Dragon Water Inflation (re-upload)

ต้นฉบับ(original) :

ตัดต่อ/วิดีโอ + เพลง โดย KineMaster
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  1. Why are your videos popping up from nowhere to me bro☠☠☠

  2. I voted that the dragon wouldnt explode I was correct

  3. Woah!!! That is really so many water!!!

  4. Вы что драконов опежаете😡😡

  5. You didn’t make it drink the last bit

  6. These videos are so cool! Can you make one of me?

  7. you should make more of that and then make the dragon explode


    dear ava

  8. Why is this on my for you page….

  9. I am small so if I did that I would be like my mango is to blow up boom

  10. With all of that water inside him he probably can’t blow fire anymore

  11. with that muisc i jst wanna spin

  12. That much water would have to make u go to the bathroom 😨

  13. Bro I just see one water you forgotten…

  14. Godzilla:rodan what happened to you why are you not spitting fire
    Vrodan:im too fat and dehydrated i drank water

  15. br the dragon is like in the logo but diferint color

    is this long enough

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