This was made only to satisfy my undying love and esteem to GOT dragons
Nothing serious
No “great thoughts”
Just dragons


  1. God I love the dragons so much, especially Drogon…

  2. Emilia Clarke and I are getting married on her birthday. Having some fire sex and bringing back the Pegasus Dragons, Draco and his brothers.

  3. great video ! I have a question, will you continue to make videos like this?❤

  4. Jenny and her sisters are black Dragon Queens. Lilith is my wife. devil herself. Evilnesses are twinning Evil Dragons
    . Lujan is evil herself. She protects our limbs 😂

  5. Supermans flame thrower now includes some Darkness, just a tint with evil blast and dragon flames…

  6. Superman has flamethrower with fire and evil blast. Puny aliens get toasted like bagels.

  7. 👏 Beautiful 🤩 💖 🐲🐉🀄 👏👍 Makes me wanna take a ride with the dragons I sent to aid the 🇷🇺 ZOV destroy evil. 😇

  8. Ok ok…just hear me out. I started reading these books 20+ years ago. As GRRM added more and more to the "backstory"? I could not stop scratching my head over the fact that 200 years before Dany, the Dragon Riders required saddles. Now, ive grown up with horses and i equate it to the Native Americans who used to ride bareback (and some still do) to the Western Settlers that realized "saddles" made the animal more versatile. Only…the time frame is flip flopped in the Westerosi universe. Lol, so… The Western settlers came first and used saddles… But the Native Americans came later and had no knowledge of saddles? Its kind of confusing 😂. At the very least… If dragons and their riders have this special bond due to blood magic? Couldnt GRRM just have made the very physiology of the dragons bend to protect the rider (as some sort of explanation)?. Like, Drogon could just have bent his scales/ridges over Dany to protect her? Rather than "she is holding on to an upside diwn dragon getting hit with arrows, with just her tiny, pale hands? Smh 😂❤

  9. Режиссеры убили лучших , что было в этом сеиале😢

  10. Me just watching this daily to find out how u have the timing

  11. The timing of the vid and song r just on POINT new sub

  12. 14 secs in and im already amazed from the target on my back

  13. Muito bom uma das minhas partes favoritas e ver a cidade pegando fogo

  14. I don’t like when a ero gets in the dragon throt😢

  15. The sheer power in these beasts is amazing. They are beautiful and never deserved what happened to them. Love the video! Especially how the lyrics went along with the scenes really well!

  16. Я хочу что бы Королевой семи королевств была Дэйнерис Таргариан!

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