Dragon’s Dogma 2 – 1st Trailer | PS5 Games

Set forth on your grand adventure, Arisen!

Dragon’s Dogma is a single player, narrative driven action-RPG that challenges the players to choose their own experience – from the appearance of their Arisen, their vocation, their party, how to approach different situations and more.

On your journey, you’ll be joined by pawns, mysterious otherworldly beings, in an adventure so unique you will feel as if accompanied by other players while on your own adventure.

All of these elements are elevated further by the latest in graphics, artificial intelligence (AI) and physics technology to create a truly immersive fantasy world in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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  1. Please actually look and play like what is being shown here and dont release some broken downgraded buggy mess

  2. Didn’t kno capcom can make a game like that I always thought they’re beat em up

  3. Hopefully this one will come to PC sooner than the last one 😅😅

  4. Cant wait, one of my favorite games of all time

  5. It feels like I'm coming back almost everyday

  6. Yet again another medieval knights and magic game. If they come out with another game in this genre I might just implode. It's like there is no originality at all these days.

  7. FINALLY! I thought they gave up on this game after dragon's dogma online was shut down a while ago, but i'm so happy that wasn't the case

  8. Dragons Dogma is the one that got me addicted to RPGs. Only game I played more than twice.

  9. will try to get my hands on a ps5 just to play this game,lifting your party member and throwing them off the cliff…hmmmmmm🤣

  10. Today I woke and looked outside again

    But the sky looked the same to me

    Something told me that this world had changed

    Couldn't figure out what did it mean

    Some say to get out fast, looks like it's gonna last

    Get all your things and fly (DON'T LEAVE NOTHING BEHIND)

    Some said it'll be OK, just go ahead and stay

    Be sure to drink your iodine

    The wind is pushing me, into the clouds again

    I feel the blood in my veins

    Time is running free, I feel like letting go

    Just like the Dangan

    Staring out to the hourglass inside

    My mind is racing and wild

    Blinded by eyes that cover up the facts

    Uncertainty with all the cracks in a smile

    I'm breathing life or death, are we making progress?

    Not really sure this time (THE CHOICE IS YOURS AND MINE)

    Not sure what to do next, no real test reflex

    Can't touch or see with my own eyes

    The wave is pushing me, into the current again

    I feel the blood in my veins

    Time is running free, I feel like letting go

    Nothing to slow me down

    Dragon inside of me, I feel it letting go

    I can't hear not a sound

    Flying into free, I hit the mother lode

    I am the Dangan

    The wave is pushing me, into the current again

    I feel the blood in my veins

    Diving into free, can feel it letting go

    Not gonna hit the ground

    The sky is painted free, why can't we understand

    We kill ourselves in the end

    It's simple as one, two, three, it's written in the sand

    We are the Dangan




    Flying into free

    Flying into free

  11. Now this is what I'm talking about, finally amazing RPG game will be released, not all of those weak one with huge open empty worlds

  12. this could be goty material depending what else comes out with it that year

  13. After all these years finally, I was tight US missed out on DD online

  14. Wait till this game drops and watch me disappear from any form of real social life interaction for at least a month


  16. This will easily overtake re4 remake for GOTY.

  17. My favourite part of seeing a new action rpg get announced is seeing all the creatures and monsters I’ll get to fight.

  18. Finaly !!!!!!!!!! T_T I've been waiting for THIS such a long time !

  19. Are we getting mounts that’s what I would like to know

  20. Awesome now only 1 thing could top it, MULTIPLAYER servers

  21. Me: Wow looks great, wonder what class I'll play this time


  22. Freunde, jetzt gehts los und ….. LG

  23. I swear I was just thinking about what if they did a dragons dogma 2 just the other day. Top 5 fav games of all time. Just needed a bigger world.

  24. How to make Dragon's Dogma 2 great:

    -ACTUAL Multiplayer
    -FULL multiplayer content playthrough

    Cherry on top:


  25. ahhh yes. the game that blew up my old laptop is now having a sequel

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