Exploiting BARRIERS To Become UNTOUCHABLE! – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

This BARRIER CAMPING Build Makes You INVINCIBLE In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!

Having all the barrier and shields moves on at the same time to block any and all attacks makes you a massive barrier camper that takes no damage or very little so long as you have your shields up all the time!

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  1. Lag not the worse but lag switching is annoying

  2. Lags not the worst thing to fight, look at when it lagged, I'm 70% certain that's lag switching.

  3. Imma die on that hill lag isn’t it’s them damn hackers 😐

  4. What pants are you wearing for your Female earthling? I fw with the ranger drip 💯💯Edit: Future Mai's pantsI had found that I never obtained them but thanks to Piccolo's SS i got it first try

  5. Lag isn't the worst thing in the game, remeber the giant invisible mods? Yeah, that's even worse.

  6. Lag is not the worst thing to fight in this game

  7. Your therapist dont get paid enough if thats the case 😂

  8. this why i dont play pvp because your not only fighting your opponent
    your fighting the lag as well

  9. Lag isn't the worst thing fight against. It's lag switching while not trying to show the cheating. That's lag switching bruh

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