Dragons Dogma 2 – RELEASE DATE?! New Showcase Revealed, Warrior Gameplay, ODD Level Up Stats & Elves

Hey Dragon’s Dogma fans! Do you want to know the release date for Dragon’s Dogma 2? Well, it looks like we’re getting closer and closer to finding out with a new showcase on the horizon and a possible accidental reveal through age ratings!!

In this new video, we get a look at the Warrior gameplay and some Odd level up stat growths. We also get to see a new elf character, the upcoming showcase, the release date and much more. It’s definitely exciting stuff, so be sure to check it out!

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In the meantime, be sure to check out our other videos for more Dragon’s Dogma 2 news and information. We’ll be releasing new videos every day until the game’s release! Dragon’s dogma 2 is one of the most eagerly awaited games of the year, and with good reason. This new game promises to be even more challenging and action-packed than the original with more vocation classes, a bigger map and a game true to the vision of the original.

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  1. So the unannounced game that is coming was dragon's dogma 2 and not a new moster hunter?😅

  2. dear god i hope that, if they do the first games leveling system (ie, you gain stats based on the vocation you have equipped when leveling up) they give you an augment or something that prevents EXP gain. cause i will want to max out all the vocations for their augments and to check their playstyles. but i dont want like 5 levels of mage if i am going with warrior in the end.

  3. Very much doubt an actual separate Elf race will be included when they had elf ears in the original game.

  4. march os MH anaversairy right? cmon…rathalos crossover

  5. Cheers for the coverage.
    The wait for Dragon's Dogma 2 will be well worth it.

  6. if you can time the pause right, when he's talking to the elf npc he does mention an elf. i didnt have to pause it, i saw it plain as day. elves could very well be in the game

  7. Man I was coping for pre-2024 release date but I'm not surprised it would be in 2024 with it being almost December now.

  8. I'd be happiest if the elf race was just putting elven features in character creation (better than DD did)

  9. A bit dissapointed that warriors are still limited to only 3 skills at a time

  10. I'm assuming it's just a customizable ear option from character creation, as it has been in the first game. But we will see

  11. Is it just me, or do the animations in DD2 look… bad? Like, they're really lifeless and clunky when compared to the badass, exaggerated movements of DD1. I've noticed it on almost every class now: nothing seems like it has any weight, even on Warrior. Every attack just seems weak, lacking any momentum.

  12. I wanna see how in depth the character/pawn customization is since the first game was amazing. 🤔

  13. I like that its tied to vocation as i leveled up. I had 4k hp as a warrior leveled up alot, and when i switched to squishes they had higher hp also.

  14. Hopefully we get official Mod Support and DLC´s, smth about "Ingame purchase" is mentioned in the PEGI, sounds interesting

  15. That new jump attack giving warrior some more anti-air capabilities is a nice touch. Now all they need is some sort of climbing attack to fully round out their kit. Definitely going to be my main this time around

  16. There were 2 elves in DDON, Kieshildt and Mayleaf, the little girl in the thumbnail. They were the last of their kind. Kieshildt sacrificed himself and fought the Orcs alone to lure them away from Mayleaf and the Arisen cause they wanted to absord her lifeforce since elves were somewhat immortal in DDON.

  17. well a mod to change the growth level ups will be the first thing i download. i hated being at a disadvantage just because of the vocation i picked. just make them all even and let people play what class they want without fear of it ruining their stats just because they were mage for 75% of the game and now want to try a melee class.

  18. Dunno how i feel about it being a march release, hopefully this isnt the game that's gonna sell millions that Capcom was hyping up. Dont get me wrong, im looking forward to it, but im hoping we still get the new monster hunter game in march as well, to celebrate the 20th anniversary

  19. Dragons dogma was dope when it dropped back in the day but from looking at the gameplay trailers it seem like capcom didn’t put much effort into this new title. Personally I’m more excited for Crimson Desert. Looks like dragons dogma on steroids!

  20. The stat spread between those two level-ups makes no sense, honestly. 6-7 has 7 less stat points overall. Level-up to 6 gave 47 stat points overall, level-up to 7 gave 40 overall. Lost 6 points of Magick up, for 2 points more Strength and Defense… while ALSO losing 2 Max HP and 3 Max Stamina. Presumably it has preset level-up stat spread per vocation, but whether that means it's a FFXIV-ish system of vocations having their own level, and having their own stat spread as you level that vocation.

    I'm truly not sure at all which would feel better to play with in-game, or how any system is going to impact replayability. I am confident DD2 will be great, and antsy to have a playable slice in mah hands. (Here's hoping we get a demo, even if it's just limited availability, on the 28th.)

  21. btw in the first dragon dogma you could make elvish characters. I managed to make some "goblinish" ones and I love them. I hope they still have green skin features as the first one cuz I love my little goblin warrior even with its cons of having a short character.

  22. any info on system requirements? hope my rx570 can run it

  23. "Our favorite Dragon's Dogma savant Pineconn" 😂

  24. 2023 was perhaps the best year in gaming and I've been playing since the mid 80s. 2024 is looking good too.

  25. HOPE IT'S BETTER THAN THE FIRST! The first one totally sucked balls! Was WAAAAAAY too damn hard, and confusing as hell knowing where to go. Not to mention the fast travel system was BLOODY AWFUL! And when night came, you cannot see anything and was more dangerous bringing next to impossible fights that never end. I was so angry, so frustrated, so disappointed I just quit playing very early and deleted the game. These devs got to learn some common sense. The basics are so simple…

    1. Manual save

    2. Very easy settings so everyone can enjoy

    3. Ability to fast travel to ANY found location from map, zero requirements

    This is not rocket science!!!

  26. so min maxing still going to be a thing i guess lol

  27. I'd be willing to bet they're gonna announce the release date either at the showcase on the 28th or during the Games Awards. Either way, it being released in March would be the best birth… month? gift. lol Also- is it possible they've done away with vocation-based stat growths and instead have level-based growth? What I mean to say is that if you swap vocations, your stats automatically adjust to what the new vocation's stats would be if you had gone from level 1 to X with said vocation… I really need to stop pausing videos as I type out this section (dude literally just said this as I hit resume lol).

  28. “You might need to change vocations EVERY SINGLE LEVEL to get a maximum amount of a certain status”.. plz no that would be horrible and not really necessary due to the amount of frustration that would be if ur not paying attention…

    I personally hope that we can just level up each vocation one at a time no matter what order and our status could switch depending on which vocation we choose to play as at the moment… I think that would make life so much easier.


  30. Feels weird to get it in march while its the monster hunter anniversary, will they shoot themselves an arrow ?

  31. It's Rated M for "Masterworks all you can't go wrong"

  32. With the first game mid maxing wasn’t needed but i know people like to do it

  33. Appreciate the update Paradise. I really think you should make a Poll to rebrand the channel. Since Arekkz is no longer around it would be better to put everything under a wider banner.

  34. think about it. they said 4x the map of dd1 and we have 4 races. humans, beastren, elves and dwarfs which could get each a country

  35. 6:03 – There's nothing strange here. That's average stats allocation for rogue, because it's definitely a rogue and not a mage as you say =)

  36. Am i right did they only give warrior 3 skill slots again?

  37. Release date is announced next Tuesday and it's set for feb 2024

  38. I just hope you're not forced to play 100 levels as any other class than the one you actually want to play as to actually get the optimized stats for it or being out of luck if you played 100 levels as magic classes and got tired of it and wanted to switch to a warrior or other melee class.

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