Evolution of How to Train Your Dragon Games

Evolution of #HowToTrainYourDragon games.

I. How to Train Your Dragon
II. School of Dragons
III. Dragons: Rise of Berk
IV. How to Train Your Dragon 2
V. Dragons: Titan Uprising
VI. Dragons: Dawn of New Riders


  1. They should do a game like 2010 again would buy it instantly loved it these combos just perfect

  2. A open world httyd game with a online option with guilds and quests and all that jazz would be so much fun.

  3. If they mixed school of dragons with the 2010 game and the new game, that's like a dragon trainers dream

  4. Man if i was a game developer i would spend 5-7 years making the perfect How to train your dragon game
    From a massive open world map to an amazing 40 hour+ story time and a couple of dozen side quests. If they just perfect it , game of the year easy

  5. Perfect HTTYD game:

    -High graphics like in HTTYD movies.
    -Customizable dragons
    -Customizable Characters
    -Open World
    -Easy controls
    -Single player & Multi player.
    -Level up system
    -Crafting & Shop

  6. Wasn’t there a game on the Cartoon Network website years ago

  7. You missed one for the original ds in 2007-2008 I think is when I got it it may have been out sooner

  8. These games are dear in my heart. I've watched and played these games.

  9. There is this pretty new fanmade game called Dragons of the Edge, its only a public demo for now but it has great potential! You can play as the httyd dragon characters (for now toothless and stormfly) You can fly, eat, drink, hunt, battle… Basically a The Isle or Saurian type survival like game

  10. I think School of Dragon Is the best game. XD

  11. I honestly hate how the PC games are absolute shit. Yet the mobile is the one getting all of the attention :')

  12. I had how to train your dragon the game,school of dragons,and rise of berk good memories:)

  13. I remember when I was like 6 playin the first httyd game

  14. No one remembers the online 2D one from like, 2008. TOT

  15. OK… I have :
    The 1st
    The 2nd
    The 3rd
    The 4th
    And the 5th….
    Am I addicted???? 😂😂😂

  16. .. u missed one .
    I dont remember the name but is a COOL game not too good graphic but u can ride dragons and u need to discover another dragons to get in secret places and feed them and more..

  17. Honestly I just want a game where you can play as the dragon and live freely, or in Berk, doing stuff everyday..

  18. Ok but like we seriously need a new game where we actually experience what's being a dragon rider is really like, yeah ik there's school of dragons but still it's so limited and it gets boring with each quest

  19. Ok but like we seriously need a new game where we actually experience what's being a dragon rider is really like, yeah ik there's school of dragons but still it's so limited and it gets boring with each quest
    Edit:plus most of the models in SOD made me hate most of the dragons like the deadly nadder :/

  20. i just want fly my damn dragon not play fucking candy crush

  21. not being funny but httdyd 2 game and graphics looks loads better compared to the new one, and with the new one being an xbox one game aswell, i have to say im pretty disappointed

  22. Always just gets badder and badder


  24. But hey they made a new game sooooooooo they might make an online open world free play game

  25. that first one- thats some serious nostalgia right there, i miss it sm 🙁

  26. Omg school of dragons this was the game that i played as a kid and now i found it 🤗😍

  27. I pled school of dragons

    That was the stuff.

  28. I remember getting How to train your dragon game on My Xbox 360 when i was 5. Good times

  29. When I first played SoD it was version 2.0.0 or something and the game ruled back then…but now? Meh so many In App Purchases. You can't even do some quests without paying. Such a disgrace.

  30. There’s also a DS version of the first game. It’s pretty fun, combat is interesting, and you could have maybe a couple of hours of fun before beating it.

  31. Does anyone else remember the computer game that was low key like rockband bc you had to match keys to tame the dragons? It wasn’t sod btw

  32. Honestly, the first game was the best because it tried to be something. It had interesting and fun combat with fun mini games that were actually helpful in leveling your dragon, an open world that you could explore, you could collect items and do missions that weren’t just dragon fights, and for the time had really good graphics, animations, and sounds. Remember, this was a game on the Wii in 2010 for a movie that may have not allowed this game to be seen all that well and well, just look at it; it’s fantastic. The other games are just, well, not that good. These games were made after the success of the first film so these games would have done well with or without the effort. School Of Dragons was good early on, but as time progressed it slowly became engulfed in Micro-transactions to the point most, if not all of the good content was held behind multiple pay-walls. The graphics and the animations for School Of Dragons have really lost their touch as well. Then there is Rise of Berk and Titans Uprising, two Mobil games that are other games such as FarmVille and Candy Crush with a HTTYD coat of paint over them. They as well are filled with micro transactions. Of course we can’t forget the latest Game Dawn of the New Riders, a game that has little content, not a very interesting story, is incredibly easy, and feels incomplete at almost every aspect. It’s depressing to see how a successful movie franchise only had a few gem of games that only existed before the franchise even began. I just want a HTTYD game that lets me explore an island, do complex puzzles and dungeons, have interesting and unique combat, each dragon from the movies and TV shows, and well essentially being a Breath of The Wild but HTTYD. It sounds expensive, but this is an incredibly successful movie franchise that has a bunch of merchandise and other games supporting it.

  33. It’s sad that there was never an actual good open rpg httyd game (with no micro transactions)

  34. wait, the film is made through 2014, how tf the game is made through 2010??!!?!

  35. How to train you dragon 2010 was the best piece of media made by how to train your dragon.
    The gameplay was satisfying and fantastic, customisations were really unique and creative to play with. The battle mechanics were amazing and just overall felt really good to play. It wasn’t money hungry at all, (although micro-transactions Weren’t available then I think?) the prize for completing story mode was epic because it is a never seen before dragon.

    My only criticism was I wanted to ride my dragon outside of mini-games, (dragon creek did that really well) also I wanted the ability to play as any rider with any starting dragon, but I think these were limitations at the time, especially with the wii release and the wii being a much weaker console.

  36. I remember playing 2010 as a kid and not know how to match up how the dragons look mini game

  37. If only the first one was evolved in some way for the switch or ps4, just a complete remaster with School of Dragons elements added to it too. Cause that game upgraded over time and now it's 100% better.

  38. Just imagine a ark like game but in httyd universe, like found tame your dragon. With all the dragons species in the tv series it would be awesome with so much content!

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