Emma D’Arcy & Olivia Cooke Get To Know Me | House of the Dragon | HBO Max

House of the Dragon stars Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke get to know each other as they ask and answer a series of personal and show related questions.

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  1. Maybe in some other world that haircut and outfit is fashionable….

  2. Wtf is Emma wearing. Looks like a depressed teenager boy

  3. Blackwater or The Wall was easily the best anything else is just wrong. 😁

  4. I know emma identifys as non binary, but I'm trying to figure what emma was identified as at birth

  5. Ughhhh I’m so obsessed with her and her voice 🥵

  6. Negroni… sbagliato.. with prosseco in it 🫠 AHHHHHHHHHHH

  7. These two were a super downgrade from the original characters in the first several episodes

  8. They have amazing chemistry! Love that they just banter about random things❤😂

  9. I cannot stand Emma D'Arcy. SHE is just awful. The other one looks like Salma Hayek with constipation. I guess I declare myself for the greens!

  10. Why is Emma dressed like they are Matt Smith in Morbius (2022)?

  11. I can’t help but constantly noticing Olivia’s dress looking so uncomfortably tight. 😅

  12. I love Emmas part…she knows how to make Rhaenyra come to life on screen..I cant wait to see her next season!!

  13. Emma and Hunter Schafer look alike to me

  14. Emma's voice sound like a female version on Alan's Rinkman's voice.

  15. Somehow I see in Emma a young, more attractive Elon Musk with androgynous traits.

  16. Why is Olivia Cook talking like Gary Neville ?

  17. Olivia likes the pint of stout after her martinis, good woman

  18. Why is no one outraged that a non-binary person has stolen a role from a woman?

  19. Bruh she said in my old age SHES 28 YOU AINT OLD SIS

  20. here's hoping Emma gets some voiceover work in the near future

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