Dragons Dogma 2 Released A Huge Update…

Dragons Dogma 2 Released A Huge Update… We just got an exciting update coming to Dragons Dogma 2, Capcom Reveals New Fixes and Updates, How to Prevent Dragonsplague Guide, the state of Dragons Dogma 2 Modding. Advanced Pawn Search Hotfix and more! Tune in to learn about the Newest Update coming to Dragons Dogma 2!

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00:00 Intro
00:43 Dragons Dogma 2 NEW Update
05:57 Pawn Search Fixed!
06:28 Dragonsplague Guide…
08:13 Dragons Dogma 2 Modding
09:34 Outro

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  1. Wow I went through the whole game and never dealt with dragons plague

  2. Being okay will killing an entire town to increase performance is wild uninstall/refund territory. “Yeah the performance is great now, the story is broken and I can’t do anything”

  3. The house quests didn’t come too late imo. It came at a decently timed time lol

  4. The air quote micron transactions actually persisted to other save files.
    So they do have a purpose for speed running

  5. They could simply remove denuvo and give everyone +20 fps.

  6. I just want Steam Deck optimization. Will it happen? Probably not. But it is quite literally the only thing I can play it on so I'm kinda stuck

  7. It is not “impossible” to start a new game. You just have to manually delete your saved data in order to start one.

  8. but are they fixing the fucking textures???? like how can u play a game when u cant see the ground

  9. Can you invert Y axis? On the demo character creation you can only invert X. Cheers.

  10. A “microtranscation” when you have 3 times to make a character? Like sure for making a new game but shit. I can’t change my Skyrim character when it’s made. Stop whining. It’s a fun game

  11. Wait did they release this or planning,i dont get it?

  12. Dragonsplague would be more fun if the npcs went hostile for a while instead of straight dying.

  13. "adding option to set frame rate to either variable or max 30fps in options"……..wow that sucks….you either choose choppy framerate or not so choppy framerate.

  14. What the game really needs is a difficulty setting for Non-casuals. I can finish it eyes closed, It's so fucking easy -_- 0 challenge. just a ballad in the park

  15. Capcom needs smacked down a few pegs for this release. Refunded it after 3 hours. Never preordering ever again.

  16. It’s about time Capcom is getting called out on their micros hopefully other greedy industry also will also get called out for their slimy practices.

  17. Is it worth buying brothers and sisters??????

  18. Joost give us a choice when starting the game to use or not use dragons plague. Issue resolved.
    I personally like it

  19. A drake attacked Vernworth last night o.o thankfully he didnt infect anyone

  20. I am a first time player of this game and so far I love it!

  21. I just hope multiple dlc like the dark arisen

  22. all you need to do to get rid of dragonsplague if one of the pawns in your party has it is to either just use a different pawn or if its your main pawn simply kill them and then resummon at a riftstone.
    IF you really wanna play with that specific spawn that has dragonsplague but theyre not your main pawn just rest at campsites until the plague is transferred to your main pawn and then kill the main pawn.
    also regarding nuked towns:
    traders and non important NPCs will eventually be replaced (not sure about the exact time frame but i think its like a week in game time maybe?) so if its an area where youve already done all the quests you dont really need to revive anyone

  23. Looks like ps5 just had two updates. I played around with the new graphics options and turning off motion blue and ray tracing while leaving the framerate on variable is far better than what it was before.

  24. Ray tracing is an intrinsically CPU intensive process by design. The advent of the RTX series of cards allows for GPU to do ray tracing using PBR methods.

  25. deleting your save file to start over isn't "impossible to start a new game"
    enigma and denuvo does nothing to prevent modding.

  26. I honestly believe Capcom put the micro-transactions in for a reason lol more to the point of pointing out that micro-transactions are useless if you can already get the stuff in-game without spending real money on them.

  27. 2:19 we need to be able to keep our houses in NG+ so far you gotta buy it again

  28. I wish they bring back all the skills and spells we had in the first game. Playing as a Sorcerer rn and I’m missing some awesome spells we had before like fire balls and poison clouds. I’m loving the game, but they cut so much and dumbed down so much of the systems it’s a real shame.

  29. save slot is the biggest wakestones are limited and if u fk in a quest or a whole town dies or failed quest u cant start over i like it

  30. Fix the fucking game is all I’m asking I’m so tired of playing at 15 frames when I go into towns

  31. Dragon's plague is fine… Just pay attention…

  32. Once I can start a new game I will purchase the game.

  33. Why do they have anti mods on a single player experience that's kinda stupid

  34. I have been using mod engine, cheat engine, and reshade with no issues since literal day one. I have zero idea what you're referring to when you say these things aren't working because they've been working since the beginning. Not to mention the game has quite literally been on piratebay since the 21st. Their anti tamper stuff is literally doing nothing but making the game run worse, it's not stopping modders, it's not stopping cheat engine, and it isn't stopping anything like reshade. Capcom went and released a fantastic game but then covered it in heavy armor that doesn't do anything except make it trip and fall every few steps. Fucking Capcom

  35. Side quest(ion).

    If you cap FPS at 30 but it still jumps from 10 to 20 to 30 wouldn't that still cause a jittering feeling, similar to 30 -40 -60 etc.

  36. The only thing that matters is hard mode we need hard mode

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