EVER AFTER HIGH’S Dragon Games has me in a state of constant suspense and stress – HATCH THE DRAGONS

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  1. Let me explain something.
    The reason why everyone loves Snow White is because Snow White is a psychopath who manipulated everyone actually. In front of people she acts like a good person. She has also so many influences. She is simply corrupt and evil and that's the most dark thing about this show. Snow White is way more dangerous than Evil Queen. In front of people she acts like a good people but without them looking at her she shows her true colours. She abused Apple and even was threating her. She actually treats Apple like a tool who is supposed to do everything what she wants. She will do everything to achieve what she wants. She actually wanted to defeat Evil Queen in front of people so she could shine again. That was her plan and that's why she wanted to make Evil Queen believe that she is giving her a change. If Apple din't said to Evil Queen that Snow White wants to prison her again in the mirror then Snow White would actually won and then we would have her as villain in the show and I actually believe that Snow White wanted to get rid of Raven as well because Raven din't wanted to follow her destiny. She's more evil than Evil Queen actually.


  3. Please listen to songs from "ride the cyclone " musical, they're amazing

  4. You can see where Apple gets her manipulative tendencies from 😬Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree hee hee

  5. In a society that seems to value following your destiny, Snow White and the Evil Queen followed their destined roles very very closely so I think that’s why they’re so well liked 😊

  6. A suggestion for you to react to would be to do empires the musical. It's not really your thing, but I love it, and I feel like it would be fun for you to watch it. For anyone that doesn't know, empires the musical is based off of empire smp, a server where 12 minecraft creators tried to build their own empires, while making aliances, trades, and having wars.

  7. I think 2 minutes tops knto the ep that the chill rule will be gone

  8. u don’t know how happy I got once I saw matt and ever after high omg

  9. Day 16 of asking you to listen to “good kid” and “the last day of summer” from the Percy Jackson musical

  10. I don't know if it's intentional but the Evil Queen blackmailing Apple while brushing her hair could be a call back to Snow White (the story)
    except the comb is a brush and the poison is blackmail in a way i guess ??

  11. patiently waiting for Quest For Camelot reaction

  12. @Mathew McKenna, I’m not sure if you heard this one, but please check out this song based off Bendy and The dark Revival, “The Details in The Devil”, by JT Music

  13. Dude, you'd love the music from "Cats Don't Dance" and "Oliver & Company"(both animated).

  14. Day 2 of asking for reaction to stwarberry shortcake song from the latest incarnation

  15. Matt’s kinda good at guessing what’s gonna happen… or I’m just dumb

  16. Matthew please listen to the girl and the dreamcatcher, glowing in the dark please it's a dove Cameron song ❤

  17. my favourite thing is when Matthew pauses and goes on a rant, and then as soon as it plays he's like "oh nevermind", like he always pauses slightly too soon

  18. Your next musical reaction needs to be either Bartok The Magnificent (1998) or The Swan Princess (1994).
    Bartok The Magnificent is a direct-to-video spinoff of Anastasia, which employs the same songwriters, and is better than you might expect it to be!

    The Swan Princess uses the same singing voice as Anastasia for its own leading lady, Princess Odette!

  19. Ooh can you react to Ferngully? I really wanna see how you react to Batty Rap and Toxic Love 🖤

  20. Nevermore being forced to be ridden. Just like real horses. Horses aren't willingly participating as vehicles for humans. They're made to submit by a lot of ab*sive tactics.

  21. I cant wait for Mathew to find out that Apple is gay 😄

  22. I genuinely thought you were gonna pop a vein there for a second X-X

  23. I would love to see you react to the Sonic Unleashed soundtrack! Particularly- Windmill Isle Day, Dragon Road Day, Jungle Joyride Night and Cool Edge Day/ Night 🫶🏻💕

  24. I bet the chill will break the second you see Apple white lol
    Also, great video! Keep doing what you are doing! you are awsome and ty for all the hard work you put into your videos!

  25. To make the Nevermore size change more clear- just as maddie's dragom has like cotton candy powers and another one has ice powers and stuff like that, Nevemore's power is to change sizes from baby to teen to adult, and it's her own uniqe power, the other dragons can't to that.

  26. You should listen too some of Lydia The Bard's villan songs!

  27. Please watch escape the forest and battle the queen next. Please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  28. Ever heard of Beavis and Butthead, it has a ton of adult jokes mostly about chicks and scoring. They even got a 5 year old Boy to burn his house, because Beavis loves fire.

  29. You should react to the older rwby music at some point. I just went back and rewatched and I forgot how much I loved Casey Lee and Jeff William’s songs

  30. as someone who knows whats next, I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOUR REACTION

  31. Yayyyyy more ever after high 🫰🫰🫰🫰🫰🫰🫰🫰

  32. Idk if you’ve delved into the fandom at all, but I like the theory that Apple and Raven were switched at birth and that subconsciously Apple suspects it, which is why she has the selfish evil streak where Raven has the inherent goodness. It also kinda explains why Apple pushes so hard for Raven to be evil and sign the book, and why the evil queen seems to glom onto apple kinda

  33. Day 17 of asking you to listen “the last of summer” and “good kid” from the Percy Jackson musical

  34. Please watch the highest rated episode of Ninjago please❤🎉😅

  35. Even though the teacher unwillingly turned into a frog is a really jerk teacher constantly cheating his students. 😂

  36. there is a full version to the song in case you didn't know

  37. Hey I have a request can you watch all hail King Julien out of context also quick all hail King Julien is even more demented than gumball even with context

  38. I actually liked the evil queen. You know!? I HATE snow whiteee SHES SO SELF CENTERED SHES SUCH A SNAKE, SHE JUST SUCCCCCCKKKKKSSSSS.
    Remember when raven signed her page and "sealed" her destiny? It made her evil even though she was always against it, maybe the reason the evil queen hid the story book of legends, was because, like raven, she also wanted to choose a happily ever after, as she had no choice and signed her page, and maybe that's the reason she hid the story book of legends, because like raven, she also wanted to choose her own destiny, because as we know, no one is the original fairytale, everyone's destiny has already been passed down for generations.
    Maybe the teachers were so against raven because the "evil queen" wanted the same thing. Literally love the evil queen, she slays, she's such a bad bitch. And she deserves better, if anyone deserves to be imprisoned, ITS SNOW WHITE. Shes such a narcissist, and the most conceited character to exist in the eah universe, and that's saying something.

  39. Matthew going on about how Apple is kind of being evil is hilarious. Especially because he doesn't know the fan theory that the evil queen swapped Apple and Raven at birth to put her daughter on the throne, which would explain why apple doesn't have black hair like her mother and is able to justify all her actions even if there is no actual reason, and Raven only wants to help people.

    Edit: also him not remembering that Raven also nearly freed the Evil Queen she was just lucky Nevermoore was there to stop her. The evil queen is a master manipulator using everyone's fears against them.

  40. The name of the song is Power Princess Shinning Bright btw

  41. hope u enjoy 💙 sorry about how cropped in I had to make it 🙃

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