Every DRAGON & Dragon Rider on HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, Explained

House of the Dragon has geared up to begin the Targaryan Cvil War: The Dance of the Dragons that will reshape the world of Game of Thrones. But…there sure are a lot of dragons, aren’t there? With lots of X names. So in this video we explain every dragon, who rides then,, and what this means for the future of the show.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky () [email protected]
Hosted by Ryan Arey ()

#HouseOfTheDragon #DragonsExplained

The first season of House of the Dragon has just ended and it delivered on so many great things. And it gave us so- many-dragons!
About 11 dragons have appeared in season 1. About 12 dragons have appeared in season 1 (2 takes)
Some are big, some are tiny, and some are freaking gigantic.

The show is very well made, however with so many dragons and riders it’s a bit hard to keep track of who’s who and which Targaryen rides what dragon.

So to make things easier, we compiled a list of all the dragons that appear in season 1, and we will go over every dragon, explaining who rides each dragon and their history.

We will also talk about some dragons that didn’t appear in the show yet.
Don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers, but we are going to reveal who is the biggest living dragon in Westeros.

Surprise, it’s not Vhagar, it’s not even Balerion. There’s a massive dragon out there and its identity and story are wild.

So let’s go over all the dragons in House of the Dragon season 1, as well as all the dragon-riders, the different sizes and the special attributes some dragons have. Including a dragon that shoots gold flames, and another one that has blue flames.

According to Ryan Condal and George R. R. Martin we will see about 17 dragons in the show. Season 1 introduced some of them. And Season 2 will give us more dragons and battles.

Few things before we start.
We will be focusing only on dragons that appeared in season 1 or relevant to the story. So we won’t talk about every dragon that ever lived.

We will mention the size of some of the dragons, but there are no exact measurements for the dragons in the show or the book Fire and Blood which the show is based on.
We will mention the size when it’s relevant though.

The final note is that some of the dragons in the show barely appeared on screen. So for the sake of keeping this video visually interesting, when we talk about some of these dragons we’re gonna have to use some random footage to make it work. Apologies in advance. Blame Doug.

What did I do?

Don’t worry bud, no one’s gonna stay mad at a dog for too long, it’s all good.

Wait….I’m a dog? I thought I’m a small dragon.

Ahem… moving on.

To explain dragons we must explain the Targaryens history, since they are intertwined with each other.

About 8 thousand years before the events of House of the Dragon, the Valyriaians in Essos discovered the first dragons. Essos is the continent that is across the narrow sea from Westeros.
According to the Valyrians, the dragons were born from a ring of volcanos called the Fourteen Flames, meaning 14 active volcanoes.
[Dragons came from moon] It is known…

This happened shortly after the Long Night ended in Westeros. Strange coincidence I’m sure.

The Valyrians mastered the secrets of commanding dragons and became the dragonlords.
Neither House of the Dragon nor Game of Thrones ever explained this, but it’s implied that the Valyrians used magic and blood to create a bond with the dragons.

With this power they built the greatest empire in the world, ruling the majority of the continent of Essos.

Despite all the Valyrian empire’s power, nothing could save them from the doom. In one day, the entire land just blew up, likely due to all the fourteen volcanoes erupting at once.

This cataclysmic event is known as the Doom of Valyria. All the Valyrians and their dragons burned, an entire empire just gone in an instant.

Only two Valyrian houses survived the doom, the Targaryens and the Velaryons.
With their naval prowess, House Velaryon arrived in Westeros even before the Targaryens.


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    Too much lore about everything other than the dragons & their size.

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  8. House Celtigar was also from valyria but weren't dragon riders

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  10. 3 Valaryian houses survived Celtigar too.

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  19. "Balerion is the biggest dragon of westeros" – GRRM
    "Cannibal is bigger!!!" – Idiot youtubers

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  21. Absolutely incredible. Thank you thank you, thank you. So informative and to the point. Bravo!!!!

  22. tell me why people mispronounce the names of the dragons when IN the show they pronounce it the way it is.

  23. I think what I love the most about the series is that they gave all the dragons a distinct personality similar to real life animals.

    Syrax reminds me of a Swan, in how she flaps her wings when provoked and roars in a honking style way in the season finale.

    Vhagar is like a mighty Whale, deep old groans and sluggish to reflect her immense age and size.

    Caraxes is an absolute Serpent, a Snake, in his sleek long limbs and neck, the stalker slithery prowl he does when moving across the battlefield in Episode 3.

    Meleys reminds me of a Leopard, green eyed, incredibly fast despite its size and roars with a catlike growl.

    Seasmoke somewhat resembles an Eagle, in how he swoops down upon his enemies in Episode 3 and snatches men up with his claws.

  24. The cannibal isn't bigger than Vhagar. It might be somewhat older, but like you said that doesn't automatically make it bigger, and even that is controversial. It's stated multiple times both in the show and other GoT media that Vhagar is the world's largest dragon at this time.

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  28. Another fun fact from the books is that every dragon has a different coloured dragon flame. For example Drogon breaths black and red flames, Viserion cream and Rhaegal green. Sunfyres flame was golden and Syraxes was yellowish, and so on… The colour of the dragon flames equals the colour of dragons scales.

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