Dragons BUT With Subtitles

The Game of Thrones Dragons being cute with subtitles. A parody in which I give the dragons a personality through on-screen text.

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  1. As much as I distaste where GoT ended up in s8, huge props to the animators/cgi artists on Drogon. The way they continuously use his facial features and especially the pupil- and puli sizes- to tell us exactly what Drogon is feeling/thinking is just amazing. He feels like a living, thinking creature. A character with his own personality, not just a fire-breathing 3D lizard.

  2. Way better. They should do the same in HotD

  3. Although past episode it was summer. Lol!

  4. I am glad I accidentally clicked on this video

  5. Say what you will about the last episode, but Drogon nudging Dany to wake her up is sad

  6. Well Drogon was definitely the spoiled one of them, even had a whole disobeying teenage phase

  7. Would have been funnier if the dragon thought the throne stabbed his mother since it’s covered in swords

  8. What is it with the North American obsession to anthropomorphize and cutesify everything? They're supposed to be fucking predators not pets.

  9. The funny thing is Drogon burning the throne wasn’t even intended to be symbolic in the script. That’s how fucking stupid David & Dan are.

  10. The dragons were the best characters in the show.

  11. “You offering a head scratch?” 😂

  12. “Please don’t dump him like Daario” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Can't believe they cut all of Drogons lines because he complained in the last season about the writing.

  14. We we're robbed of viserion trying to climb mamas shoulder but being too big

  15. I believe in the scene where Jon enters the Red Keep to kill Danny, that's not meant to be snow, but ashes. From all the things (people) she burned. They were falling off the sky, and everything was covered in ashes, thus the white snow-like substance. But yeah, they didn't portray it very well, it indeed looks like snow -_-

  16. I’m gonna be like Danny because I love dragons or Dracrays

  17. Bow ya shits yes i love drogon cosplaying Robert Baratheon

  18. Honestly Drogon was alot scarier in his rebellious teen phase

  19. Although I hated Snow I loved that Drogon burnt the throne instead of him.
    It felt right

  20. That "don't test me jon" Isss sooo fcking perfect 😂😂😂😂😭😭

  21. Like how they represent Danerys's family
    Viserion is the hot headed boy
    Rhaegal is chill
    Drogon cares for Dany like Drogo did

  22. I think that drogon thinks it was the throne because it was made on swords, maybe

  23. “I approve of him.”
    Guess the dragons are used to their riders banging their own family members… eugh…

  24. Dragons in Martin: Pet

    Dragons in Tolkien: Fuck you, now die

  25. Don't Test me, John. That alone was worth the entire 5 minutes.

  26. Speeches [Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza] says:

    Dragon must be inspired by gordan ramsey IT'S RAWWWWW

  27. I know most of you will dislike my opinion but daaaam n jon deserved to die in that throne room

  28. HOTD is great in many ways, but the CGI in GOT was much better.

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