Dragon Ball: The Breakers – Announcement Trailer

Survive to live. Evolve to triumph.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers, a new asymmetrical multiplayer online Dragon Ball game, will be coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2022!

A Closed Beta Test will be held soon, so stay tuned!

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  1. Imagine wasting your money in this garbage lmao

  2. Is this like that micheal myers game where you run from him and do task or whatever

  3. Still missing the Budokai 3 Days….and now my Hope are killed with this dbd shit….great….

  4. Esta muy bien pero me esperaba un nuevo juego en el que se revive la franquicia de super

  5. I have been a Dragon Ball fan all my life, but the games to me are not evolving at all. Always, they bring back Frieza and Cell (success stories, that they know have been successful and thus easy to bring back) and the gameplay is always very similar in these battles. I like the idea of having ordinary civilians save the day. But you can see the same kind of gameplay over and over. The fighting is similar, you get stuck behind rocks and glitches for no reason. I am still hoping for an open world game some day, where you can create your own character, train and get good at your own style and fight off others/bad guys. But that will probably always be a dream.

  6. How people can possibly be excited by this game ?

  7. So much time, money and effort
    Only to make a game at first interesting, but with no potential
    When budokai tenkaichi 4?
    People make tons of mods only to play relatively up to date the best DB game ever – budokai tenkaichi 3

  8. Hopefully we'll see dlc like Goku black and stuff

  9. A Dragon Ball survival game… That's new!

  10. i bought the game the pre-order and it would not make me play the game
    this is a dum rip off

  11. Gonna blast Cell's theme every time I use him.


  13. Nossa eu comprei esse jogo na pré-venda parece que será um jogo muito bom,conto com vocês.


    A biomechanical android forged from the DNA of the strongest fighters


    Pig with a bazooka

  15. so it's dead by daylight, but with dragon ball?
    fucking genius

  16. arretez de faire des jeux multi , xd le jeux aurait telleent été mieux en mode horror solo

  17. Aq é brasil saporra toda ruim. Lança dragon ball futebol porra

  18. Just found out this existed in the ps store the other day

  19. It's so different, I can't help but take interest, plus it ain't woke so I'll support it for that alone thesedays

  20. love this game sad beta is over oct 14th get here fast

  21. a game that quite literally no one asked for

  22. This is scary but it would’ve been scarier if it was more in darkness and if it was in first person. (Wish there were options to choose.)

    This is just my opinion

  23. imagine how cool it would be if once Cell obtains level 4 his theme plays in proximity to his location

  24. OK, so your telling me that we can play as oolong and freiza and bulma? I’m so excited

  25. you cant make tenkaichi budokai like game, cant you?

  26. Dont buy this game!! No people to play this game is bad!! You wait also to long for a match!! Dont buy!!!

  27. Perfect cell looks hard af in this trailer

  28. So all I'm seeing here is that whoever animated the intro needs to be given the eventual Dragon Ball remake.

  29. WTF?? For real?? Ok, I wanna go on record, this is the worst dragon ball game ever.

  30. Is it weird that i want The Ginyu Force to be a Raider?

  31. 懐かしいありがとうございました❤️です

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