DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Unleash your inner dragon and fly beyond the Hidden World, in an unforgettable adventure to rescue Thunder’s lost family. Soon you can embark on this epic adventure and discover the secrets of dragonkind! DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms launches for Nintendo Switch this fall!

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  1. Is the TV series this is based on any good? I liked the other Dragonsverse TV shows but don't know anything about this one

  2. They won't give this series a rest will they

  3. I was wondering if DreamWorks Animation and Ninetndo work together to make animated products like Kirby or Splatoon.😊

  4. I love httyd so I’m getting this one for my collection 😊👍

  5. This trailer was boring😅😂 like it didn't even make me want to get it🤷‍♂️

  6. This series is horrible, so my expectations are low like most others so let's hope the expectations don't shatter the floor

  7. A spyro style game would've been sick for this concept… I mean its basically the same story as 1, but I do not like how this is looking. Is this a mobile port?

  8. I miss when crappy games like this didn’t exist.

  9. This series definitely deserves to be continued, but not like THIS

  10. The gameplay is giving those skylander vibes.

  11. Dreamworks please. We kindly ask you to make this series never see the light of day again.

  12. From how much the original show is hated (in a valid way) I’m surprised a game is being made based on the series

  13. Not sure what to expect. The DS HTTYD game wasn't half bad. Same can be said for the other switch HTTYD game

  14. sigh I feel like they have everything they need to make a AAA monster taming experience but they'd rather make a quick buck instead.

  15. i really hate that white/black design…the 3rd movie is definitely the weakest

  16. Doesn’t look all that good at all

  17. This is not the continuation we wanted or needed

  18. Spyro style? Maybe even skylanders like uhhh ….

  19. It looks like a PS2 Game both in the graphics/animations and the mecanics

  20. Love the How to train franchise, but this doesn’t look good

  21. Why they made the continuation for the series a mobile looking game lol

  22. i thought toothless had a disease or something LOL

  23. Is a shame they didnt use the first 3 movies for a real good game or games

  24. This could be really good if Nintendo does it right

    It’s also possible that it’ll just be terrible

  25. So why don't we have the viking era to play in? Why is THIS garbage version what we get? Not hating on Nintendo, it wasn't their decision, but I'd rather be playing a game with Toothless, Hiccup, the Twins, Dagur, Johan, and the rest of the crew from the OG Show.

  26. Lol why is that dragon looking at me so seductively?

  27. This looks like a Skylanders game from 2014.

  28. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  29. When you see that OG logo you know its gonna be bad

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