Everything You Need to Know Before ‘House of the Dragon’ | GAME OF THRONES Recap

Game of Thrones is back! 200 years before the war of the 5 Kings, we now get to see the fall of House Targaryan in House of the Dragon. But even if you haven’t seen Game of Thrones, this show is a great way to visit the world of Westeros for the first time. In this video we give the history of the continent, the Targaryan family, and explain how this series connects to the original show.

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Written by Adam Lloyd
Hosted by Ryan Arey ()
Edited by Ian Dugan

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This is a prequel series that takes place about 200 years before Game of Thrones. It shows us how the Targaryen dynasty went from this invincible ruling class, to this,

So, if you haven;t read the books or even seen the original series, that’s okay! This is a new series, and we’re here to explain a few key moments that make Westeros, Westeros, and those fiery Targaryens their powerful, weird, and crazy selves – all in the hopes of catching you up before the August 21st premiere.

Before we dive in, let’s state the obvious. Game of Thrones and The House of the Dragon are based on novels written by the (respectfully slow writer) George RR Martin

Game of Thrones is based on a series of half written books called A Song of Ice and Fire, and The House of the Dragon is based on his prequel novel Fire and Blood, which gives us the detailed history of the famous Targaryen family.

What some viewers may not be aware of, is that prior to the events of Game of Thrones Season One, there are almost 13,000 years of history that has only been depicted to the audience through character dialogue in the original series. The white walkers, the children, the wall, dragons, and magic, are all a part of Westeros’ long and complicated timeline.

We need to establish that in this world, geographically, two massive islands are separated by one narrow sea. The island to the east is called Essos; a land of men, horses, and the thriving capital city of Valyria – which we’ll have more on in a minute.

The island west of Essos was dubbed, you guessed it – Westeros.

At the beginning of time, before men ever stood foot on Westerosian land, the only creatures in existence were known as the Children of the Forest. Now luckily, we have already had the pleasure of meeting these sassy self-sacrificing wood elves.

About 12,000 years ago the children lived in the northern forests and villages of Westeros. They possessed great magic and lived harmoniously to please their nameless and faceless gods. To the children, their religion was their lavish wooded environment.

These creepy faces carved into the huge white Weirwood trees of the north were carved by The Children to reflect the gods they lived to serve. These faces represent the gods watching over all who cross into the woods, rivers, and mountains of the north.

Now as The Children were minding their own business, living their best lives, along came The First Men. Literally, these were the first humans ever recorded in Westeros’ history. Coming from Essos, the first men were quick in an attempt to claim the forests and lands from the children by hacking, burning, and conquering the northern forests.

But The Children put up a massive fight and after centuries of fighting and dying, both sides decided to call a truce and formed what was famously referred to as The Pact. This pact was an understanding that the first men could have dominion over all the southern lands, coasts, mountains, and seas – but the north, their gods, and its magic would forever belong to the Children. And for a time, there was peace.

Until roughly around 8000 years ago, while the first men were in the age of heroes, developing Westeros into a sprawling kingdom, the children lost control of a creepy, ice-warrior-zombie race known as The White-Walkers.

These beings crave nothing but death and disorder and even brought about the period of time referred to as The Long Night. Which you might remember as Bran’s favorite bedtime story. [CLIP]

So the first men and the children of the forest united, pushing the white walkers back into the frozen depths of the north.

Oh, not only did they build a wall, my friend. They built THE wall. A massive 300-mile wall of ice meant to keep anything from marching into the southern kingdoms of Westeros.


  1. A thought just came into my head – how come Jon Snow is the only Targaryan ever not to have blonde hair?

  2. Wow! No spoiler alerts!? Thanks for that. I don’t recommend this video if you haven’t watched the premiere first and don’t want to spoil the whole show pretty much despite the title. Very informative, but ignorance about the family tree would’ve been bliss. However, There are a few things i felt the need to say. House targaryen isn’t the only Valyrian family remaining. House Velaryon also has the blood of old valyria which is why they’ve commonly married with the Targaryens. You also showed parts of the family tree that haven’t happened yet in the new prequel, very disappointed I was forced to figure out about Alicent and King Viserys, and Rhaenyra and Daemon

  3. Ok, PLEASE learn how to pronounce the Targaryen names. This is like the 3rd video I’ve watched and your pronunciations are terrible! Aenys is NOT pronounced as Anus🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s pronounced as A-Knees. Rhaenys is not Rhaenus. It’s Rhae-Knees.

    Also, some of your “facts” are off.

    Dragonstone was built well before the Doom…

    “Circa 302 BC the Valyrians established an outpost on a rocky island in the Narrow Sea. The island was very close to the shores of Westeros, and in fact was located at the very mouth of Blackwater Bay, just east of the larger island of Driftmark. The surrounding lands belonged to none of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros (as they were now styled), instead forming an unofficial buffer between the Kingdom of Vale and Sky to the north, the Storm Kingdom to the south and the Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers to the north and east.”

