Ever After High Dragon Games Apple Gets Poisoned

I love watching ever after high in all but this was heart breaking to watch all because of raven’s mother! 🙁


  1. "And we will my friend……"Literally their Friends:"AWWWWWW……." 😊

  2. Apple:snoresMe:what happened to her beauty sleep bruh

  3. holly o'hair: is she-
    apple white: snores
    me: XD

  4. OMG Apple no o and darling charming wakes up Apple # Apple choks

  5. This scene gave me anxiety as a 9 year old who else?

  6. Not gonna lie, I felt no sympathy when Apple got poisoned. I was happy and cheering

  7. If Apple White got woken up by Darling Charming and Snow White got woken up by Prince Charming with true loves kiss and the Evil Queen says that the apple would promise Apple White’s destiny. Does that mean that Darling Charming gave Apple White true loves kiss?

  8. Uhhhhhggg I already hate watching ever after high cause I wished rosabella is bad cause I want apple and dating back to couple 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  9. Like,


  10. I love ever after High. Raven is very determined.l love raven ,maddy, Apple,brirar and cupid 👸👰💖💗👑💎👠😊😊😊😊😊😊

  11. Ok let me but some logic out Snow White got poised and awoke after her Prince Charming woke her then they got married so that means apple white and daring charming are siblings!!

  12. then Princess Darling kised her and because of the true loves kiss, she woked up 🌈💘 (sorry for my grammer)

  13. I’m not gonna lie when EAH first came out I loved Apple and decided she was my favorite character but only because she was a Princess and got the best story, but that didn’t mean I hated Raven’s character I loved her character and understood she didn’t want to basically kill one of her friends. But then as I got to know Apple’s character I started to like her less and love Raven more: I mean SShe says Raven was selfish but APPLE! Was the selfish one not At.All considering Raven’s feelings (I think the only Royal who understood how Raven felt was Briar but that was only after experiencing Raven’s story herself in Thronecoming). I mean WHO DA HELL! Would want to purposefully poison and potentially kill a person they’ve prolly known their whole life, I know I wouldn’t want to. And her heart is as pure a freaking gold she’s nothing like her Mother and she never will be. Raven and Apple’s relationship is the literal definition of “you can turn a person into something their not”. Apple can sympathize with Raven because her story is nothing but perfect love out the rest of her life with her prince (princess) charming.

    I mean she decorated Raven’s side of their dorm room for her without her permission, is mad when Raven won’t poison her on her birthday

    Not only is her character perfect, but her powers are too their a bonus to her perfect character, I mean She’s prolly the most powerful student at Ever after

  14. Wait, doesn't this mean that Fabel is the one who is supposed to poison apple and not Raven. AND THAT THE EVIL QUEEN stole Fabel's story AND THAT Fabel has TWO stories at the SAME TIME

  15. she / he just stoped the video in between the episode
    😩😠 but it was kinda good

  16. She should have not swallowed it spit it out and washed her mouth.

  17. why would you RUN from the people that could help you when your poisoned?-

  18. Knowing that a lot of people miss Ever After High, I made a new website for it. It's still under construction but many parts are done and I'm already updating it!

    Please check it out and follow it if you'd like some fun EAH website stuff in your life! 😁💖👑✨


  19. This amazing show was canceled for Descendants!

  20. When apple got up and ran, ngl that was a very good "acting" skill

  21. Doesn’t anybody find it funny when a princess snores in her sleep??

  22. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks Apple is a btch…

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