Dragon Mania – Mobile Game Trailer

Meet the fiercest and friendliest dragons ever! Train them in epic battles against friends. Raise them and breed them to create fantastic dragons and complete your collection. Improve their habitats and feed them to boost their levels and attract more visitors to your ultimate dragon island.

Get ready for epic raids against the evil Viking Kings, alone or alongside your friends’ dragons.

• Original dragons with unique abilities and different elemental attributes.

• Combine dragons to create new breeds! So many dragons to collect and nurture!

• Improve their habitats, feed them, boost their levels, and attract visitors to your island.

• Train your dragons to battle against friends in an epic arena!

Fight the randomly appearing Wandering Viking on his evil dragon for added fun and rewards!


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  1. Wow, it looks WAY different from the version that everyone plays now.

  2. Oowww how nostalgic i remembered playing this when i was a kidd omg

  3. Lembro que tinha um bug no sansung muito louco onde ganhava muito dinheiro

  4. Mi infancia y adolescencia 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  5. Tragam esse jogo para Androids atuais por favor!!!

  6. anyone know a way to download the game these days? i had so many memories with it and the new version is not nearly as good

  7. Man ihate the developers thqt they made th game online its much nostalgia wh n playing this

  8. Bruh this version is actually so much cooler what

  9. Por favor Gameloft aslo para todos los Android te lo suplico

  10. Nosotros los veteranos que lo jugamos sabemos que esto fue infancia

  11. i used to play this in my "nokia x" phone cuz it was pre-installed in the system ❤❤

  12. @gameloft can't you back this game imiss this so muchh plss back the dragon mania know

  13. Đây mới là phiên bản tuổi thơ của tôi

  14. Aqui los que queren que regrese Dragon manía Gameloft

  15. Como me gustaria que regresara😢😢😢

  16. Old times viejos tienpos * cry *llora

  17. I miss old time old is gold 🥺😞

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