Exploiting BARRIERS To Become UNTOUCHABLE! – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

This BARRIER CAMPING Build Makes You INVINCIBLE In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!

Having all the barrier and shields moves on at the same time to block any and all attacks makes you a massive barrier camper that takes no damage or very little so long as you have your shields up all the time!

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  1. lag is not the worst thing to go against in this game 😉😜

  2. I know you're always supposed to use protection, but this is just ridiculous

  3. You should do a full DBZ Movie moveset. A move from every character from the DBZ movies (including Z Broly and Z Gogeta)

  4. Steed are you still doing the “get to #1 in ranked” video

  5. You can't beat me, not when I activate my SUPER VIRGIN MODE!

  6. try this out ive been using it for a bit
    The RAW build
    1. meteor crash
    2. demonic destruction
    3. tyrant lance
    4.galick gun
    ult 1. saiyan spirit
    ult 2. supernova cooler
    transformation: god or ssj
    and fill the rest how you want it

  7. Day 3 of requesting using a moveset of moves featured in your most viewed videos.

  8. Steed pumping out videos more than DEVs actually patching the game

  9. “Lag is not the worst thing to fight in this game.”

  10. 私の意見では、バリアスキルはダメージを避けるための別の方法であり、エネルギーの無駄であると考えているため、バリアスキルはそれほど有用ではないと思うため、このモードではなくレイドイベントでのみ推奨します。

  11. Lag is not the worst the worst is female majins with the gamma super soul that give them all there stamina back

  12. 3:30 What are you talking about Steed!? A million monthly players!!

  13. Man, how does this game have only 1 million monthly players! 10:57

  14. "There will be a link to that in the description"

    I got scammed…

  15. yeah the lag in this game is so bad, alot of moves just flat out don't work because of it. And dimps/bandai almost never patch the game with buffs and nerfs anymore.

  16. Love how all those barriers couldn't block Rant Steed from coming out

  17. Steedoj, genuine question: Who gave you permission to give Elpis so much goddamn DRIP

  18. What’s the wig his male Saiyan is wearing

  19. 12:30 there's time when menand my friend trying to grind and get moves in pqs and sometimes the entire pq just freezes and opponents will not pop out. Net code for all online aspects of the game is messed up

  20. Steed's D fense too strong, they must penetrate from the rear to break the barrier.

  21. Psycho barrier is goofy as hell once you realize you have to perfect block all the hits including the extra ones. You literally can’t block mash it. Also it shreds your stamina.

  22. Hey steed! I have an idea for a build. A Ki blast spam build

    1. Consecutive Energy Blast
    2.Focus Flash
    3.Reverse Shot
    4.Handy Canon/Blades of Judgement(whichever you would like)
    5.Dodoria Launcher/Emperor’s Death beam(Whichever you would like)
    6.God Punisher/ FPEBV(Whichever you would like)
    Awk. SV2/SSB/SSBE(Whichever you would like)
    Ev. Spread Shot retreat
    SS. Champa’s SS(I forgot what it’s called)

  23. Male majin infinitely grabbing you to death is worse than lag I think

  24. Lag is not the worst thing to fight in the game.

    I didn’t even believe that as I typed it 💀

  25. I swear this game is 90% slept-on skills. Also I have a build, but no name besides the "Fire Down" build.
    Jumping Energy Wave
    Elegant Blaster
    Senko Ki Blast
    Total Detonation Ball
    Excellent Full Course
    Hells Flash
    Fuck that patch of ground in particular.

  26. Hey steed did you see that new dbs gogeta mod floating around YouTube?

  27. Ik what’s worse laggy ki blast cancel/ stun grabbing super broly

  28. Wait what Wig is that? I don’t remember that wig?

  29. My connection to Xenoverse 2 is garbage and it really ruins the online experience for me, and it's surely not a problem with my connection because other games like Elden Ring run smoothly online.

  30. Steed you should make a Destructive Demon build, moves names gotta either have Destruction or Demon in the name.

  31. how bout this? a full "combo rusher" moveset, a moveset with moves that have "combo" or "rush" in the name

    energy wave combo
    orin combo
    justice rush
    sonic rush

    victory rush
    super elite combo/justice combo

    any evasive you want

    either ssg or ssbe

    super soul can one that buffs strike supers

  32. If tapion's SS recovered health at like double the rate it'd be goated

  33. "You think your barrier would work?"

  34. Hey steed big like your videos a lot a maybe you and I could do a one v one

  35. Lag is not the worst thing to fight, the water thing to fight is a spammer/cheeser/Broly spammer/etc WHITH LAG

  36. Hey steed can you make a Bruce-le build having:
    Super god shock flash
    A multiple kick move
    Super god fist
    And any fist move for last super
    Idk any ultimates that will work but I hope you can find some

  37. Androids moveset:

    clothes: Super 17, android 18,17,16 , dr. gero (your choice)
    1: Hyper drain/Thunder eraser
    2:Side bridge/ power blitz
    3:Rough ranger/Flash bomber
    4: Rocket punch/tackle
    evasive: Energy Field
    ult1: Super electric Strike/ Shocking death ball
    ult2:Duel Dustructo disk/ Hells flash
    Super soul: Time to get Serious, i guess

    (where i put slashes pick whatever you like)

  38. Now steed this is why u should quit this game

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