Dragons: Riders of Berk – first 15 minutes of gameplay

You can play the game at Cartoon Network’s site here:

To play the game you have to register (create an account) on Cartoon Network’s website and install the Unity Web-player plug-in (it’s all automatic).

The came cannot be downloaded, you can only play it from CN’s website on the link above.


  1. I wish i could still ge this game 😢 i used to play this so much

  2. This was my childhood, I want to play it again but is not available anymore sadly :(.

  3. (using google translate) I really wanted to play this today, but I just can't find it anywhere, it makes me so sad man

  4. I remember my computer couldn’t run ts so I had to go to the library and play lol. This game was ahead of its time back in the day

  5. I remember this game took a year to load into a different section 😅

  6. Naaaaahhhh the nostalgia be hitting to hard, its throwing hands with my eyes and winning. I used to be so young and played this for hours on our old computer, i remember specifically the cutting of meat being fun. I dont think i really advanced too much into the game though..Would be nice if it could make a comeback

  7. I've been trying to find this game for idk how long but feels like this vid is the only trace of it. I miss this game so much it was so great to play.

  8. BROOOO does someone know where to find it? i want to play it once again

  9. Wow young Hiccup was really something 😂. I'am not a veteran player, i joined somewhere around 2016-17. This straight up feels like watching history in front of my eyes.. the good days

  10. I would pay $60 for a remastered version of this game just to play it again

  11. I don’t understand why this game isn’t available anymore it was really good

  12. Thats the only piece of evidence that shows this legendary game

  13. ;c I haven't played this game for 5-6 years and I haven't seen any of its videos until niw.

  14. ah D: when i try to, i dont know if its my graphics card or what, my characters become blue x.x

  15. new dragons in my game, changewing, whispering death, smoldering smokebreaths

  16. i've been playing this for a while and i have 3 dragons already: Deadly Nadder, Scouldron and a night fury

  17. ive tamed toothless zippleback montrous nightmare and nater gronkle change wing scouldren and typhomarang

  18. Aaagh! You can definately tell that's not hiccups voice! If the voice actor of hiccup ever changes, they should just end everything…

  19. ai cara! o jogo n carrega nunca aqui a meu Deus

  20. i tamed the wispering death den den deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  21. how can you load fast mine is to slow

  22. Looks like a better adaption to the wii game… which is very good for the time it came out

  23. I already tame all of the Dragons in this game

  24. Whats the best starter dragon? whats the strongest dragon in the game?

  25. Does the human characters gender make a difference?

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