DRAGON fight Game of Thrones 8×03 | Viserion night king attacks Daenerys drogon

DRAGON fight Game of Thrones 8×03 | Viserion night king attacks Daenerys drogon

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  1. It's a fuckin HD recording a 144p video.

  2. Beuh this scene sucks I can barely see the dragon fight

  3. John dragon was no joke They lucky that one didn’t get turned

  4. Can we just appreciate that Jon is riding the dragon named for his father?
    And before this ; when Jon first got to Dragonstone ; Rhaeghal swooped down at him — foreshadowing

  5. We didn't get enough of it, but seeing the 2 targaryen's on their dragons was pretty epic.

  6. here for a preview of what rook’s rest might look like and damn. i didn’t remember that rhaegal bodied viserion….

  7. The ENTIRE time I was screaming “SAY DRACARYS JON, FUCKING SAY DRACARYS!!!!”

  8. Why did Jon even ride? It's not like he was controlling or at leasting commanding anything, It was like a free ride he could not miss out on.

  9. Vhagar vs Arrax might look like this.. dark and stormy. Looking forward to it.

  10. Can we just appreciate how badass Rhaegal was though. My favorite part is when he is trying to keep Viserion from getting Jon by juking and jiving. Such a badass.

  11. What I love about this scene is how Daenerys' expertise with flying on Drogon is shown. Jon/Rhaegal ambush Night King/Undead Viserion and the fight is even, but Daenerys/Drogon ambush Night King/Undead Viserion and then it is not even a match, Drogon just incapacitate Viserion right away and Night King is thrown off the dragon. I wished they highlighted how experienced Daenerys is with dragonflight.

  12. This scene makes jon a better rider than the riders of vhagar and arrax. Maybe because he is a warg? Don’t need no valyrian nor a saddle.

  13. It would have been brilliant for tyrion to recommend a dragon saddle. And maybe seek out descendants of dragon guards to learn more about dragons.

  14. Came here for a preview into what the dance of dragons may look like! Can’t wait! Miss GoT too! Rewatching again rn!

  15. Aren’t those dragons fughting use to be biological brothers. That’s sad from playing as babies to killing eachother

  16. Drogon was like, “You are not my brother anymore, Wraith! And you’ll not have Rhaegal!”

    Props to Rhaegal for holding his own while protecting Jon.

  17. I see they took inspiration from Godzills 2014 with the choice of lighting…
    I C A N T S E E S H I T

  18. I wish they did a battle between Jon and the night king where both of them die, similar to the battle between Daemon and Aemond. As much as I love Arya, I don't get why she was the one who killed the night king, it would have made more sense if she got to kill Cersei. For Snow, it would have made sense and it would be more like "his destiny". And that way he would have gone out like a badass which I think he deserves but after the battle of Winterfell I started hating his character from episode to episode it got worse.

  19. So crazy. We gonna see another trio fight. Sunfyre, Meleys and Vhaegar soon. It’s gonna be insane!!!! We know the outcome of Meleys 😭

  20. Imagine spending so much time and money on something that you can barely see.

  21. One thing I really didn’t quite get was how Winterfell wasn’t completely burned to pieces with Viseron’s Blue Flames. Like it was all still standing after and I was so confused 😂

  22. It is pretty damn satisfying how fucking Drogon is scared shitless of Viserion.

  23. V: "Recognize me, little brother?"
    R: "Viserion?!"
    V: "Yes, Rhaegal, it is I"
    D: "But you were killed, scewered by the Night King's lance"
    V: "He freed me from the lies of life. In death I found my true purpose"
    D: "But brother…"
    V: "We share blood, Drogon, but we are not brothers"
    D: "Then we will not regret your defeat!"

  24. 2:24 Rhaegal was able to hold his own pretty well before big brother arrived. Tore Viserion’s jaw half off which would have been more damaging to a normal dragon. Jon’s inexperienc with Dragonriding is shown in how clumsy his collision with Viserion was whereas Dany/Drogon dropped in on him perfectly from above and gave Drogon an open shot at Viserion’s neck which would have been fatal in a dragon duel where one of the dragons wasn’t already dead. Even more noticeable is that despite the Night King’s supernatural powers, he didn’t see Dany and Drogon coming and he was dismounted from Viserion. The dragons in GOT are more formidable as weapons when they have a rider as a bond between Dragon and rider allows for the Dragon’s power to blend with the rider’s tactical knowledge and battle strategy to make best use of the Dragon. Best seen when Dany dominated the Lannister’s while using Drogon to his full advantage. Drogon on his own would not have focused on the tactical advantage that burning the loot train had for Dany’s campaign and Drogon on his own would have been more likely to be hit by Bron’s scorpion shots.

  25. This is gonna be rhaenys aemond and Aegon next season of house of the dragon.

  26. Reading comments because I didn't see a damn thing.

  27. 0:37: it's kind of beautiful to see those majestic dragons flying over that black clear sky.

  28. Loved how they made notable differences to the dragon's vocalizations, and in such a way that they payed homage to the characters they were named for.
    Drogon roars and snarls, a proud warrior like Khal Drogo thundering down the Great Grass Sea with his Khalasar at his back, ready to conquer.
    Rhaegal cooes and trills, gentle and calm as Rhaegar and his high harp with the silver strings, beloved by his people, who he loved in kind.
    Viserion cackles and shrieks, like the anxious, moody child Viserys was, clinging to false hopes given to him on a silver platter, desperate to rise from behind the shadow of his ancestors.

  29. As aegon Targaryen promesse,it took 2 Targaryens king and queen to take down the night king

  30. Nothing like fighting the reanimated corpse of your dead brother, eh?

  31. Well to be fair Jon probably couldn’t see shit either when this was happening. I think it’ll be easier atleast in the dance of the dragons cause the colors of the dragons are much different. I never could tell the difference between rhaegal and viserion anyways

  32. Rhaegal was the true hero of this season.

  33. What I love about this scene is how I can't see anything, my imagination can soar!

  34. can we appreciate the Alpha male coming in and swooping out ass up and the size of him compared to his younger brothers

  35. Rhaegal did so good! Sweet boy.
    When he had Viserion’s head in his mouth and ripped half his face off I was like “YES! THAT’S MY BOY!!!”

  36. Even this was 4 years ago

    I still can see s h i t

  37. Imagine if Jon had pulled a Daemon against the night king.

  38. Would love to see daemon with dark sister and caraxes taking on the night king in a fantasy fight ..

  39. Can't wait for more dragon on dragon battles in HoTD soon!

  40. You know what would be nice? If I could see sh¡t…

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