Dragon Survival Game! – Day Of Dragons | Exclusive Gameplay

Day of Dragons is a new survival game where you take control of a dragon and try to survive. Grow and breed with other dragons.

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Day of Dragons is an online creature survival sandbox game set in a large, beautiful, open world with multiple biomes. Rule the world as one of several dragon species, or unlock the secrets to playing as a non-dragon species.



  1. Just a thought in an idea but what if you used certain biomes that allowed dragons to gain certain abilities swamp should give swamp dragons a type of acid breath like a fog volcano should give dragons like Fireball ability or a stream of fire or something

  2. 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤧

  3. people: Your playing as a wyvern! Not a dragon!


    A wyvern is a TYPE of dragon-

  4. have you tried doing a new video for this game? like playing it in 2021 after the game was done developing

  5. Interesting that a Hardcore Dragon Fan and developer of this game does not know what a dragon is… Those things there are Wyverns, not Dragons. Dragons have 4 legs + wings

  6. Your the best <3 when I was a but younger I watched your videos 24-7, you make me happy and you are a legend

  7. Could you please play more day of dragons I first started watching you when I was 9 I am 13 right now the first video I watched was over the aisle and I loved it please play more aisle too your videos make me laugh I also like your Jurassic evolution 2 and 1 videos keep up the good work I watch all of your videos but I usually don't say anything

  8. I can’t images the isle with dinosaurs it’s impossible

  9. I think he is super cool for this game I wanna give you ideas

  10. Can you tell me what the game is like? Where can I download it and if there are more models that do not look like a Night Fury? or only I notice it? Thank you

  11. You should play this game again!! It’s been updated a bunch and it’s on Steam! It looks even more amazing now! Two dragons and lots of skins and sooo awesome 😁

  12. i find this game funny that are not dragons but wyverns

  13. I love dragons this best game make a link to game pls

  14. "super successful" despite the fact that most of the models and sprites ,area's and what not where all glued together.

  15. First of all, all wyverns are dragons Dragons are just giant lizards. There are winged ones, 4 legged ones, 2 legged ones, no legged ones, no winged ones… so heh…
    you say "120,000" like that is a lot? Star Citizen is up to what, 400 million now? lol kickstarter games… can be insane for sure!

  16. im looking from the future of day of dragons and it looks like they did horrible, it looks like every dragon looks like toothless from "how to train ur dragon" dissapointing really….. this baby dragon ACTUALLY looks good and realistic, now it looks like a HTTYD super fan made the game and have no versatility added…… unfortunate

  17. The creator of the game sounds old i was surprised his fav dragon movie is how to train your dragon i was hoping he'd say a older dragon movie like dragon heart or eragon

  18. My Favorite movie is also How To Train Your Dragon

  19. 533k and the gam still looks the same way as when this video was made.

  20. Hey Barry onyx somebody help me beaver doesn’t understand that the Yayo much realistic things more than that

  21. I find it funny how he points out "that's not a dragon that's a wyvern" and proceeds to mispronounce wyvern, I'm not highly critical as it's a common mistake it has a Y sound at the beginning not an "ih" sound. hopefully you understand what I mean, though I put that there so I'm not saying "you did it wrong" without providing any right way to do it

  22. I'm all about dragons and cool ability and the tough of more creatures like the sandworm that could have sand ability like sand spites would be awesome so I'm really excited about the release version

  23. I always want games like these where you get to customize dragons. hope this goes good places, might get it in the future

  24. Hi I love your videos but this game has some bugs like getting stuck in rocks

  25. That's not a dragon, it's a wyvern lmao. But on a serious note, waaaaaaay too much baby talk coming out of an adult male… Even worse when you think of the fact you're sat alone in a room, and not talking to a baby or animal lol.

  26. If they build a solo campaign or mode, I am in. If not then its a re-skinned Isle.

  27. The creator's voice sounds like Technoblade

  28. thought this game was a scam only using cheap assets and no programming

  29. I love dragons . I have to play day of dragons I love ice dragon fire dragon nature dragon thunder dragon air dragon and ender dragon

  30. Matter what you call the creature it's just a creature call it whatever you want call it a brain if you want to

  31. Watched this channel few years ago and I'm back with account change

  32. Imagine this game for mobile💥💥💥

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