    “In 114 BC Daenys dreamed of the utter destruction and ruin of her family in fire and blood. A terrible fate was descending on Valyria and the Targaryens would do well to flee it. Lord Aenar sold his holdings in Valyria proper and in the Lands of the Long Summer, won the stewardship of Dragonstone and took ship with his entire family, their retainers and their dragons for the Narrow Sea.”

    The Targaryens were not the only Valyrian family to survive the doom…

    “The Valyrians dubbed the island Dragonstone, for the semi-dormant volcano located on the island – the Dragonmont – made a fine lairing place for their dragons. In time the Valyrians also claimed the surrounding islands, with the Velaryon family taking control of Driftmark and the Celtigars being given stewardship of Claw Isle.”

  4. That face on the tree at 2:16 look like Thanos 🤣🤣

  5. This video was better than the first episode of the house of the dragons

  6. will there be white walkers in House of dragon?

  7. I’ve never game of thrones. After seeing this video, I still don’t get it

  8. Since "Aesop" is pronounced EE-sop, I'm guessing "Aenys" is pronounced EE-niss, like the name "Enos," not like "anus," unless the books or Martin himself specifically say otherwise.

  9. SO helpful! Even though i had watched the first episode of House of the Dragon, this video really helped flesh out the background, the history and put everything in perspective. Thanks for sharing, well done. 👏🏻👏🏻👍👍💥💥😀

  10. If only Jon Snow slept with his Aunt everything in Game of Thrones would have worked out. 😅

  11. I really appreciate & enjoyed your presentation. Please pet you cute Doggie 🐶 for me!

  12. What about the Mad King tho? Where does he fit in all this?

  13. it would be better if they didn't go so far back!
    like maybe start with the mad king being born,and then everything that they talked about in game of thrones would be in the house of the dragon!

  14. I watched first episode yesterday 8/26/22 I was hyped intro was good then we begin
    Flying dragon with girl in clouds ⛅️
    we begin quick assembly of the previous king with a assembly for his heir okay kind of interesting then we pass into present day with new dragon landing with girl
    We go inside castle to see the majestic castle 🏰 okay
    Then it gets slow with the girl mingling with friend for a while
    The games begin of jousting after that some small talk and all of a sudden I just fell asleep 😴 bored as hell as a matter of fact me and wife both fell asleep but I'm going to give it another shot episode 1 early midday or afternoon then I can fairly 👨‍⚖️ judge

  15. felt like i was watching the office for a minute there. Micheal Scott look alike 🤣

  16. Wait how can it take place 200 years ago if it is stated in G.O.T that the last dragon died well over 300?

  17. The previous directors really screwed up the ending to Game of Thrones…Deus ex Aria anyone. I won't be watching this.

  18. Your co host Doggo have some good questions that I actually had but he asked those for me. Do me a favor give him a treat for me. Thanks

  19. This show seems like it will be ok, but honestly I'm not interested in this civil war. I really wanted to see things from the beginning. Well from the conquest of westeros by dragons. There is so much to explore there and this conflict is somewhat contained only focusing on the one family and everyone else just background.

  20. I was really dissappointed by House of The dragon, I really thought it would be about how Targaryens ruled Valyria, the doomsday and how they sailed to westeros, built dragonstone and then conquered westeros and the 7 kingdoms. Or at least we could have gotten some scenes with the destruction of Valyria and how they then conquered westeros, to start the show of. Instead it starts with Viscerys and Daemons dad choosing his heir for the throne. We are really still missing the most important piece of Targaryen/valyrian history.

  21. Remember that really awesome high note Game of thrones ending we got? I don't remember it either and it's the same ending to house of dragons since it's a prequel.

  22. Coverage is well done, cut scenes are on the nose, good content good video… But lose the dog or upgrade him, the why files does the same thing with "hecklefish Moriarty" but they actually make it work because the fish unlike the dog doesn't phone it in.

  23. So are the Targaryens in Westeros from dragonstone or harranhal?

  24. Rushing JRR got us the crappy ending we got to the show. Take your time and do that stuff right.

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  26. The unnecessary cuts to movie clips are so annoying. Made the video almost unwatchable for me

  27. That guy is not a slow writer bro. Most people take more than 3 years even 10 to write a really captivating book. this guy can write a book in 1.5 years.

  28. It’s very creative how the author sprinkled hints of actual myths and dabs of actual history inside the whole series.

  29. Aemon targerian… How many years of life he lived?!!? Too much for a dynasty

  30. Where was this video when i was watching GOT not understanding shit

  31. FYI, thousands of years of incest doesnt make an Emelia Clark

  32. Thank you for this video I was going to watch house of the dragon with my dad but he does not want to watch Game of Thrones for some reason he only wants to watch house of the dragon so this really helps.

  33. The best thing. They aren’t Dragons they are wyverns. Dragons have legs arms and wings. wyverns have legs and arms that are wings. So this really is a joke

  34. It’s complex to follow but what makes it so much more difficult is the memes interrupting every few seconds. It is very distracting for anyone trying to piece together the narrative, and not particularly funny. Please remove them !

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