Evolving My Dinosaur To CRAZY EXPECTATIONS!

Evolving My Dinosaur To CRAZY EXPECTATIONS!
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  1. harsh-Mini Mackenzie number 11(11th mini version ) says:


  2. harsh-Mini Mackenzie number 11(11th mini version ) says:


  3. harsh-Mini Mackenzie number 11(11th mini version ) says:

    use me as a "we need more" button ^_^

  4. the strongest dragon there is the sky blue dragon

  5. Merge the red one with the two blue ones and see if that makes a pink one

  6. The dragons look so happy when your team wins =)

  7. You already an amazing YouTuber best. Content what game is this I love it and your YouTube channel

  8. I love this vid but can you tell what it is called

  9. the game is called dino catch run.
    thats the name of the game hes playing.

  10. All the Dino’s/Dragons be like: Uhh it’s my first day on the job and I gunna have to fight someone stronger then me please let me live 🥺

  11. I never played this game before but I love how you just playing it

  12. Maybe the game was feeling bad for you I think you need to get that black dragon 🐉 🤔

  13. The dragon acts like a dog when you win.

  14. And keyin that I have the best dragon in the game it's a blue dragon but I don't know it's name I think it's a Ice Dragon or a water dragon I don't know it's very blue just let you know that Because of You original exactly know what it looks like but I'll just letting you know because I want to

  15. Thanks for all of your time to meet up and running by Gmail your a star is born a star and the second time in a game on Friday morning to see the attachment file of my resume to work on Friday night

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