DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms – All Bosses + Ending

Boss fight Walkthrough for DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms and ending. Unleash your inner dragon and fly beyond the Hidden World, on a fiery adventure to rescue Thunder’s family and save the dragon kingdoms!
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00:00 Introduction
02:21 Fault Ripper
06:09 Screaming Death
12:01 Catastrophic Quaken
15:49 Death Song
20:21 Titanwing Skrill
26:24 ENDING
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  1. I don’t know if after titajnwing Skrill was defeated a chamei from creatures of sonaria roblox roar?

  2. Im so sad how the movies and series turned into that like ok cool characters but what about the history emotional moments i watched everything and this series are pretty bad atleast the game is good but nah the series changed like someone hit a hammer on the cretors brain it was great now its bad
    R.i.p good movies and series

  3. Me: seeing the drone realizing that Hiccup and Toothless have been gone for a very long time "I'm old now 😞"

  4. Narrator: The skrill worst enemies are the night lights
    Singetail: do I look like a joke to you

  5. bro I've been here since the first movie and thats not a titan wing skrill, cataatraphic quaken's roar audio isn't even the right one, the deathsong glue substence doesn't even catch on fire in the series, the deathsong would eat the skrills for lunch, all of those dragons would be in a trans likee state for the deathsong, and the screaming deaths roar audio isn't right eiither!!! They just don't bring the old ones back which is better in my opinion.

  6. 1. Fault Ripper
    2. Screaming Death
    3. Catastrophic Quaken
    4. Death Song
    5. Titanwing Skrill (Final Boss)

  7. Wish Webmaster the Deadly Spinner is in the game? Beard of Magma Breather!🐉

  8. Astrid as a ghost is going to kill that dragon💀

  9. 0:56 65 millions of years ago, The Dinosaurs ruled the Earth

  10. So nobody gonna talk about how old the skrill is???

  11. The only thing i want in my life is a httyd open world game made by dreamworks themselves but with an actual budget

  12. Bruh,how come Httyd only got idle and clan games while the Nine Realms have a whole console-style game??

  13. How did you get that fast to the fault ripper and the screaming death and the author ones i heat that i have that game but it is to to to to hard for me

  14. Wish they made a real httyd game. Like an open world adventure rpg game with hiccup and toothless

  15. Velho não deixa o like não te dei alguma é falso ele disse que o banguela banguela nunca mais vamos ver banguela por causa desse dragão free Fire

  16. If I had to play this whole thing I'd die of boredom, even school of dragons did better than this with dragon tactics.

  17. 6:54 what the heck they used Toothlesses screams for her. Lol.

  18. Is no one going to talk about the fact that that is not a titan wing skrill it is just a bigger skrill

  19. I'm pretty sure the rival of Skrills are nightfurys also does that mean that toothless is extinct? Because all the other dragons from rtte are here but toothless was only seen in the book

  20. Everybody gangsta until the screaming death roars like toothless

  21. The narrator sounds like Finn from adventure time

  22. Bro they gave all the dragons the wrong sounds

  23. Lmao they forgot that Skrills are a nightfurys enemy before nightlights haha

  24. When the game is better animated than the actual series :

  25. I never watched Kim Possible (you have permission to attack me) but I’ve seen enough of the internet to know that Recreyo is gonna get absolutely destroyed for saying that Shego is mid

  26. Ah a screaming death rare and a cave mining dragon it lives in whispering death colony’s true cavern crasher anti-defender

  27. That death song one is annoying as f she can summon so damm many dragon minions to foght for her

  28. Is there even a difference between normal Skrill and Titanwing Skrill exept that one is biger than the other?

  29. Is it me or does the fault ripper look a little different from the how to train your dragons style

  30. OK but why is the animation in this game better than in the actual nine realms series?

  31. Wait three of the bosses are Boulder classes (fault ripper Boulder class)

  32. the nightlights originally originated from toothless and the light fury so the nightlights were to have evolved less and less black scales for white scales unless nightlights were to yk f**k one and other

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