Dragons BUT With Subtitles

The Game of Thrones Dragons being cute with subtitles. A parody in which I give the dragons a personality through on-screen text.

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  1. Drogon is such a mommies boy and I love it XD

  2. The way they touch their mama with big head at the last scene is the saddest thing in this movie 😢😢😢

  3. This is discrimination of the dragon kind against white and green dragons. Where the subtitles for Viserion and Rhaegel? 😀

  4. man i think about what drogon went through. He just wanted to chil in essos and eat meat and not be locked up like his siblings. He said fck it and listened to dany went to westeros and basically lost his entire family there.

  5. I just wondered that is Drogon and his siblings are literally a dragon OR CATS?😂 WHAT A CUTE BABY BOY❤


  7. I have never watched game if thrones but the dragons with subtitles made me sad at the end

  8. Imagine dany doing it all the growing on dragon than what we saw on HOTD where they have those trainers/servants on dragonpit

  9. Drogon be like: "This Dagger is pointy"
    "Oh, the Throne is also pointy."

  10. Jon deserved a Dragon. It would have been a good plottwist if there would have been a Dragon egg hidden in his Mothers grave since every targaryen receives an egg for its birth. It would had helped his character Development since he just found out hes a Targaryen. I feel like this part of him has been ignored in the series. We already had his Stark identity but sadly no Targaryen Identity:(

  11. do house of dragons subtitles it will be cool as

  12. This is so cute! Snaccs and head scratches all around!

  13. This is better than GOT itself! Who cares about plot, just give us more CGI DRAGONS GOD DAMN IT! xD

  14. Someone said that for those dragons, eating Tyrion is like eating alcoholic flavoured tic tak 😭

  15. Add “wew ware cwute dwagons “ for the Babies

  16. This should be done for the HotD Dragons, which, I must say, are much cooler and more diverse than in Game of Thrones, both in terms of looks and personality.

    Also, I feel like Dragons really like head rubs, as Daemon was seen giving Caraxes one in episode one.

  17. At 1:26 I thought he was gonna say What you say bitch, plus the baby dragons were so adorable.

  18. I like how Jon accepted his punishment by Drogon and he didn't run away, but then the dragon decided to spare him.

  19. Although in last episode it was summer had me rolling. Lmao

  20. Drogon understood that the throne is what killed dany not Jon, Tyrion did say dragons could be smarter than humans

  21. "its hard to see in this snow storm although last episode was summer" is my favourite part of this episode x)

  22. please do the same with House of the Dragon

  23. It says that Drogon went to Voltanis where Dany’s father died and did family tradition burying Dany’s body but I want to know more of what happened to Drogon because who knows, maybe Drogon will have a cameo at the end credits of House Of The Dragon even though I haven’t watched it yet

  24. Please don't dump him like Dario 😂😂 or the don't test me John 🤣🤣

  25. 𝔎𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔬𝔣 𝔖𝔞𝔯𝔨𝔞𝔷 says:

    That “SIKE” at the end got me 😂

  26. "but the story requires me to burn the throne"😂

  27. *Don't test me Jon.. " with that look on the dragons face, cracked me up 😂😂 so funny 👍😂

  28. "sike!"
    But to be real, I haven't read the books that contain the GoT series and seeing Drogon melting the iron throne gave more to his personality. And it also shocked me because I've read the books before GoT and the iron throne was like a constant symboll, and to see it burned down by the last existing dragon was interesting…. But yeah, last season was a shitstorm.

  29. Witch movie is this if forgot the name

  30. “It’s RAWwwwwww” in my Gordon Ramsay voice

  31. this is why I love the show and I adore dragons

  32. If there where the scene where Daenerys commands Drogon to burn the previous Unsullied master, would be great

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