Exclusive First Look at WINGS OF DAWN! | Upcoming Dragon Game

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Exclusive First Look! | Wings of Dawn Upcoming Dragon Game

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Today we are taking a deep dive into a brand new dragon game called Wings of Dawn, a game i have covered in the past on the channel, but it was also a game that I had been recently given exclusive access to, so i could record some gameplay and showcase the game to you all. In this video I talk about what the game is, the games map, the games alpha roadmap as well as sharing my opinion on the game and showcase some extra gameplay.

00:00 – Intro

00:35 – What is Wings of Dawn?

01:15 – Dragons

02:15 – Humans
03:40 – Nomads
04:45 – The Map
06:00 – Alpha Roadmap

10:50 – Gameplay and Thoughts
12:45 – Outro

What is Wings of Dawn?
Wings of Dawn is an online multiplayer creature and human survival game set in a beautiful semi-realistic fantasy world. You can play as two different races: humans or dragons. Each race comes with two or more factions or species to choose from. Your goal is to survive the dangers, manage your health, preferred diet and thirst in order to compete with other creatures and players. Survive as a solo player or group up with other players to have strength in numbers.

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  1. A brand new dragon game is coming! And here’s the first look!

  2. Can’t wait, I’ve only watched about 1 min and it already looks so good already

  3. Oooo a new dragon game?! A lot of the older games have been going slow which is TOTALLY okay! But I am eager for more content and this is what I needed


  5. Also you messed up. The devil cassowary female is the bigger badder one.

    Just like real cassowary

    Just wanted to point that out lol

  6. Looks good is it going to be on steam only

  7. Hey I am the dev that ran the server and didnt talk (Fenrir the Pigeon) Thank you for covering our game! You did a wonderful job with this video, love it!

  8. This game looks sick! Kinda a Day of Dragons vibe. Thanks for letting me know about the game!

  9. it better do.. well.. better than dod XD

  10. Looking forward to trying out this demo! Im always up for some new dragon games 👍

  11. Ohhhhh lookss so goood, cannot wait thank you for the info!!!

  12. Gee this games name definatley isnt a almost exact carbon copy of a popular book series, that would be insane 🙄

  13. They shouldn't have shown this demo. In my opinion, in a survival game realism is important and the map is quite good, the weather too but the flight looks very unrealistic and the dragon fire too, and it is a game of dragons. They still have a lot of work ahead.

  14. I hope it’ll be for Xbox, or switch

  15. So it's like Monster hunter, but you can choose to play the monster.

  16. The females are the big scary ones the males are smaller

  17. I watch their work a few months ago, I am surprised how much they did so far after months of me not being active in their discord. This looks interesting still to me, and I think it cool there is another dragon game love the idea of dragon buddy thing of logging off and if your a friend to a dragon your an enemy to the towns. Feel like they should shape this to if the town sees you having a dragon near ya, you can't enter and trade etc, but if they don't know and sneak in without them knowing (with no sight of dragon) will be a cool feature to the game to trade and stuff.

    Btw the snow dragon known as Snow Loufer, is designed by Goldybays during the event and their design won to be in the game. Idk if they credit them properly in the trello but it be good if they have. Ironically Goldybays and I had a similar idea design during the event(we're not friends btw… just a coincidence), so it was insane we both had the similar idea, tho mine was very late…it wasn't part of the event. But I am glad they won cause their dragon design is so cute. :3

    Anyway at 10:07 you got it backwards, the big one is the female and the other one is a male. The flight looks interesting and the game already looks fun to play, dang it gives me vibes with my own project and Day of Dragons but mix of other dragon apps I played in the past. I look forward to this game to see how it'll grow in the end. Btw great video. ^ ^

  18. the nomad mechanic seems to be perfect to be exploited by the other factions…

  19. I'm going to keep my eye on it but hopefully there will be a gore system

  20. it seem that it has nothing to do with a "dragon game"
    it feels more like a ark server where some people can be dragons…

  21. I want to mention to anyone reading here and seem interested in Wings of Dawn:

    ALL of what you see right now of the game, is all made without any form of backing/founding or money to the team. Its all their own money, and own time between real life.
    Thinking about that, its wild! Such dedication, and quality from exactly 0 help in founding up till now. I've big believes in these guys and the game. And i think it can be great fun.


  23. It looks amazing- BUT,
    I’m always fearful of devs that come in head strong and promise so much. Kickstarters are always kinda a hit or miss..and I’m always afraid to put money in when we don’t know who we can trust.

  24. "An open-world fantasy survival sandbox game, where you can play as various dragons or humans. "


  25. I'm happy that this game didn't copy HTTYD designs – unlike that other dragon game.

  26. I just want a dragon survival game!! Why humans??? 😭 I Was so excited

  27. Looks too much like Day of Dragons at the moment. Not enough animations or the fire graphics look like asset placement. In my opinion I’m going to pass and wait till it either gets better than DoD.

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