but why do we act like raging blast didn't exist?

  20. They don’t make them good like this anymore

  21. PS5 cant handle 3vs3 brah…. DB deserves better

  22. I see what they are trying to do but one of my favorite things about bt123 was it's controls etc and massive character selection if it's controls are like the newer ones I won't play it

  23. no Moro or Granolah arc characters is dissapointing, unless it's DLC.

  24. Kind of bummed this won’t launch with Dragon Ball or GT

  25. Get ready for 50 dlc character packs of GT and Dragon Ball characters😂🤡 MODERN GAMING.

  26. Please don't let this be a Ninja Storm gameplay style that has never been fun, just lazy. That's all I've ever wanted. I refuse to buy this game until I get a review of the gameplay style

  27. Even in classic control, the super moves showing on the side,that's xenoverse features,it should have stayed the same like in the previous installment,why fixed something that isn't broken,it's really disappointing.

  28. so far almost no characters from the good old days , no gt , no dragonball and no old movie chars

  29. 1:29 Did anyone notice the “proficiency” stars next to each character in the character select??? Also looks like we can choose different supers within each character like in the old BT games (supers, probably not ultimates)

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