Dragon’s Dogma 2 – 18 Minutes of Fighter, Thief, Warrior, and Sorcerer Gameplay – IGN First

We’re kicking off January’s IGN First for Dragon’s Dogma 2 with 18 minutes of gameplay footage covering the Fighter, Thief, Warrior, and Sorcerer vocations. Stay tuned all throughout January for a variety of interviews, reveals, deep dives, and much more as our month long coverage of Dragon’s Dogma 2 continues.


  1. mdr …L'autre bug avec sa charette ^^^^^^

  2. The troll flying across the map to land a drop kick straight to the face was pure art.

  3. Love the first game, looking forward to this one.

  4. Mini map is distracting. Hope they have option to have overhead compass like Elden Ring and Ubisoft games

  5. Please tell me they're including a 60fps option!!!

  6. Looks just like DD one, not necessarily a bad thing but definitely very much the exact same gameplay

  7. *In the middle of battling a troll*:
    โ€œShall we seek out the young man from the other day?โ€œ lol wut???๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. The Troll is sleeping or bugged? ๐Ÿ˜„

  9. Man that jump height looks atrocious though homie just hopped lol

  10. Whoever was playing made this game look mid . I'll wait for reviews after release

  11. Wolves hunt in packs!

    Fire works well!


    Mind the edge master.

  12. Does anyone know if you can create your character in this game or are you forced to use the one shown above in shining armour?

  13. We haven't even seen the advance characters omg so enthused. Now mods for this are going to be insane. โค It looks like the original but x100 better in sound graphics and monsters. A magic knight/thief incoming.

  14. So player characters have fly feet eh?

  15. Let me guess it's only going to be on PS5

  16. This really doesn't look like much of an improvement over the first game

  17. 12:01 wtf that merchant just stop at the side of the monster when they are fighting them.

  18. I've recently been getting REALLY into souls likes and DD2s gameplay already looks like I'll get along with it well.

  19. Getting Elden Ring + BG3 + Witcher 3 vibes from this

  20. Wondering what platform to buy on ps5 or pc.

  21. This just makes me want a Lord of the Rings game

  22. Just wish it wasnโ€™t over 90 cad on steam for pre order a little steep. Baldurs gate is the standard for price to quality ratio.

  23. That air walk ability mages get looks cool AF

  24. That one mage pawn who shoots a single magic bolt at the ogre and then gets WWE slammed :'D

  25. this shidd probably made MHWilds release later, thanks capcom

  26. Fighter and Warrior mechanics are boring like the first game.

  27. Well this looks… Sensational ๐Ÿ˜Š

  28. Hope this doesn't end up underated like its predecessor

  29. 16:08 Dunno if the effect was intended, but when the cyclops swings its club it generates wind which rattles the leaves in the trees. If not a coincidence, then pretty cool!

  30. All we really ask is that you allow us to make at least 5-10 saves and maybe coop later on.

  31. you know there are an online games is similiar with dragon's dogma, that is RISK YOUR LIFE Online or now that called RETURN OF WARRIOR Online which same atmosphere but they fight with another race named Ak'khan (Human vs. Akkhan btw).. it will be very nice gameplay if capcom makes dragon dogma online with war between human vs another race

  32. the combat looks so fun but what I'm more excited for is is the fashion dogma I'm gonna do in this game, that cloak on that archer pawn looks drippy as heck! Also, it looks like you can wear plate armor as a mage now.

  33. Looks just as boring and repetitive as the 1st game :(.

  34. The story trailer looked interesting, but this just looks bland and boring.

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