DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Unleash your inner dragon and fly beyond the Hidden World, in an unforgettable adventure to rescue Thunder’s lost family. Soon you can embark on this epic adventure and discover the secrets of dragonkind! DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms launches for Nintendo Switch this fall!

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  1. The show is garbage, so I’m not expecting too much from the game.

  2. If you are complaining about this game and you’re over 13 please realize this game is not targeted to you neither is the franchise in general. Nobody wants to hear you complain about the old franchise being over for the 300,000th time.. be happy we are even getting a game that’s focused on the dragon and NOT the human protagonist.

  3. This looks fantastic! Gotta check it out!

  4. I'm really disappointed my favorite childhood movie that had 2 other wonderful movies following it keeps questioning dragged around through the mud and getting bad quality stuff just for dreameorks to get some shiny pennies….. but I guess this is what it has come too, a present time absolutely horrid show and now this mess based on it, thunder does even begin to have a goof design……. he just looks like toothless…….. but ugly and stupid

  5. My god what have they done to my boy….my precious httyd series….what is this garbage…..they should just left it at Httyd Homecoming

  6. My phone crashed when I clicked on this video. I'll take that as an omen.

  7. don’t worry I found a night light. It’s in my bedroom

  8. Great, it looks like the BAD Spyro games… and am I not caught up on my Dragons lore? And wtf is a NightLight? Is it supposed to be the offspring of Toothless and the other girl dragon? You know… the only 2 NightFURY's? Who TF is this boring, generic, not-Hiccup voice actor? Ok, rant over 🤣

  9. Wow, I miss when the series had a happy ending. Even if Nine Realms would be the end, it ain't a happy one.

  10. dropping way to close to Splatoon 3. Not a chance this does well on switch.

  11. Пожалуйста, остановитесь! Отстаньте от оригинальной серии! Не нужно портить мультфильм моего детства!🤬
    Зачем этот высер?! Для чего он существует!? А, точно, всё из-за денег…. Осуждаю.

  12. I’m a big fan of httyd, BUT THIS SERIES MAKES ME WANT TO SUE DREAMWORKS. I’m probably gonna play this anyway, but I hope they make another one for movies 1-3.

  13. Ok Nintendo should stop working at other games and work completely at botw 2 so it can release by Christmas

  14. I hope this isn't like a candy crush mobile game

  15. This looks like a Walmart skylanders, or the Disney infinity game

  16. School of Dragons was actually such a great game, I think it’d be nice if a similar open world rpg where you could ride dragons and explore just like SoD is available on switch

  17. Glad to know shovelware is still alive and well

  18. Why game looks better then the original series?

  19. Pls, why why whyw hy why why why why why why why why, WHY DO PEOPLE SPEND MONEY ON THIS CRAP, NO, WHY DO PPL SPEND MONEY MAKING THIS CRAP

  20. This series was a big failure I don’t imagine many people will buy this game

  21. If I’m being totally honest. I feel like graphics wise this looks like a 3ds game. It looks rather outdated. It just doesn’t look like a new Nintendo switch game getting ready to come out.

  22. ehwatruom now why there a videon game lol x'D

  23. Cool but nothing is better than the concept of a mmo sod will keep being superior even if it is worse on everything else

  24. ALL I WANT is an upgraded school of dragons version with great graphics, animations and story. Like cmon SO MANY PEOPLE are waiting for something like that!

  25. This is the new game on the PS4 and Nintendo switch

  26. I lost my switch but I'm going to find it in the morning and download it

  27. man i just want the equivalent of School Of Dragons but on the switch

  28. The HTTYD franchise has such a huge potential for an open world game. The opportunity to make a really solid game that appeals not only to kids is there.
    But instead they focus on a trash like this, based on a really terrible spinoff. This doesn't do the beloved franchise justice and I'm deeply disappointed.

  29. Out of all the series to make a game about, they choose this one?

  30. The fact this is on other platforms and isn’t co-op, is it’s biggest fail.

  31. Listen I know children will buy anything but this is embarrassing

  32. Looks to be about the same amount of effort put into it as the show

  33. Well it took 20 years for harry potter to get a (maybe) amazing open world game rpg where you create your own character

    But i guess a how to your dragon open world rpg create your own character game that IS NOT school of dragons will never come out haaah but we can dream isnt that right? DREAMworks

    Who knows if hogwarts legacy turns out to be an amazing game others will follow its footsteps

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