Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – DLC 6 Announcement Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

A wish 10 years in the making…old enemies become new friends. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC 6 is coming soon.

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  1. They should do more dlc set during og dragon ball

  2. goku next journey
    same to dragon ball gt mission

  3. I like these dlc but man if they had put this effort into the main game specifically the Cell and Buu Sagas

  4. Now I see… by the time DBZ Kakarot is finished up, Sparking Zero should be almost ready.

  5. Bandai battling with Bandai, releasing this DLC trailer then sparking zero very close to each other 😂

  6. Isnt it 5 years ?
    End of buu saga 5 years ago
    Beerus saga 4.5 years ago (6 months after buus wish)
    Ressurection f saga 4 years ago
    Versus Universe 6 3.5 years ago
    Goku black 3.5 years ago (few months after v6)
    T.o.p 3 years ago
    Broly weeks after top
    Moro 6 months pass in the arc so roughly 2.5 years ago
    Granonah arc 2 years ago
    Superhero 1.5 years ago
    Current Super arc 1 year ago
    End of Z
    Pan is 4 , not 6 . And yes i know english dub is 10 years instead of 5 like the japanese version

  7. I wonder if this DLC will be included on the switch version and also it would be very nice if they added some quality of life changes to the overall game alongside the other DLCs like having the option to make enemies scale to your overpowered characters so we don’t breeze through fights anymore and possibly add other playable characters to the base game and having a customizable boss rush or horde style mode with bosses and playable characters of our choices. I would like to be able to play as Android 17 for example or have Gogeta as a transformation aside from Vegito (who’s already in the game)

  8. The last dlc should have been tournament of power or Broly

  9. This Made my Day ! Hopefully we get GT NEXT 🙏😬😌 but for now im ready

  10. Oh NO! we have to pay for something that should’ve been in the base game again!

  11. I think they will release it by next week.

  12. I was hoping they’d save this as their final Dlc. It would’ve been the perfect send off to the Dragon Ball Z Kakorot Series. But nonetheless, I’m very excited for this Dlc

  13. if they make a baby saga or shadow dragon saga I will be on my knees

  14. Finally! Someone decided to give me what we needed. I am looking forward to this DLC😃 Thank you, Playstation!

  15. só dlc porcaria em, bota a saga do gt nisso aí logo, ou faz o torneio do poder

  16. Am I right, paying 20$ for one Mission? Are you crazy??

  17. Stop wasting Time and give me DBZ Sparking Zero!!!

  18. Season pass 3 gotta be GT if were gettin this

  19. This game really draws on the optimistic spirit of Dragon Ball. Such a brilliant tribute to the series!

  20. if it doesnt have mui this dlc is gonna be a failure . what are they thinking of this dlc? wrong time for that dlc.

  21. Jist made another kakarot game from other series… Stop milking this

  22. I would like a game about Dragon Ball Super as this Masterpiece!!!

  23. I wonder if we'll get to see any of what Goku and uub do after they leave the tournament.

  24. They’re coming out with everything but the tournament of power

  25. Ummm so we might get to see super Saiyan 4 maybe

  26. they can drop 100 dlc’s for this game and i’ll buy every last one 10/10

  27. Hoping they add a whole GT Season Pass.

    Baby Saga, Super 17 would be the short one. And the longest and most meaty one would be the Shadow Dragon saga.

  28. People acting like this game is old.
    January 13, 2023 is when the Native PS5 version released.
    Of course it's still being supported, its only a year old for PS5.
    Future DLC may be locked to new consoles tho just like FF7 Remake did.

  29. Do you still doubt that this is the best Dragon game ever made?

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