Exploration and Battle | Dragontwin Gameplay

This video mainly focuses on showcasing some of the preliminary music that is being made for Dragontwin, with a flying and battle sequence to accompany the music.


  1. Hoping there's a shakey-cam slider in the menu…

  2. Only real ones remember drakenguard, best dragon/battle game ever and solid story we need a reboot of this series I still hope one day it’s announced

  3. But what is this game tho? The video never explained anything… is it just Microsoft Flight Simulator but with dragons or is it a real game?

  4. I'm amazed how quickly people that have no idea about gamedev are impressed by a small demo you throw together in a weekend using bought assets and pretty much default UE scenery and believe it's some game showcase. This is FAR away from any gameplay, even further from something to be called a game. Doesn't hurt to at least credit the creator.
    Let's hope it's a real WIP and not another Day of Dragons 🙂 Doesn't look promising, since in few months the only progress is some extra textures. My advice to anyone wanting to look serious: get some work done first before showing off "demos" that can be done in an afternoon, makes it look suspicious.

  5. This kinda reminds of the old ps3 game Lair, really brings back memories

  6. I watched this video and the music was amazing, but I did a little experiment. I watched the video while I played the test drive music from the how to train your dragon's movie and it sounded awesome. For some reason I prefer dragon riding over dragon slaying, because dragons are completely misunderstood creatures. Yes they are fierce and dangerous, but they are so much more than that. They make great companions for quests or battles. And the feeling of riding a dragon across the sky is so breath taking and inspiring. Sadly they do not exist, but they do exist in are hearts and are imagination. So let your imagination fly like the dragons! Why imagine negativity when you can imagine dragons!🐉✝🦖🎵❤

  7. Wait….is this going to be a Game?! I absoloutly LOVE Dragon games, they make me feel so happy, if i see a Dragon, i want it😅

  8. This is not a gameplay, this is an animation with a stole 3d model of GOT xD

  9. They forgot to add front legs, they look like insects rather than dragons
    I bet they took inspiration from Martin's bs dragons

  10. Personally I think this game is going to be amazing for all dragon and open world fans alike I definitely hope you do different models for us like some GOT or HOD type shi that’d be whicked. Oneeee tiny thing though everything looks awesome but I feel as if the wing membrane is a little toooo floppy and moving and the wings when they flap when coming up at the base is a tiny tiny bit funny looking. But besides that man awesome work I can’t wait for this to be out on ps5 one day

    You should start a gofundme for this project people might help you get it up and running aslong as ya don’t make it like 100$ game ya kno lol

  11. When is this releasing in the US? I cant find it anywhere. Im on PC and this looks amazing.

  12. How do I get on the Alpha or Beta? Is there a community site? I have never been more excited about a game than this.I love dragons and love MMORPGs with open world. You’d think after Covid you would have seen more of these.

  13. Looks surreal, doesn’t look like a game rather a cinematic video

  14. Where can you download it? Or isn't it playable yet? I can't find any information when i search for it.

  15. это не дракон это виверна, у дракона есть лапы передние!!!!

  16. Alright not to be a stickler here but that looks like a wyvern not a dragon but still super stoked

  17. Can you do anything other than flying around as a dragon?

  18. You got my vote if they're ever looking for talent to remake Panzer Dragoon

  19. Indy developer showing their pre-alpha tech demo? Yikes keep it to yourself until you have something to actually present. Cool proof of concept, but this isn’t a game. This is just an incredible animation.

  20. I have a great idea what you could ad.
    Maybe, you could make diffrent Kingdoms and you can tame or raise you're Dragon and you could ad Multiplayer, so you could battle woth you're friend who would be the strongest or who survives.
    Or you just can go to war in Singleplayer, that would be so much more interesting to have!

