Evolution of Dragon Battles in Zelda Games (1986 – 2023)

All Boss Battles against Dragons in The Legend of Zelda series. This includes Aquamentus, Gleeok, Barba, Volvagia, Onox, Gleerok, Argorok, Volga, Gleeokenspiel, Malice Naydra and Demon Dragon.

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  1. Gleeok is one of the reasons why I’m scared of playing ToTK.

  2. The TotK final battle made me think.

    At what point are sentient beings responsible for their actions and at what point aren't they? Ganondorf as a Gerudo is certainly so, given he was of sound mind and body, from what we know. He had the wherewithal to understand the world around him and act accordingly. The malice he built up was all his own.

    However, we know that through draconification, they essentially lose what made themselves an individual being, or their memories, mind, self, etc. They are basically a biological robot set on the same singular purpose for eternity. Zelda and Ganondorf both preprogrammed themselves with their purposes right before transforming (to heal the Master Sword and protect anyone she can, and to destroy Link and the world, respectively). We aren't totally sure on the other three dragons that I've seen, though they are guardians of their springs, so that's likely their directive.

    It's just interesting, because they're basically riding on that programming as a dragon, without the ability to make informed decisions of any kind at that point. The only decisions they seem to make stem from whatever their directive is. So…given that, and their seeming inability to interpret the world around them in any meaningful way (that's an assumption, not proven from what I've seen), are they truly responsible for their actions at that point? Ganondorf as a Gerudo surely is, for both the damage he did before he became a dragon, and the conditioning of himself as he went through draconification, but what about after? What if someone wanted to change? Do we know that they'd always stay the same crappy entity if given the chance to do better, throughout an eternity?

    It's just such a simple bit of interaction that makes you wonder. Then you bring it to the real world and the scope of mental health and psychology versus crime/harm to others. Where is the line for where it is entirely one's own fault and when is their reality twisted enough to where they can't be expected to think through their daily lives on their own anymore? Where does the blame lie, and when? It's such a complex topic haha, admittedly a bit more simplified in LoZ, but still fascinating to me.

    If anyone actually read this, thank you. 😂 I hope there are others out there that wonder about weird stuff like this, too.

  3. I would have thought Twilight Fossil Stallord would have been on this list. He seems very dragonlike, and his 2nd phase is Volvagia and King Dodongo's boss theme.

  4. Is it gonna be honest, the only Zelda game I played is Breath of the wild

  5. I know that TOTK came out over a month ago, and I say this in a nice way, but fuck that thumbnail. I didn’t know there was a dragon fight in totk besides the Gleeocks until I saw that

  6. We need MORE dragons in the Zelda series!

  7. In totk the final boss is a dragon… DEMON DRAGON

  8. Everybody watching this video knows how the Gleeok's description in Phantom Hourglass said that it was a two headed dragon, right? If it's a two headed dragon, how is it that one head stays behind while the other one goes in for a bite attack without the other one moving?

  9. man if they made modern twilight princess holy

  10. RIP Aquamentus. Unlike its four headed cousin, it didn't appeared in ToTK

  11. Imagine if the new gleeok still did that floating decapitated head thing.

  12. At what point are sentient beings responsible for their actions and at what point aren't they? Ganondorf as a Gerudo is certainly so, given he was of sound mind and body, from what we know. He had the wherewithal to understand the world around him and act accordingly. The malice he built up was all his own.


  14. Where's BS The Legend of Zelda Gleeok?

    It's a thing and it's the only thing missing in the video.😒

  15. Im wondering if the botw guardian dragons could be missing sages. It's unlikely cause Zelda doubles as the sage of light and time (making 7) and were really only missing a forest sage which doesn't align to their elements but it would be interesting

  16. Volcania dans ocarina of time qu'on découvrira que plus tard dans le manga qu'il fut un ancien ami de link ( il 'avait achete dans un marche ) mais qu'il sera capture par Ganondorf pour en faire un terrifiant monstre pret a reduire en cendres le royaume d'hyrule ce qui brisera le coeur quitte a sacrifier son ancien compagnon pour sauver les siens😢😢😢😢

  17. after the story of draconification it's not really too farfetched to believe that the original dragons farosh naydra and dinraal are either previous zonai or sages gifted secret stones

  18. The first ever gleeok I slayed was the frost gleeok near tabantha stable

  19. The king Gleeoks are easy I’ve beaten 3 including the gloom one in the depths

  20. Suggestion:
    Do one for “lins” (bokobLINS and mobLINS)

  21. It isn't a fantasy adventure video game without some good old dragon-slaying.

  22. It makes me mad how easily the dude killed the gleeoks lol

  23. Why were you skipping out on the heart containers in your ocarina of time run? You should have at least seven hearts, by the time you fight that dragon

  24. That Naydra ‘fight’ was really fun, even if it wasn’t really a fight!

  25. the complete curbstomp of LoZ2's dragon had me rolling

  26. Best drago fight in the Legend of Zelda series? I like Corrupted Naydra (Botw), Gleeok (TOTK mini boss), and the Demon Dragon (TOTK, final boss)

  27. Majora is also considered a dragon lorewise kinda surprising he didn't even get mentioned here

  28. This message won't be related to this video but i promise that the message will be a good message and not a bad one and the message is:

    Will there be a Tangled 2?Keep these scenes in the film:1.Rapunzel stuffs her mouth while eating cookies and Eugene says "how romantic, i have never seen any one eating like that and that way of eating is awesome" and Rapunzel says jn a muffled voice "thank you" and Eugene says "you're welcome" and Rapunzel makes a very big swallow thus finishing her snack.2.Mother Gothel gets revived by her cloak's magic and her cloak fell out of the tower when Pascal used Rapunzel's cut off long hair to make Mother Gothel fall off her tower in back in 2010 and Mother Gothel takes off her cloak and she is very hungry and she voraciously stuffs her mouth while eating bread and makes a very big swallow thus finishing her food and she says "that bread tasted so good and by the way, i am going to find Eugene, Rapunzel and her little chameleon" and Mother Gothel starts hunting for Eugene, Rapunzel and her pet chameleon Pascal.

  29. Now that Gleeoks have returned we need Aquamentus in the totk dlc

  30. Why does that 1 dragon look like a pokemon?

  31. Sorry, Jimmy
    Your local police know you’re a criminal now 😈


  33. favourite dragon in the Zelda series? Argorok.

    which dragon should make a comeback in the next game? Aquamentus.
    Gleeok came back, and it's one hell of a battle from what i saw. Aquamentus needs that overhaul, as a mini boss; it's the least they can do for him – and he better breathe fire like the Fire-Breath Lizalfos.
    (and it'd bring the dragon type count to 3)

  34. YAS TEARS OF THE KINGDOM ITS ON MY NITENDO SWITCH (i helped my mom kill a gleok)

  35. Argorok and the Original Gleeoks were way harder than these new gleeoks fr

  36. Faltan uno de todos los jefes hechiceros, todos los jefes planta, todos los jefes monstruo de un ojo y todos los jefes autómatas.

  37. I hate gleeok, f it!!!

    On a lighter note; why does the Minish cap dragon look like Lugia?

  38. 1:34: The Game & Watch dragon looks like a hybrid of Charizard and Ridley.

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