Every Targaryen Dragon (Game of Thrones Lore)

All of House Targaryen’s Dragons beginning from Balerion and the others they brought from Valyria to Dragonstone
Game of Thrones / ASoIaF
New Dragon info from the book “Fire & Blood”

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  1. Who's here after watching House of the Dragon ep 1. to see each dragon again?

  2. Goerge R.R Martin is a Genius, a Brilliant, i hope they gonna make also a movie series about Aegon Targaryen Conquest like upcoming series House of the Dragon

  3. Who is here after watching the first episode of house of the dragon

  4. The new show has so much to cover. They can definitely get 10 seasons out of this show. We probably will see a few time skips.

  5. I'm not gonna lie but getting eaten from a dragon is the worst way to die

  6. Why did moondancer attack sunfyre when baela targaryeon was trying to ESCAPE from the siege of dragonstone?

  7. I just spoiled the whole Hot D for myself lmaooo

  8. if they knew that captivity made dragons small, why did they keep them caged? they could have kept dragons all this time. the dragons didnt have a problem fighting and killing each other?

  9. They won’t show us what drogon did with dany body cuz that priest lady might resurrect her if drogon take dany to Mereen for future shows if that’s what they wanna do …what if that happens and then Dany & jon go to war? The dragon 🐉 vs the dragon 🐉 & wolf 🐺

  10. It's said that Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion hatched from the three eggs that belonged to Dreamfyre that were stolen and taken to Essos

  11. so i just got the spoilers for the whole house of the dragon series😆😆

  12. made a video from 2018 of the whole plot of the now tv series house of the dragon?
    never thought u will be spoiling a whole tv series… hahahaha
    commenting this for future watchers of this video lol 😀

  13. Who here just to the total spoiler for House of Dragon lol

  14. this is never gonna happen but it would be so awesome if cannibal came back in the book for jon snow/targaryan to ride/tame. (once he gets revived).

  15. I was disappointed with House of the Dragon show's Syrax & Caraxes.

    They are older but smaller than Dani's 3 Dragons.

  16. The show is doing so good because GEORGE IS INVOLVED. IF AT ANY TIME GEORGE LEAVES STOP WATCHING. These idiots will ruin it with dumb ass writing

  17. your right though they should of had John get onrheagal and fight Danny when she was trashing Kingslanding

  18. I just realised aegon and Rhaenys named their kid aenys get it Aegon and rhaenys aenys

  19. From the future, since there is house of the dragon and starts with Viserys's reign, there might be a chance to see a line of terrible and great kings that will eventually lead to Robert's rebellion and the fall of the Targaryens. The show is going great enough to be able to gain revenue and produce season 2 and if it goes well enough, it can reach that goal to see key points of the Targaryen dynasty. We might see the rule of Baelon the good, the shit rule of Aegon the unworthy leading to Aeg's destruction of summerhall and eventually the reign of Aerys Targaryen and his decent to madness that leads to Robert's rebellion, the battle of the trident and the tower of joy, the last stand of Ser Arthur Dayne, the last Targaryen loyalist kingsguard defending The she wolf and her son under Rhaegar's orders.

    There's also a chance of flashbacks or maybe another prequel but starts with Aegon the conqueror.

  20. 1) Aegon l – Balerion
    2) Visneya – Vhagar
    3) Rhaenys – Maraxes
    4) Aenys l – Quicksilver
    5) Maegor l – Balerion
    6) Aegon – Quicksilver
    7) Rhaena – Dreamfyre
    8) Jaehaerys l – Vermithor
    9) Alysanne – Silverwing
    10) Aerea – Balerion
    11) Aemon l – Caraxes
    12) Alyssa – Meleys
    13) Rhaenys – Meleys
    14) Visrys l – Balerion
    15) Rhaenrya – Syrax
    16) Daemon – Caraxes
    17) Laenor – Seasmoke
    18) Baela – MoonDancer
    19) Laena – Vhagar
    20) Aegon ll – Sunfyre
    21) Aemond – Vhagar
    22) Haelena – Dreamfyre
    23) Daeron – Tessarion
    24) Jacaerys – Vermax
    25) Lucaerys – Arrax
    26) Joffery – Taraxes
    27) Rhaena – Morning
    28) Aegon lll – Stromcloud
    29) Jaehaerys – Morghul
    30) Jaehaera – Shrykos
    31) ? – GreyGhost
    32) ? – Sheepstealer
    33) ? – The Cannible
    34) Daenerys – Darogon , Veserion , Rhaegal

  21. HOTD kinda confirms dragons are males and females.
    Caraxes: male
    Syrax: female
    Seasmoke: male
    Dreamfyre: female
    Vhagar: female
    Meleys: female

    Keep your ‘nO iT dOeSn’T’ comments to yourselves.