  21. I fought many battles but….I never seen a fire like this. A light burning inside of something such majestic.
    Oh Dear Lord, the fallen kingdom tries to revive for many years, succeffuly failed. Many years of agony and lost found many humans, line to the food was long…With you my Lord, the kingdom once fallen will stood again. It will arise pridefully from ashes, to bring the fire and freedom, to the lost people, to the lost souls, kids. Again, bring lost years…

  22. At first i didn’t believe this is a game, until I see crosshairs

  23. Please make it playable on console!🖤😭

  24. Last week watching HOTD I thought current gen physics driven dragon riding in a game was missing from the world. then I see this.
    Remembering black flag's formula, I really wouldn't mind a story driven song of ice and fire based RPG game with dragon riding/customizing/training/taming in place of the pirating/ship upgrade things. like lemme create my custom valyrian bastard with traits and origin , choose a fucking egg like pokemon did, put me through some traumatic GOT style prologue chapters then witcher me around anywhere, westeros, esos, sothorios, asai, old valyria, after or pre doom, whatever as long as the writers are good. lemme pex up and unlock cool dragon moves, craft saddles, learn commands, let me dragondream of sinister plot twists and do choice/consequence.

    Dragontwin seems indie , so I don't know where you plan to go with this or the scale of the project , but the flying part and the world scale look properly amazing. I wish big shots would watch this , this is what gamers need, every culture on earth has SOME kind of dragon in its mythos, yet it's 2024 and there's no proper computerized way to just ride a fucking dragon clunk-free in a virtual environnement, each time there's dragons it's either great cinema CG, clunky animations, or all scripted, your prototype looks so plug and play in comparison, it looks very satisfying hands on. I'm quite hyped for this wherever it goes.

  25. I'm super impressed with the flight animations. I've previously looked at the way dragons fly in HoTD / GoT and literally thought "It's kinda sad we won't be able to fly that realistically and dynamically in games" and.. now I see this. Very curious how this works in combination with the controls and how it feels to play. Lighting looks great too and the music fits well. Overall this looks awesome.

  26. when is this gna be available can you build a conquest like game of thrones into this? multiplayer world? raise dragon but don't make it pay to win icl

  27. Seeing this really inspires a ton of world building ideas. What would armies look like in a world with dragons that were a part of regular warfare? They certainly wouldn't group closely together like this, waiting politely to be burned. What sort of advances in anti air would be seen? How would forts be built differently? How would a culture develop? So many ideas!

  28. This is what I have always wanted since Lair. Lair was a good PS3 game. Wish it had more invested into it.

  29. Looks great. Would be cooler if it was a dragon & not a wyvern

  30. Do you think it'll ever come to console?

  31. By far the best dragon game YouTube has randomly recommended. I’m hoping for your success. I just hope there will be a variety of dragons and/or customizations.

  32. Idk why George hasn’t found someone to make a AAA game of thrones RPG. This video is checking all my boxes.

  33. It's really beautiful, the movement enchanted me, there's only one thing that bothers me, the membrane between the wings' fingers. It's kind of hard to explain, but in short, I think the wing membrane looks like a blackout curtain in the wind when it should be more like a Stretched party balloon, that is, elastic and consistent since the creature's entire weight is on the wings, so it shouldn't be so loose. Of course, it's just my opinion, You don't need to take it seriously, but here's the observation.

  34. que weba si eso es todo el juego… prefiero wow

  35. This some game of thrones type shit this is insane

  36. I hope there's a dragon rider vs dragon rider fight

  37. Is there going to be an option in the future to change the size of ur dragon that may be a stupid question I just want to clarify this.

  38. This should be a real time strategy game where you actually have to fly to your troops to tell them what to do and where to go.

  39. Are you planning on adding functionality for landing, and potential ground movement/combat? Tail swipes, bites, and breath attacks?

  40. We flying to kings landing with this one 🗣🗣🗣🔥🔥🔥

  41. Hey again!

    Dragontwin just got a composer who will be working on the OST for the game! This video primarily serves to showcase some preliminary music he has composed so far. As always, hit that subscribe button to stay up to date on the progress and check out the Discord if you want to learn more: discord.gg/dragontwin

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