Exploiting BARRIERS To Become UNTOUCHABLE! – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

This BARRIER CAMPING Build Makes You INVINCIBLE In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!

Having all the barrier and shields moves on at the same time to block any and all attacks makes you a massive barrier camper that takes no damage or very little so long as you have your shields up all the time!

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  1. Y O U T H I N K A B A R R I E R
    W O U L D W O R K?

  2. whats worst than laggy players….

    no like really what is?

  3. Xenoverse NEEDS rollback net code, or at least a playable net code. This game net code is so bad in local play you or your friend will be on a white screen unable to do anything. This last 1 minute or forever. Say what you want about smash bros net code, but at least I can play local with no issues.

  4. An actual netcode fix is unfortunately a unicorn at this point, 7 years later and the game didn’t change at all, let alone PVP which is filled up with lag switchers, modded cacs, giant FUCKING namekians, 3 stamina bar majins and more….

  5. lag is not the issue with the game ill die on that hill haha

  6. lag is not the worst thing you could go up against

  7. Idea: All shockwave/air moves
    Soaring Fist
    Spirit Pulse
    Burst Charge
    Ults of your choice

  8. Beet roots was supposed to be beast just so you know lmfao

  9. I definitely think that fighting a golden Frieza cac with strike moves is worse than Lag. 🤭

  10. Dunno if this is already been done but how bout a grab moveset🤔

  11. Dunno if this is already been done but how bout a grab moveset🤔

  12. As a fellow barrier user once said: "DO YOU THINK A BARRIER WOULD WORK?!"

  13. Fighting a Laggy Giant Namekian ot Infinite Grabby Male Majin.

  14. Just because steed asked me to
    "lag is not the worst thing in this game to fight"*

    *: the writer of this comment does not represent the commenters view.

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  16. My first response to anyone asking me if they should get this game is this: "If you want a fun DragonBall game, this ain't it. I only play it because I can fight the A.I. since they don't cheese or lag out of everything and get random unexplainable invincibility." And to debate Steed's micro-rant, it comes down to the host's connection in everything. Because by default your connection to other joined players will always show perfect. Yes latency effects PQs and other areas, but the invulnerability that that player was getting never occurs for me. Sure some hits might not connect, but that's where patience and capsules come in. I can fight laggy A.I., it is impossible to fight a player under the protection in the lands of make-believe. (1 bar)

  17. “The lag isn’t even that bad bro.” The lag:

  18. Steed I think you should take a break from this garbage they call a game and play something more enjoyable

  19. You should make a steedoj laggiest fights compilation

  20. I'll tell you what's harder to fight than the netcode: When you're doing Parallel Quests online with randoms and the game completely fails to trigger the next sequence. We fly through the gate to the next area and nothing happens. We tried everything we could think of to get it to trigger, but the game just decided that we weren't allowed to play the mission anymore. One of the guys we were with decided to disconnect after a few minutes, but me and the other guy messed around until the timer ran out and the mission ended with a big old "FAILED" on screen.

  21. This reminds me of my Shield Hero build 👍

  22. Day 2 of asking for a Ki build
    -Divinity unleashed
    -Holenstein shock(I’m pretty sure this gives Ki and stamina
    -Dodon ray
    -revenge death ball
    -break canon(both of these skills take all of your Ki)
    -future ss, pu, or beast
    -force shield
    Super soul

    Hope you like the build make any changes you think would make it better

  23. Lag ISN'T the worst thing to fight in the game

  24. I feel sayain spirit could’ve also been a viable ultimate for this because of that barrier thing you do before going for the punch

  25. This is off topic but I would be honored if I ever got the chance to fight against you or burcole you guys are like one of the greats when it come to this game.

  26. All barriers are easy to stop so why u posting this video

  27. Can you do a move set showing the combination of shield barrier and data input. A counter to both Ki blast and melee. I’ve been using it online and it’s pretty funny to see the opponent can’t use anything but a grab. And that’s when super god shock flash comes into play. It’s broken. And I love it.

  28. Lag is not the worst thing. It’s metal cooler back hit

  29. ℕ𝕚𝕘𝕘𝕒 𝕆𝕗 𝕎𝕒𝕣🏳️‍🌈‍⃠ says:

    Revisit dodoria

  30. Steed, as your therapist I recommend you take a break and play Mobile Suit Gundam Operations

  31. I’m surprised you didn’t keep your barrier up to tank that kamehameha

  32. 17s super soul with do or die and beast could be interesting 🤔

  33. whats the hair you have on elpis? i like it a lot

  34. If you haven't already, I would like to see a sword skill moveset,if there's enough

  35. 11:19 Wow, I like how Sushi 8588 was lagging like his father was Ronald McDonald himself and blocked mashed for a perfect block AND HAD THE NERVE TO TROLL SPIN! What a f**king no life loser.

  36. That's why I stopped doing PvP in this game, cause of that type of lag and even worse lag than that lol Plus the fact the most of the time when I'm fighting seriously bad lag, I'm getting cheesed so much and still get trash talked by the opponent 🤣🤣🤣

  37. what is that hair? aint been on xenoverse 2 in 2 months

  38. One fun interaction with psycho barrier is if someone puts Concerto: Meteor behind you before you expand it, it makes it explode behind you.

  39. No steed, you shouldn't take a break…

    You should take a breakers.
    Give us the Ginyu content steeeeeeeeeeeed.

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