  22. I kinda wish that Fire and Blood was a mix of Targaryen History and Valyrian history made up of whatever verified*information that the citadel, Targaryen/Velaryon, and Essos has.


  23. I always thought that after the doom all the monsters that the Valyrians created were let loose upon the world. Just my thought

  24. I would love to see more of the old Valyria and the Shadow lands, what was the creature Balerion fought? Perhaps a wild dragon? Also the parasites in his rider? Creeeppyyyy! But yeah I'd love it if they explored those lands more. Perhaps Arya Stark will end up there, maybe sailing west will lead her to the other side of the essos continent?

  25. Balerion, Meraxes, Vhagar, and Cannibal are absolute legends. What these dragons did is incredible, especially the first three. I've always had a soft spot for Vhagar. She fought during Aegon's Conquest, the First Dornish War, the reign of Aenys I and Maegor I, and she burned much of the Riverlands during the Dance of the Dragons. It's quite possible Balerion was Vhagar and Meraxes father. He came from old Valyria with four female dragons. Meraxes and Vhagar hatched on Dragonstone.

  26. When those people stormed the dragon Pitt the he people should’ve drowned the dragons instead of storming the Pitt. Work smarter not harder guys.

  27. Actually, The cannibal is 80 years older than balerion and never lived in captivity, at the time of Dance of Dragons the cannbal was the largest dragon around, much larger than vhagar and balerion

  28. If dragons don’t have genders why does George refer to some of them as “she dragons”??? Jesus leave your woke ideology out of my fantasy series

  29. one little thing that bugs me about the TV adaptions is that the dragon colours are not more pronounced/brighter. Sometimes I can barely tell the dragons apart but they are described in the books as looking so different/distinctive.

  30. Is possible that dragon that cause balerion wounds the cannibal? 🙌☝️☝️

  31. But why kill dragons who are just tied in the dragon pit what absolute cowardice!

  32. I remembered this video when I started watching House of Dragon last week, and had to rewatch 😁
    and now I really want to now how they will adapt this story 😫

  33. Kinda glad I watched this after I finished the 1st season of House of Dragon.

  34. These mighty creatures should’ve never extinct if they could soar freely around the world instead of becoming a political or killing tool for their owners.
    I don’t think they all went extinct until Dany’s dragons come. The world of Essos is full of mysterious beings which is not uncovered. Is is rumoured that there’s ice dragons in the shivering sea, and the emperor in Yi Ti once married a Valyrian woman who brings her dragon to the empire. Maybe they still hatch dragons in there. There’s also the city of Asshai where dragons and demons lurks.

  35. I’m so glad GRRM included one of the 3 dragons from the conquest into the story of Dance of the Dragons! Although old it’s pretty epic seeing the last of the legendary dragons still alive and still fighting during this timeline! Can’t wait to see Caraxes face off against Vhagar like in the novel! I feel like GRRM created the story of Dance of the Dragons mainly because he wanted to write more about the different type of Dragons and the bonds they had with the respective riders plus pitting them against each other in a war! It makes perfect sense to show the downfall of the most powerful house in Westeros and how it’s events destroyed the thing that made the Targaryens so powerful in the first place!

  36. Nettles could of tried to gather an army a conquer Westeros it wouldn’t of been hard with her huge dragon if she could gather all those against the Targaryens at the time which would of been a lot especially after they civil war

  37. Great video, but I can never get over the way you pronounce Sothoryos. I know there isnt a "right" way with George's work, but in keeping with the rules and features of the language of the realm, "Soth-o-ree-yos" makes sense.

  38. Why is there no ice drake? That would be so cool

  39. wait, i thought bran could only see the memories from weirwood trees ?

  40. Sunfyre is bottom tier to me.
    People in the books sure thought he was the hotness.

    S tier Quicksilver, Caraxes, and The Cannibal.

  41. You don't understand the lore near as much as you think you do.
    You spouted several things as fact that are debatable at best.

  42. It's a bit strange that Vhagar is one of the most important and longest lived dragons but we're never told what colour she is.

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