DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms – Announce Trailer | PS4 Games

To all #DreamWorksDragons fans! We have a new fiery adventure in store for you: DreamWorks Dragons #LegendsofTheNineRealms! Unleash your inner dragon and fly beyond the Hidden World, in an unforgettable adventure to rescue Thunder’s lost family. Soon you can embark on this epic adventure and discover the secrets of dragonkind!



  1. We’re caught up playing the impassioned protagonist in our Subjective Narrative of Self 🎈

  2. Wish they put original characters in the game

  3. Mobile games are getting console ports now huh!?

  4. siamo nel 2022 è mi mettono la grafica di 13 anni fa

  5. Looks decent, I hope someday we get a AAA game in the How to train your dragon universe

  6. I was expecting hiccup to narrate this not Finn from adventure time

  7. When the game has better animation then the actual show 🤣

  8. This reminds me of the leyend of spyro a new begining Ds

  9. Alright but whats the game Genre? its an RPG? im confused, to trailer didnt made it clear enough for me.

  10. Soy muy fan de razones de mema pero esto es horrible me gustaría más un remaster de como entrenar tu dragón el 1 y el 2 son buenos

  11. How did they not start with “this is berk”

  12. I’ll have to pick this up to play with the kids.

  13. Imagine if DreamWorks Animation of Comcast company will make a brand new trilogy film of DreamWorks' How to Train Your Dragon franchise about a stand alone spin-off series: DreamWorks' Dragons: Nine Realms would be called "DreamWorks' The Nine Realms" as a stand alone spin-off film of this animated movie franchise into the future?
    Because that'll be so cool and awesome if How to Train Your Dragon film franchise is still alive.
    I don't know yet.
    But what do you guys think?

  14. awsome and i luv it hope dragons nine realms get a third season

  15. At 0:31, you can see that the studio creating the game clearly didn't care enough to even remove the massive human city lights from the planet. Too lazy or low budget to create a new planet model so they result to using old stock 3D models.

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