Evolution of How to Train Your Dragon Games

Evolution of #HowToTrainYourDragon games.

I. How to Train Your Dragon
II. School of Dragons
III. Dragons: Rise of Berk
IV. How to Train Your Dragon 2
V. Dragons: Titan Uprising
VI. Dragons: Dawn of New Riders


  1. Do u know when Titan Uprising is avaiable for Android?

  2. 2010 better than 2019
    Edit:oh what?? 275 likes is my record defeated (my record is 90)
    2nd edit :wtf are all those likes

  3. I really wanna play httyd the game xD it is just awesome

    Aslo sod..idk since when I've been playing it..same for rise of berk

  4. School of Dragons is still awesome, I wish more people played today

  5. Dreamworks still can't make a good How To Train Your Dragon Game, huh.

  6. Where the fuck is this game i used to play in facebook where you could ride and tame dragons

  7. Wait you missed out a Ds game of how to train your dragon, I actually have it.

  8. There's also Wild Skies online, and that game is the childhood of most people that watched HTTYD
    Cause holy shit, it was awesome back in it's time

  9. Can someone comment the link of how to train youre dragon and how to train youre dragon 2 game?

  10. school of dragons is a gooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd game now

  11. I wish they would update school of dragons as a whole with better graphics and animation. Maybe story for everyone instead of just members. I would think after the 3rd movie they will get a lot more people playing SOD to fund for this kinda of stuff.

  12. Why make such a waste of a game on the last movie in the trilogy the first one way better

  13. Make a httyd 3 game, much like httyd2 but with more characters and dragons and locations

  14. ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs says:

    The*Devolution*. 😂

  15. The htty2 game was absolute garbage

  16. Dawn I'd the dragon racers is a disappointment to the rest of them..

  17. I have the first game it was honestly my favorite

  18. I've played all of them except Dawn of new riders
    I still play rise of berk too

  19. I kinda wish dragons dawn of new riders wss more like the 1st or 2nd game instead of puzzles.

  20. In my opinion the one of the best games is
    School of dragons

  21. how to train your dragon and how to train your dragon 2 better then now..

  22. So much money gained after these 3 movies and SOD can't improve their graphics or have a lot more of extensions, like customizing, flying through the archipelago or more things, bc the animations are just :p

  23. I completed all quests even the newest expansion o sod

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