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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon update video. In this video, I will be naming all of the dragons and their riders from A Song of Ice and Fire and Fire and Blood. These are all of the different dragons we will see over the course of the new Game of Thrones Prequel Series, House of the Dragon. According to George R.R. Martin, we will see 17 dragons in House of the Dragon. HOTD showrunner, Miguel Sapochnik, recently said we will see 9 dragons in the first season alone. This video should give you a good idea of who these dragons are, and who will be riding them (assuming they don’t change the history and lore) How Many Dragons are in House of the Dragon? Who Are The Dragons in House of the Dragon? Who Are The Dragonriders in House of the Dragon? Find out here!

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  1. we literally see balerions foot in the trailer..

  2. riderless dragons are always unhappy. according to Pern lore.

  3. I hope the screenwriters get everything right with the dragons being intelligent. In the books, it is said they are intelligent 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. Am I the only one who thinks the new ones look worse than the old ones? Like the graphics aren’t as good

  5. I can't wait to see Sliverwings for her unique friendly behavior towards humans, as well as Tessarion the blue breathing fire Dragon Queen and lastly Sunfyre!

  6. Great video. So happy we have new content to talk about. Love your channel.

  7. I want to see them all. So exciting and amazing. Love them all!!!!

  8. It will maybe be a good serie, but it looks so bad on my TV, – I will not watch it. I have tried every setting, and it still look to white in the outdoor, and to dark in the indoor scenes.
    The worst I have ever seen, and I have a good TV (Sony oled)

  9. I would love to see less aweful lacefront wigs and more dragons

  10. Seeing all of the dragons will be amazing.

  11. Good 👍🏽 thing they’re doing is Aegons conquest. So we will finally see Balerion❕

  12. The biggest most terrifying Dragon of them all The Cannibal🔥

  13. so watching the serise rn and I’m like idk why but everytime I see a dragon on house of the dragon I’m like why do they seem smaller than they did when Danny was riding them

  14. Someday,when i saved enough, i'll buy the books and read them until my eyes hurts.

  15. Bring on THE BRONZE FURY VERMITHOR for a Battle Royal over Tubelton🌶️

  16. You should have just used drawings instead of pictures showing the wrong dragons..

  17. Its all about dragons alright, ive been watching youtube videos about this show and people are complaining only dragons, at least they put some other mystical creature to par with these flying beasts

  18. DreamFyre was always my favorite. I even think that Helena had a second death while DreamFyre was killed. Helena died before her dragon and when her dragon was killed, it acted very similar to Helena in its attempt to flee.

  19. Wish they had kept Rhaenys with black hair – It’d be cool to see a brunette dragonrider

  20. So excited to see Moondancer – she goes out like a G. The only dragon left for the Blacks and yet she takes on the biggest dragon. Brave little thing.

  21. Saber Serpent's Sword Reviews & Hakka Kung Fu says:

    So far, Seasmoke is my favorite design and color scheme, with Caraxes in a close second.

  22. GOT dragons are much younger but bigger and Magnificent.

    but in HOTD, Caraxes and the other dragons are older but not so big.

    I think they don't have enough budget to make them perfect.

  23. I am so excited for Vhagar! I would also LOVE to see Balerion the Black Dread. I love ALL the dragons. <3

  24. Great information on all the dragons that we will see in House of the Dragon

  25. So far my favorite dragon is the BloodWyrm Caraxes. But no doubt Balerion would be my favorite if still alive

  26. Vhagar and cannibal are going to be amazing to see I wonder if cannibal lets anyone mount him

  27. The fact that vermithor and silverwing will again fight side by side is so hype I can’t wait 🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉

  28. Every Dragon –
    1) Balerion – Aegon I / Viserys
    2) Vhagar – Visenya / Laena / Aemond
    3) Syrax – Rhaenrya Targaryen
    4) Caraxes – Daemon Targaryen
    5) Sunfyre – Aegon II Targaryen
    6) Dreamfyre – Helaena Targaryen
    7) Vermax – Jacaerys Velaryon
    8) Arrax – Lucerys Velaryon
    9) Tyraxes – Joffery Velaryon
    10) Seasmoke – Laenor Velaryon
    11) Meleys – Rhaenys Targaryen
    12) Vermithor – Jaehaerys I
    13) Silverwing – Alysanne Targaryen
    14) Quick Silver – Aenys I Targaryen
    15) MoonDancer – Baela Targaryen
    16) StromCloud – Aegon III Targaryen
    17) Shrykos – Jaehaera Targaryen
    18) Morning – Rhaena Targaryen
    19) Tasserion – Daeron Targaryen
    20) Grey Ghost – No rider
    21) Sheepstealer – No rider
    22) Cannibal – No rider
    23) Drogon – Daenerys Targaryen
    24) Viserion – Daenerys Targaryen/ Nightking
    25) Rhaegal – Daenerys Targaryen /Jon Snow

  29. Meleys the red queen the fastest dragon in westros but didn’t flee when fighting vhagar the hardend survivor of a hundred battles and sunfyre the golden what a story🐉🐉🐉🐾🐉

  30. This guy keeps spoiling after the info 😅😅

  31. One thing I'm so happy about in this is they finally talked about how dragons were made. They speak about this in the books too but I think it's more easy to see now. The targaryens and the dragons are the same family. It said the dragons came from the 14 fires but that is also where the blood mages of valyria would go to mutate the wyrms and fire worms, with humans to make the dragons. That's why after the doom, the dragon started getting weaker and weaker the Targaryen started getting sicker and sicker and having babies with no eyes, tails, and black wings. It's because the blood mages are no longer around in the 14 fires no longer give them their magic so over time the dragons get smaller and smaller and more sickly. There's no gene/blood mages to prune and gide there created kind

  32. I'm hoping Snow kicks off a sequel series. Nightking is back, inhabits Bran and raises Balerion.

  33. I just want imagine the size dragons they must have had in old Valeria if the targaryeans were a lower house and had balerion the other houses must have had massive dragons in crazy quantities

  34. I wish people stop trying to impress us with their knowledge and cut to the chase. I just want to see pictures of who riding which dragons. Everyone's names are too weird for me to remember, but I'm good with faces.

  35. Just finish the books please! A decade and 9,000 interviews and side projects. I'm 44 and never read a single page 📄

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