DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms – Announce Trailer | PS4 Games

To all #DreamWorksDragons fans! We have a new fiery adventure in store for you: DreamWorks Dragons #LegendsofTheNineRealms! Unleash your inner dragon and fly beyond the Hidden World, in an unforgettable adventure to rescue Thunder’s lost family. Soon you can embark on this epic adventure and discover the secrets of dragonkind!



  1. I am the only one who ACTUALLY loves this new series?

  2. Honestly we just need a race to the edge sequel series or a series set between 2 and 3

  3. I'm saving this video to remember it because I'm still drawing Titans of SoD. And Rescue Riders altered dragon as a hobby.

  4. Did you just say other nightlights? Thunder is clearly not any of the nightlights we know

  5. ok so you're telling me that is toothless and the light fury's baby?

  6. Do they not know this franchise is kind of . . . Done? 🤨

  7. I want to remind all of you guys, this game and the series itself on it, NOT CANON, this became known after a while at the beginning of each episode of this series, where it was written that this series is in no way connected with the original franchise. Everything that we came across from HTTYD was a commercial move to raise the rating and try to hype this line, but after a large number of negative reviews, the developers decided to make this series not a cenon.

  8. SoD looks better than this game idk. why not just remake SoD and port it to PlayStation?

  9. Woooooooaaaaaaaaaah….!!! Now is Totally Greatest Video Game was Ranked

  10. Why not make a how to train your dragon game?

  11. I hope some day we get an RPG of the httyd universe.

  12. itd be nice if they did something abit more true to the nature of the original dragons, maybe a film where theyre atleast more well designed like the original films dragons with that intense attention to detail we adored

  13. now they just gotta bring back the huge dragons ya know-

  14. I wish we would of gotten quality, open world rpg games of HTTYD- like imagine something like Elden Ring or Skyrim but How To Train Your Dragon is using that same open world format and has rewarding dungeons sprinkled throughout the world and maybe even make it a bit more mature for some of the slightly older audiences

  15. At least it looks kinda decent, and this time you get to play as a dragon instead of the rider.

  16. I wish that in the game they find toothless sleeping in his cave and thunder finds em and turns out thunders toothless's grandson and that hiccup is actually the blond boys grandfather

  17. I think we are gonna play as Thunder, Plowhorn, Wu and Wei or Feathers in the game exploring the Nine Realms (My guess is the nine parts of the Hidden Worlds)

  18. Is night fury extinct if it is ill fall off a bed

  19. when the game (that btw no one wants) is better quality than the trash show

  20. Ma sono l'unica che è rimasta delusa? Aspettare anni per vedere questo, ora ci giocano persone di più età, ma se continuiamo così diventerà sempre di più qualcosa per bambini. Vi chiedo solo di evitare di arrivare a quel punto, in cui sarà solo una serie patetica. Like se siete d'accordo e se vorreste anche voi un gioco magari per ps5 piu serio (intendo fatto bene, e non una cosa fatta tanto per)

  21. Man we want an open world game the we can fly out own dragon and that we don’t have to pay more than 1 dollar on dlc

  22. This is a PS4 console game and that means it's for the PS4

  23. He lost his family 2 years ago I know he lost his family

  24. Today is the 28th I thought it was the 23rd

  25. Very great gameplay for both adults and kids that love to experience a charming and heroic journey across many lands.

  26. Guys tomorrow is the September I hope you're ready for the 23rd

  27. I hope there is a DLC that let’s you be toothless

  28. I really hope they make like a remaster version of HTTYD 2 game it was amazing, flying in the dragons. Sad you can only play it now on ps3 not ps5 🫠

  29. I really hope they make like a remaster version of HTTYD 2 game it was amazing, flying in the dragons. Sad you can only play it now on ps3 not ps5 🫠

  30. I want a remake of the game i played on the Wii as a kid 🙁

  31. I prefer viking (Toothless the night fury is more rare)

  32. This game is cool 😎 but I still miss the old httyd games

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