Dragons: Riders of Berk – first 15 minutes of gameplay

You can play the game at Cartoon Network’s site here:

To play the game you have to register (create an account) on Cartoon Network’s website and install the Unity Web-player plug-in (it’s all automatic).

The came cannot be downloaded, you can only play it from CN’s website on the link above.


  1. Someone needs to make this so we can play it again

  2. I have fond but frustrating memories of the game. The lag, the sudden freezing, ect.
    It was a ton of fun though when it worked, although I have memories of the dragons being very difficult to control. I remember riding Toothless for a very long time at the beginning because I just didn't want to let him go.

    I think the slowness problems stem from it having such advanced graphics and being kept a browser game. It should've been downloaded like School of Dragons.

    All and all, a cute little game that really takes me back to a simpler time.

  3. tell me the name of the game plssssssss

  4. my sister played this for me when i was 4 that was some good times i rember i had that big dragon with big wings forgot what i t was called

  5. Bruh I was like 6 when I used to play this, I just hated the constant loading screens but I miss this game

  6. Who else was 6-8 when they played this when they were a kid

  7. I remember that i was going for The Last 2 dragons and suddenly the electrecity went off and there was no cloud or smth I was crying man..

  8. I played this when i was 5-6 years old i was so fucking happy when i got all the dragons for my feeling i had put so much time in it too bad the game got removed

  9. Dude I thought this game was a dream!!! I remember spending hours when I was little playing this on cartoon network

  10. Does anyone know if there’s a playable clone of this game anywhere or if it’s still up?

  11. I remember playing this on Facebook good old days


  13. I'm playing this now but hard to win on BRAWL battle and I loose all Dragons by just now even Toothless just been defeated too

  14. It’s sad you can’t play this game without downloading an old version of Firefox or something

  15. Where can I get this game at plesez someone tell me ?

  16. I remember this flash game on Cartoon Network and me and my bro would play this all the time

  17. I used to play this game ;( did they delete it?

  18. I remember trying so hard to play this game on my old laptop while finding myself onto no hope into playing it at all, best times of my life to be honest and it sure was nostalgic

  19. I used to play this when i was 8-10. i had a dream about httyd and thought i should look back on the games i used to play as a kid


  21. 1:38 I found this camera flight more realistic than the PS3 game of how to train your dragon 2 and School of Dragons for Android.

  22. I remember this being more realistic in my childhood

  23. Ok guys one of us needs to be employed by cartoon networks website design team and reinstall the game on the other hand recreat the game in unity so who wants to learn unity

  24. i used to play this game a lott in my childhood, i want to play it again i miss it so much 🙁

  25. why wasn't it a console game? I would have liked to play it on a Wii or it could even pass as a psp game

  26. god this game slapped so hard i remember there was a glitch where if you turned the camera down far enough then it immediately zoomed into directly inside the player characters head so you would get a split second view of their eye textures and it terrified me as a kid so much that i completely stopped playing the game. i thought i was hallucenating it for a while until i replayed a .exe rip of the game and it did it again and it triggered my fight or flight instict for a few minutes afterwards ❤ good memories

  27. I recently watched the first two movies again and I didn’t realize how nostalgic the music was mainly from my exposure to it from this game. Hours and hours hearing the soundtrack and ambiance from this game. Take me back.

  28. The Best dragon N.O.S.T.A.L.G.I.E. 👁️👄👁️🍷

  29. This actually the best game of HTTYD and no one could change my mind about it

  30. Game was too advanced for Cartoon Network online such a shame I had the best time

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