Fantasmic! Dragon Catches Fire at Disneyland

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  1. Those poor cast members trying to get everyone out of the area for their safety and these guests just refusing to move and film the incident instead 😔

  2. seriously? again? they didn't fix this issue from last time?

  3. 0:56 Announcer: "Due to unforseen circumstances,"
    The audience: "Hmmm yes, U N F O R S E E N ."
    I love how that all start laughing when they said that.

  4. Mickey literally defeated Maleficent 😂

  5. I mean, dragons breathe fire in cartoons, I guess this makes sense?

    jokes aside it's sad to see the dragon burning alive

  6. Thank goodness nobody was hurt, except for Disney’s wallet! LOL 😆

  7. "Golly, Maleficent. The script said to breathe fire, not catch fire!"

  8. It was on this night. Mickey Mouse was fed up with always having to defeat Maleficent for every Fantasmic Performanc. And so, the rodent decided to unleashed his most ultimate spell onto the dragon herself.

  9. Something tells me I’m gonna be going to California Adventure Land a lot more this Summer Vacation.

  10. I wish I could see what Mickey did when he saw the fire

  11. Dang the fantasmic secret ending looks sick

    Edit: Mickey casted the wrong spell lol

  12. It's honestly sad to see this happen but I cannot look past the irony of the dragon having caught fire right on que as mickey defeated it.

  13. THAT wasn't supposed to happen.
    At least everyone is safe.

  14. The dragon had ENOUGH of mickey so he committed suicide from his own breath

  15. I don’t think we can go and spend money in these places especially in this kind of inflation and in a national emergency. I think the workers who maintain the facility went on strike and Disney couldn’t make a profit because of rising costs. If we don’t follow principles, will this kind of lifestyle be there? If we don’t budget, does this exist? I think many industries have employees who don’t want to work or finish their job. I don’t think there is a free lunch. Businesses still have to be profitable. Can we continue to have a bubble lifestyle? Because the world is not free, Jesus had to pay for our lives. I really wonder if this fire happened because we see hyperinflation with all this money printing and poorly maintained facilities which will costs millions more just to operate. My living costs have exponentially increased and I am seeing shrinkflation with my products and seeing products become unaffordable. Can you blame Disney? My R&D expenditures have increased like 400%!!! Maybe more! Life is outrageously expensive.

  16. Mickey saved the day. He defeated her for good! Way to go, fire!

  17. well the screaming sure fits the scene.

  18. Fantasia Dragon Catches Fire at Disneyland


  20. Another Disney World dragon goes up in flames…!

  21. The funniest sight I’ve ever seen taken at Disneyland! Oh man, it couldn’t have happened to worse people and a worse company. They got what they deserved! Wish it would’ve burned down galaxy’s edge, New Orleans square and the area where they took out the great song of the south themed ride!

  22. Mickey did what he was supposed to, this is why you dont piss him off

  23. Respect for the fantastic camera work! I went the the original media premier with waiters with comp champagne and maybe 200 (maybe) people. That’s the best way I’ve ever seen it. Then later worked a solitary shift helping crowd control about a month in,never again. This one cast member heard giving directions, I feel you buddy, it’s like herding cats! I wonder if the Dream Suit was booked, that view was probably amazing. You’d get to watch the cleanup all night!

  24. I feel sad, because I used to go to Disneyland several times…

  25. This video right here is the state of Disney right now.


  26. Seems like it took forever for the fire department to get there and put it out. There's another video up of the fire department getting there but it was very short and didn't actually see how they got there. They've got to check their fuel lines on those heads of maleficent, is it oil, is it butane????

  27. Mickey's gotten too powerful

    jokes aside though its really sad to see this video i used to watch Fantasmic as a kid

    edit: 1:51 looks like Murphy's final breath

  28. LMAO the New Orleans Square music coming on was perfect.

  29. I’d have enjoyed that one and cherished that visit. It does look similar to the film. Glad no one was hurt.

  30. I can imagine how Mickey must have felt when he looked away for few seconds to build up his magic and as soon as he turns back to shoot it, the dragons head is on fire.

  31. It seems people are desencitized to danger. It could have exploded and then these idiots wouldv'e sued the park. Even though they were refusing to leave the area when park staff tried to get them to leave. They recorded it. Sure I'm watching it now but if I was there, I would've left

  32. I'd be scared to death of being trampled

  33. Bro I like how the news is like “*yOU CaN hEaR tHe ScrEaM AnD pAnIC oF tHe cRoWds*” but in reality its just the background of the show, not the guests.

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