Hi guys and welcome to Cherbear Toys DCTC. Today Cheryl opens a beautiful Ever After High Darling Charming Doll from Ever After High “Dragon Games” as well as 3 Play Doh Surprise Eggs. This doll is awesome. From her boots to her tiara she ROCKS. Who is your favorite EAH character? Apple, Raven, Darling? Let us know in the comments.

Do you like building with Play Doh or other modeling clay? Have you ever tried building with plasticine or plastilina? What about plastiline or plasticina? Maybe you have played with Softee Dough or Moon Dough?

Want to know how to say “Play-Doh” in other Languages? If you lived in Sweden, you might call it “Modellera.” If you lived in Portugal or Brazil, you might call it “Massinha.” If you speak Korean, you might know it as “플레이 도우.” If you speak German, you may say “Knetmasse.” If you parler français, you might pronounce it “pâte à modeler.”

Here’s how people say “surprise eggs” in other languages. In French: œuf surprise. In German: Ei Überraschung. In Hungarian: tojás meglepetés. In Italian: uovo sorpresa. In Japanese: 卵の驚き. In Korean: 계란 깜짝. In Lithuanian: kiaušinių siurprizas. In Portuguese: ovo surpresa. In Russian: яйцо сюрприз. In Spanish: huevo sorpresa. In Swedish: ägg överraskning. In Ukrainian: яйце сюрприз.

What kind of surprise eggs do you like? Do you like superhero eggs? Which is your favorite: Amazing Spiderman Egg, Power Rangers Egg, Batman Toy Eggs? Maybe you like Disney themed eggs better, which of these is your favorite: Cars 2 Egg, Lightning Mcqueen Egg, Ariel Mermaid Egg, Minnie Mouse Egg, Mickey Mouse Egg, Donald & Daisy Duck Egg, Disney Princess Surprise Egg? If your favorite Disney movie is Frozen, which of these eggs do you like better: Disney Frozen Egg, Frozen Surprise Egg, Princess Anna Surprise Egg? Are you a fan of other cartoons? If so, which of these eggs is your favorite: Smurf Egg, My Little Pony Egg, MLP Eggs, Despicable Me 2 Egg. If you like playing with toys or video games do you like Hello Kitty Sanrio Kitty White Surprise Egg Toy or Mario Kart Eggs better? Or maybe you like to build your own eggs. Have you ever made your own Play-Doh Eggs, Dough Eggs, Giant Play Doh Egg, Surprise Play Doh Eggs, Playdough Eggs, Play Dough Surprise Egg, or Huevo Sorpresa Juguetes?

People all over the world are crazy about Disney Princesses. In Spain and Mexico they love Princesa de Disney. In the Ukraine they can’t get enough of Дісней Принцеса. In Germany and Austria they like Prinzessin Disney. In Russia they enjoy Принцессы Дисней. In Japan everyone loves ディズニー プリンセス. In Portugal and Brazil children like Princesa Disney.

How would you ask a friend if they liked Disney Frozen if they didn’t speak English? If your friend spoke French, you would say, Aimez-vous Disney Congelé? If your friend spoke Spanish, you would ask them, ¿Le gusta Disney Congelado? If your friend spoke Ukranian, you would ask them, Вам подобається Дісней заморожені? If your friend spoke Japanese, you would ask them, 冷凍ディズニーが好きですか? If your friend spoke German, you would ask them, Haben Sie Disney Gefrorene gefallen? If your friend spoke Korean, you would ask them, 당신이 디즈니 좋아하세요 동결 ? If your friend spoke Bulgarian, you would ask them, Като Disney Смятате ли замръзнал ? If your friend spoke Indonesian, you would ask them, Apakah kamu menyukai Disney beku?

When Lightning McQueen goes to Mexico, everyone recognizes him from the pelicula Disney Coches. When he travels to Indonesia, his fans know him from Disney Mobil. All of the kids in France know Mater from his role in Disney Voitures. Children in Germany also love Mater, but they know him from Disney Autos. Snot Rod is very well known in Bulgaria for his role in Дисни автомобили. Children in the Ukraine will tell you that the real star of Автомобілі Діснея is Doc Hudson.

Peppa Pig is a very popular British cartoon. Even though Peppa is British, she is popular all over the world. Children in Spain and Mexico know her as Peppa Cerdo. Kids in The Netherlands are wild about Peppa Varken. Children in Italy call her Peppa Maiale. When her family travels to Germany, the kids in Germany go crazy for Peppa Schwein. All the boys and girls in France call her Peppa Cochon. Peppa is popular in the Ukraine too, they call her Peppa Svynya. Russian children like Peppa too, but they refer to her as Peppa Svin’ya. When Peppa and her family travel to China, all of the children want to meet Peppa Zhū. Kids in Japan adore Peppa Buta. Girls and boys in Indonesia cherish Peppa Babi.

Music by Kevin MacLeod and YouTube

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