Exclusive First Look at WINGS OF DAWN! | Upcoming Dragon Game

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Exclusive First Look! | Wings of Dawn Upcoming Dragon Game

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Today we are taking a deep dive into a brand new dragon game called Wings of Dawn, a game i have covered in the past on the channel, but it was also a game that I had been recently given exclusive access to, so i could record some gameplay and showcase the game to you all. In this video I talk about what the game is, the games map, the games alpha roadmap as well as sharing my opinion on the game and showcase some extra gameplay.

00:00 – Intro

00:35 – What is Wings of Dawn?

01:15 – Dragons

02:15 – Humans
03:40 – Nomads
04:45 – The Map
06:00 – Alpha Roadmap

10:50 – Gameplay and Thoughts
12:45 – Outro

What is Wings of Dawn?
Wings of Dawn is an online multiplayer creature and human survival game set in a beautiful semi-realistic fantasy world. You can play as two different races: humans or dragons. Each race comes with two or more factions or species to choose from. Your goal is to survive the dangers, manage your health, preferred diet and thirst in order to compete with other creatures and players. Survive as a solo player or group up with other players to have strength in numbers.

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  1. I love this, when is it to be released and where?

  2. What if you could tame other player dinos.

    By knocking out a dragon the dragon player dies and respawns, but the dragon you knocked out wakes up as an AI dragon you can use

  3. They have to be careful when making such a large map, I hope there are many things to do to prevent it from feeling dead

  4. I’m so excited for this game!
    Just a few things you missed
    I believe the dragon you called Nerf Dart is actually called Arduen (idk if I’m spelling it right lol).
    The sea monster looking dragon is called Aquaros
    And IDK if you mentioned this I might have missed it, but a lot of the cool designs you saw on the trello board were made by the community, such as the Snow Loufer and Fairy Grub. As far as I am aware they actually have a creature competition going on right now. I think that’s a cool way to include the community so I just thought I’d mention it.

  5. Oh, another dragon/dino game that looks EXACTLY the same as all the others. Fuck all this "realism" gray-brown lookin shit and give me artistically stylized ones- like the artwork shown here. So boring and constraining for no reason. If you put a screenshot of most of these games side-by-side I couldn't tell you which was which. I'm not asking for crazy shit, just a unique look for once, like idk the stylings of Istaria, ARK or PoT or any non-survival/shooter game ever made.

  6. Will Wings Of Dawn Be On PS4? 🤞🤞🤞🤞

  7. Man hope this game eventually comes to consoles

  8. I didn't realize the isle and day of dragons had a baby. But in all seriousness it seems interesting for a demo

  9. I’m not going to sugar coat, dragon human team sounds cool, I’m sure it would be broken too. Sure be awkward being a dragon chilling and a dude just there like “ you’re my friend now “

  10. seems cool, but i'm not impressed yet. keeping my fingers crossed tho

  11. Looks a lot like Draconia (idk if I spelled it right)

  12. This is a dragon game I have been waiting for a long time, I love the idea of human and dragon playable content

  13. ._. I only have so much money… I'm going to invest in DoD for now and maybe in 3 to 4 years invest in that one depending on how I feel about it…

  14. Sounds like a mix of Emberfall, and DoD. Tbh

  15. Hope that this don't flop like Day of Dragons.

  16. This game looks cool, the dossiers remind me of ark.the humans especially reminds me of ark. The fact that you can play as humans and dragons makes the game appeal to people who like human survival games and dragon survival games

  17. looks like a mix of Day of dragons and Draconia. and that isnt a good thing… This is the 3rd Early access dragon title I have seen and none of them appear to be doing anything well, Let alone what theyve promised…fingers crossed that I am wrong about this one, God knows we need a good dragon game lol.

  18. I will play as a dodo and noone can stop me

  19. I really like the AI and jungle creatures. I would really want to play as one, maybe a playable dragon, which looks like them will come out ones or if mods are available, there will be a "Play as AI creature" mod. Thats not meant negatively, but I like the AI creatures more than the actual dragons, youll be able to play as xD

  20. Great video. The Devs have done amazing work to get the tec demo looks so good without funding and ready for their kickstarter. Hope to see this game soar

  21. I hope the gameplay become like the isle evirma . I hope they work more in the animation

  22. I have to say, I enjoy the fact that this game is seemingly amongst the first to actually bring the fantasy aspects of Dragons to the survival world. Many Dragonic survival games treat Dragons similar to Dinosaurs, which is fine but it completely ignores the massive amounts of lore that tell of Dragons hoarding gold and other jewels, living in mountains and practically waging war with Humans. SO excited!

  23. It looks interesting but welp, I sure hope that human players won't just be powerless towards dragon players.

  24. this looks rad! i am going to follow the game, the footage is interesting and promising. also gives me a kind of DoD mixed with how to train your dragon kinda vibe

  25. While I'm always iffy about dragon games, seeing how games like Draconia turned out, I gotta say the idea of being able to build your own settlement and defend it from dragons sounds cool, if not pretty annoying given how people act online lol.

  26. Burning villages and taking on other creatures as dragons with a Nomad buddy who can give you insight on stuff you can't easily get into? Hell yeah

  27. You said male and female the wrong way around on the cassowary 😛

  28. Is it coming just PC or any other gaming devices?

  29. Currently all modern Dragon games only looked good and there's nothing nearly close as a fun RPG experience as when I play "The I of The Dragon" back then, If anyone love playing as a dragon should give it a try. Man back then I was so dying for a new fun Dragon RPG with elements likr "I of the Dragon" (pve, story, build your stats and abilities, build your city, wipe out army of monsters with your magic or breath,…) with the image/visual like "Divinity: Dragon Commander".
    Most of these games now are all survival style game with huge space open world and vertical aspect… but I feel they're so lacking.
    Maybe something Diablo-like but you're a Dragon would be cool too

  30. Good. The more dragon games there are the better. More chances to show what a joke and insulte Day of Dragon is to the creature survival genre.

  31. I´m loving Wings of Dawn already man and also like the fact that we´re getting more dragon games. Let´s hope these devs do make it thru and don`t drop the project halfway :´)

  32. it looks amazing so far, much better than Day of Dragons imo. the devs worked really long and hard. orz

  33. tfw you hear an interesting new dragon game in the works but then the description is the typical "way too big and good sounding to ever possibly be fulfilled"

  34. The map looks almost exactly like Beast of Bermuda – Titania

  35. so its basically beasts of bermuda with dragons and a bit more?

  36. The concept is actually very nice. One big problem with these games are animations if they can make that smooth. As well as actually have it optimized and this game will be a cut above the rest

  37. Imagine if you could case things like forest fires


  38. 6:58 William is in both because in the second one I think it said they make it playable

  39. I designed the snow loufer!!!

    they changing it up a little bit sadly but hopefully the design changes are for the best.

  40. I hope it’s mobile playable like path of titans

  41. I hope there’s sandbox/creative servers so when u die u don’t lose progress atleast for some servers

  42. Ah I’ll give this game around 3 years till something such as releasing on Console this game looks promising something similar to Ark.

  43. wings of dawn reminds me of what emberfall was meant to be 🙁 so sad that game died before it could be realised

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