Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Free Update Launch Trailer | PS4 Games

Free update coming on March 23rd in #DBXV2 !

The evil “Cell Max” from the movie “Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO” will join as a Raid Boss!
Unleash your hidden power and take on Cell Max!

The trailer also shows the latest information on the DLC “HERO OF JUSTICE Pack 2”!

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  1. They should add UI form and you need max friendship with Whis and Beerus and you need a specific amount of Ki to use MUI like Super Saiyan can go from 1 to 3 UI goes from UIsign to MUI

  2. seria muy dificil desarrollar un modo para cambiar el estilo de combate basico de nuestros personajes, puesto que siempre atacamos con las mismas animaciones una y otra vez.

  3. just gove us xenoverse 3 this game is 10 years old

  4. Why not add orange form for Nemekian cac's?

  5. Why not add orange form for Nemekian cac's?

  6. two piccolos and one new Gohan and a new form. It's nice that things don't revolve around Goku and Vegeta for once

  7. why cant they have more realistic graphics, and be in english…..

  8. "Success is … knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others." –John C. Maxwell

  9. Still waiting for this game to FINALLY end.
    Sick of mods keep getting broken.

  10. shows how lazy they are by just making everyone’s hair beast gohan’s

  11. I didn't realize this game was still being supported. That's pretty cool.

  12. Do what you need to with her,then broom her fast. says:

    This is still a thing? Fighterz was way better, and yet xenoverse continues?

  13. Only Looking forward to Pack 2 … $$$ saved for it

  14. Bro if we don’t get the paid DLC the day after everyone blow up Twitter

  15. Oh great… More DLC… Of course. These guys are starting to look like Destiny with how predatory of DLC Content they are.

  16. Yo, now can we get Beast Gohan for FighterZ? It’s the better game.

  17. I just want super sayian 4 tbh 😢 and also a bulked ssj hair like trunks from bojack

  18. 1:09 It seems like Beast is not a Saiyan exclusive skill. Could this imply something for the main canon, or am I just overthinking things?

  19. why didn't they add an orange namekian awoken skill

  20. cool, now give namekians an orange transformation

  21. beast is BOGUS 🤣🤣 yall couldnt just turn our hair white ?

  22. My biggest fear was that they were gonna make beast awaken only for saying I really hope they're not capping when they say it's for all the races

  23. É possível trazer mais transformações o jogo seria muito legal se vi essa transformação do Black seria bom viesse transformações novas

  24. It would be nice if they made orange a name transformation

  25. So cool to see this game still doing great. I have to get around to it, eventually. 🙂

  26. I’m really itching to play a new infamous game like yeah 🫡🧀😁

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