DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS Cinematic Intro NEW (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Dragon Fantasy Action

DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS Cinematic Intro NEW (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Dragon Fantasy Action

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  1. dungeons and dragons meets star conflict, dreadnought game, fractured space, star citizen, elite dangerous, X4: Foundations, battletech, Supreme Commander, homeworld games, planetside 2, ashes of the singularity & halo

  2. Jeeeeez Christ my Goodnes!!! Is that what Im seeing now and my eyes aint even lyin to me hah??? Im sitting in the office close to my colleagues and Im just about cry with my eyes wetting fast! The heavens heard my prays and here we go!!! Yeeeeees!!! The bestest fantasy saga is on the high quality movies!!! God bless you my friends and remember that the army of fans is so eager to see it! 🙂

  3. To someone who actually read R.A. Salvatore, they managed to make Wulfgar a complete imbecil useless

  4. No plan survives contact with the enemy anyway.

  5. This must be earlier books.. if i remember correctly..cattie leaves the bow for more magical approach.. and halfling gets braver fighting more.. and drizzt do'urden uses his unicorn more..

  6. That just plane stupid so the intelligence leader long hair creature is smart but is more often than anyone to lose his party because of their own stupidly in a game of life and death brains etc i think a real party would see it like dumb

  7. What is it Wulfgar keeps shouting everytime he charges in?

  8. A ZILLION TIMES BETTER than the d+d recent movie which is ABSOLUTELY SHITE….I walked out in utter disgust an hr from the end

  9. пародія на усе одразу…. варкрафт, володар перстнів…. і чого вони взагалі до того дракона доїбалися?

  10. Now if only Dark Alliance was actually good…

  11. I'm gonna have to be that guy here: 1) Bruenor is supposed to be fiery red headed. 2) Under no circumstances would he be looting the chest while his kids are being smacked about by a dragon. 3) As much as i understand the desire to picture Wulfgar like this – he actually is much too intelligent/level headed for "Tempus!"-ing it out like that. He is that perfect barbarian, if you will, who is thinking and teamwork first, "Tempus!" second. 3)… Nah, that should about do it for the rant – great entertainment value for hooking in D&D player base (and the audacity of doing the most iconic party this dirty! Reeee)

  12. Way way (million times) better than the movie D&D Honor Among Thiefs. Why the heck they did not the same…? F8

  13. Honestly, I just play the character that is the plan XD. Everyone else can do whatever they want, I'll just sit over here, and deal 50+ damage a hit from afar.

  14. man every time you see dragons in artwork and lore and stuff and they usually look bad ass then you get a cinematic and there this ugly ass disproportionate nasty looking lizard with 6 teeth ah yes a big smelly lizard who would never actually fly with severe teeth gap you could put a telephone pole between the gaps. the apitimy of fear

  15. I enjoyed this game . I wish it was still on game pass

  16. Loved the barbarian go all in really funny but disliked video because no wizard in it and DND without a wizard is 0. Imagine lotr without gandalf or saruman…

  17. it would be nice if there was arualla the warlock and a paladin joined the team.

  18. Гном! темный эльф, человек и девушка эльф?

  19. 😂😂😂😂😂 simply epic😂😂😂😂
    Brings back memories…..painfull memories😂😂😂😂

  20. Bruh DnD is just a lot of imagination, dice rolling, and boring table talk. It has no physical manifestaion. How the hell did they make a movie about it?

  21. Dude i dont understand why someone just make a movie with this typpe of style and budget, yet they waste it on video games that they'll never actually see the game

  22. Drizzt would never have let himself get pinned. Just saying. Wulfgar was spot on, as was Breunor.

  23. i think i hear WoW calling.. it asked for leeroy back

  24. Why do I get the notion Drizzt got the idea to use the pillar from his and wulgars fight with Icingdeath?

  25. If only they added the 5th party member from the books, Regis the halfling rogue.

  26. Dungeons – Dragons – The Dragon-s Tomb – the Penhaligon Trilogy- Part 2

  27. For what I know about DND nothing goes as plan, each characters player makes their own damn decisions😂😂😂😂

  28. I know Drizzt is the most popular character from the companions but Bruenor should be giving the orders.

  29. If only we would get a Companions of the Hall show or movie….

  30. can't they kill this munchkin dark elf off already sheez Salvatore needs to come up with something new and better

  31. unrealistic – without coherent team playing you die

  32. Imagine drizzt meet tav and gangs. Minthara would cry to meet him in flesh

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